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  1. Evoked/Avril

    If you read it, he mentioned that. 3 days.
  2. Evoked/Avril

    I'm not against you having this position by any means, forums is just kind of pointless since Discord took over which is also why forums is inactive. I'd rather see you take up a server support role or a discord exclusive one.
  3. Evoked/Avril

  4. Evoked/Avril

    Evoked Thanks for hosting
  5. Evoked/Avril

    Prestige yes, that reward system no, definetly shouldnt give rares. Would prefer it to give points and you can purchase w/e you want from a shop of rewards which would just be cosmetic stuff like flippers.
  6. Evoked/Avril

    Welcome Sep.
  7. Evoked/Avril

    Hey bb, glad to see you moved here too
  8. Evoked/Avril

    Suuh, thought i'd make a introduction for myself since i'm hoping for this to be a long lasting experience. I'm Evoked irl name is Avril, 19 from Australia and obviously love Avril lavigne. I'm a Psychopath. Feel free to pm me in-game for a chat or whatever else because jesus christ this servers confusing at first and gimme gimme friends. Eat dat booty like mr goaty would

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