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  1. Rare Squared

    Good morning all, Two suggestions. I. Being able to Lock Exp in Certain skills by talking to the Onyx Guide, and Locking Exp. This would be a big one for skillers. This way it would take away from skillers submitting a trouble ticket just to be teleported to the skill alchemist to reset skills back to 1. (If they are not a donator) Credits: Tuna II. Being able to have a upgraded tool-belt. Example: If you have 61 Woodcutting you would be able to put a Dragon Hatchet in your tool-belt instead of a bronze hatchet. This would also help save an inventory space, and time from having to grab it from your bank if you're doing events like Evil Tree or Shooting Star. Credits: Everyone Thank you, -Rare Squared
  2. Rare Squared

    Good morning all, quick suggestion. Add Constitution to the Skill Alchemist, and set the lowest level to 10. Thanks, -Rare Squared
  3. Rare Squared

    I vouch for September. He is always helping people at every turn. I would love to see him as a Forum Moderator. Happy Gaming, -Rare Squared
  4. Rare Squared

    Here is the current list of Userbars for our Forums. If I am missing any, don't be afraid to let me know so I can keep this as up to date as possible. And yes we are working on bringing more Userbars to the Forums. Donator Staff (Missing Owner) Titles Onyx Member Achievements (Missing Top Voter) #1 Titles (Missing Slayer, Extreme, Ironman, Hc Ironman) Miscellaneous This concludes all forum Userbars we have on the forums. If you are looking for forum awards and how to unlock them, you can find a guide by Nick at ::topic 642. If you haven't received any of these Userbars on the forums or are looking for a Rank Request please go to ::topic 1360 and a staff member will help you. Staff is currently working on adding more Userbars, coming in the near future. I myself am working on adding more Userbars to the forums for various things, yet I am not a graphic designer for Onyx. If you have any suggestions, for Userbars or plan on making one yourself, please submit it do Central because he is our Graphic Designer. You can find his profile here. Feel free to leave any suggestions down below! Happy Gaming, -Rare Squared
  5. Rare Squared

    I am aware Blackmarket. I am just proposing a suggestion. Thank you for the feedback. @Blackmarket
  6. Rare Squared

    I am suggesting adding a new position on the website. Forum Mod. I understand that we have a Support Team and Global Mods that take care of both in-game and Forum properties. A Forum Mod would be someone who would strictly regulate the Forums and make sure everything is appropriate and follows the Code of Conduct. Plus they would have the ability to give the proper forum awards and titles to new and old players. Keeping this up to date at all times makes us look better together. Thank you for your time, -Rare Squared
  7. Love the guide. It's really nice and simple. Something I would put, for the Thieving Stalls, I would put ::thieving instead of ::home because the ::thieving takes you directly to the stalls.
  8. Rare Squared

    Good morning all, My suggestion would be to add a Combat Tutor at home, or in Lumbridge where they normally are. This way Skillers can claim a training bow whether they are an Ironman or not. It also allows for more fashionscape in game. If you couldn't add an NPC with the items, I would suggest that you could add it to the loyalty shop or vote shop. Thanks, -Rare Squared
  9. Rare Squared

    Hell Everyone, My name is Lee. I'm originally from Northern California but being in the Active Duty Army has moved to North Carolina and now Kentucky. For anyone who was or is also in the Army, I was an 11B - Infantryman my first 4 years of being in the Army. I hated my job and everything I was doing. I would find joy in playing OSRS. I played OSRS since 2007. I'm currently 23. But later last year I reclassed to 25B - Information Technology Specialist or just IT for the Army. Let me tell you, it has been the best change in my life thus far. I am coming up on 5 years in the Army in June with many more to come. One of my friends at my job introduced me to RSPS's. I really enjoyed the idea, so I looked around to see which servers I like the best, and then I finally came across Onyx and fell in love immediately. I really like the mix of pre EOC and Old School content, it really blows my mind. I am a Skiller in game, as I am in OSRS. I always loved the Skiller aspect. My Onyx in game name is Rare Squared so feel free to add me and we can chill and skill. If you have any questions about me or anything else that I can answer, just ask away, I will be enjoying this game whenever I can. -Rare Squared

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