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  1. Hewwo these will be the following rules, gears and supplies required for the event. Gear:- Helms: rune full helm, berserker helm, helm of neit, warrior helm, obsidian helm, void helm Body: rune platebody, fightter torso, obsidian body, void knight body Platelegs: rune platelegs, granite platelegs, obsidian platelegs, void knight legs Boots: climbing boots, rune boots, dragon boots Gloves: barrows gloves, void gloves Amulet: amulet of strength, amulet of glory Cape: fire cape, obsidian cape, legends cape, inferno cape, tokhaar-kal Ring: recoil of recoil Shield: Rune defender dragon defender, obsidian shield, deflector Spell: Veng Wep: Dragon scimitar, abyssal whip Special attack: Ags, granite maul, anchor, dragon dagger, bgs, zgs, dragon claws You are allowed to only have a maximum of 2 saradomin brews 3 restores and no rune pouch and no spec restore (food and ovls are from the ;;funpk stalls) each participant receives 5k blood money and the grand prize would be 50k for first place 25k for second place and 10k for the 3rd place (in case 10 people show up)
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    @Han 200 games of pc is 6k worth of points which is around 3.6 sets of eltie void so its aint easy to get the the drop rare lower to 1/150 specially that most people stop after getting 1 elite cuz its kinda hard, and its also a good way of making pc and the other minigames never died since there is always something to get and to grind for. but i get ur point, its not good to have too much of those armor in game since they are the best
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    Rawr, hope everyone is having a great time on Onyx. Here are some suggestions that I have thought about while playing the game and I need your feedbacks on it. Rawr R= Reason behind it Wildy suggestions: 1. Buffing the wildy slayer + bosses, so both will have a very rare chance of dropping an item from the pvp shop NOT INCULDING decimation, Obliteration, Annihilation since Galvek already drop them already. But they will have the chance of dropping any other item and since there is around 51 items in the shop its not gonna be easy to aim for a specific item. And the higher level the monster is the higher the chance of obtaining an item. For example if the drop rate is 1/2k and an npc is like level 46 the drop rate will be 1/ 1954 and so…for specific item u need to hit 1/(1954*51) do the math wink wink. Note to be able to get a chance of obtaining an item from the pvp shop as a very rare drop u have to be on a slayer task! Unless it’s a boss. R: wildy sadly feels so dead even though it contains so much content and so many things people can do and I feel like adding this small thing will encourage people to step in the wildy and try to get those unique items and in case the pvp armor will have an increase of time that will make them even worth more gp and will make them profit even more and make wildy slayer and wildy bosses even worth more doing. 2. Annihilation unique passive: adding a new passive to the Annihilation where so for each 100 hp difference in max health (10 in osrs mode) between you and your enemy your wep will gain +1% increase accuracy and dmg up to 30%. For example if the boss has 3.2k and ur max health is 990 that’s 2210 hp difference which is 22.1% more accuracy and dmg. R: the pvp weps were forgotten for ages, even tho they are tier 87 which should make them one of the best in slots for their attack style, recently the decimation received a buff in attack speed so and became faster than the twisted bow which may give it a chance of competing. When it comes to the Annihilation tho that wep felt very inaccurate and was kinda useless and had no chance aginst the blood scythe, this buff may give it the chance of standing against the blood scythe as the chance that the decimation has against the tbow which is ring thing to do cuz I don’t think that items that worth irl money should always be better than items that reqs 100+ hours to get and also since the pvp weps are teir 87. 3. Pk Tablet rework: My suggestion for the pk tablet is that when a pker uses it it teleports him 5 levels under his enemy and wont be able to log out for 10 seconds to avoid abusing it to know the location of a person on an alt then logging on his main. When teleported also he will get the location for his enemy and becomes his target and also becomes red skulled so people can’t just go there with any +1 they want and abuse the fact that the enemy could be weak. But in case they do and the other guy kills him he will be rewarded for his +1. Also the other will get a notification saying “you are being hunted” so he knows if someone has used the tablet and attempting to hunt him so he becomes ready. If the target is killed the killer will have a 1/50 or 1/100 chance of obtaining a pvp armour or wep as a drop (not including the teir 87) NOTE: both the hunter and the hunted will be targets to each other so if the hunted kills the hunter the hunted will get the chance ofc. R: current the pk tablet seems really unfair since how it works is that a play uses it and becomes skulled and then gets the location for the enemy, but if someone is going to pk he will be skulled anwayas so he is getting a free location for no risks at all and as everything in the wildy should be, it should be risk and reward. And also if the above suggestions makes it into the game the wildy will be more alive and to prevent people from farming blood money and aiming to get the pvp weps this idea will make the pkers more satisfied too but with a red skull Life improving suggestions: · removing the ability to click on the people's pets or familiars R: sometimes it gets annoying when there are so many pets or familiars around · after killing an npc in domi tower you dont lose ovl R: it wastes the ovl after each kill so its either u waste an ovl dose each kill or kill it without ovl · adding ability to put a slayer task a a favorable task for 1k+ points, that would give u a 10% more chance of getting one of these tasks R: it wouldn’t be broken or anything since there are so many tasks anyways, and its something to spend the points on: · adding the ability to extend some tasks that people like for 500+ points, that would increase the amount by 15-20% R: it would be cool for to have an extended task that he likes · Adding the amount of balls that are inside the cannon as an icon right next to the timer for the cannon to decay R: not something necessary but it would save so many clicks on the cannon because u don’t know how many you have left. · fixing the thing where when u autoloot items because of your looting amulet of your rank things become noted in your bank R: sometimes its kinda annoying that u need to remove them from the bank and bank them again. · adding placeholders for the bank R: makes it easier to organize the bank · Moving the bank and the G.E right next to the pool in ;;vip R: makes it faster to rebank+ get your stats back up. · Fixing the thing where drinking from the pool of rejuvenation removes the affect from your ovl R: I think that the pool should restore my hp, pray, run, stats etc but not remove all the affects like ovl · Fixing the bug that use your yak scroll even when u cant use it even though you it still doesn’t bank the item but it a takes a scroll(because you are under attack) · Fixing the thing where if u renewal a familiar it doesn’t refresh the remaining time for it to disappear · Fixing the bug where if u have runes in the rune pouch the spells wont be on, (it will show as if u don’t have runes but u can still use the spell) Other Ideas: · Increasing the drop rate for Vanguard, battle mage and Trickster For the people that has 200 games from 1/200 to 1/150 and to 1/100 to the people with 400 games, 1/50 for the people that has 600 games. Capes at 1/50 R: I think that people with high games or the people that hunt these armor with very high games should be rewarded with at least better drop rate. Thank you for reading and Rawr.

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