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  1. hydra tail/pet/rough hydra

    This explains it.
  2. hydra tail/pet/rough hydra

    Welcome man, I saw the multitasking earlier gotta say im impressed, gl on your future
  3. hydra tail/pet/rough hydra

    Welcome to the server man! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  4. hydra tail/pet/rough hydra

    I would have to down vote just because of the fact there isn't a real need for that unless it's pure cosmetic, and as for the fact of prestige at 99... whats the point? Sure if it was max xp prestige I can see it but not 99.
  5. hydra tail/pet/rough hydra

    Yes I am talking about the in game skill tab, sorry I should have clarified!
  6. hydra tail/pet/rough hydra

    I have alot to list so here we go. -full lunars spell book (mostly benefits iron men and QOL changes.) -Barbarian fly fishing for speed xp, -Bulk-general items such as jugs of water etc for wines (fast cooking exp) and so on. -Using other types of feathers (Such as from hunter) for fishing. -(Not sure if this is possible), but add in the osrs monsters to the in game skill guides. More to come later. Thanks, -Russ

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