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  1. eatacake

    Great man 🤟 will give raiding at go after watching this . Just need to wait until I have internet again
  2. eatacake

    Ign eatacake 🤟
  3. eatacake

    Good luck, sounds fun.
  4. eatacake

    Nice work!
  5. eatacake

    ING : eatacake
  6. eatacake

    ING: eatacake
  7. eatacake

    Yea this is a nice idea. Would be s cool why to get some supplies and maybe it would help encourage more trade between players. Maybe rewards could be random ? So poeple will trade between each other .
  8. eatacake

    Yes! Thank you man, can alway count on you to put in the effort. Great guide.
  9. eatacake

    Would it be possible for someone to create a guide listing all customs items/ custom effects. There seems to be quite slot of custom items since I last played and I have know club what most of them do. It would be nice if they guide could have the following; list of custom items, stats of these items, effect of these items,and how to get/make these items. It would help all player new and old. It would be timely for sure to made but could help support the server with more people donating as they will know what they are donating for. What helps keep the server alive .
  10. eatacake

    Firstly my idea is based around the random event "type" . My idea is to remove it from game and I stead replay it with a game d and d that rewards game play over typing a bunch of letter. The idea simply having a daily task NPC at home. For 50k you can buy a random contact from him. The contract would all be tasked around given the player a set amount of actions to perform on a certain skill. For example; Catch 350 monkfish. Complete 37 laps on gnome agility course. Cook 230 shark. Etc.. If you did not what the contract given to you, you can pay 100k to cancel and get a new one. This d and d would give the game a new gold sink. A fresh way for training and not just doing same method, and encourage player trading. Someone may have been asked to fish 230 shark where someone esle could be asked to cook 230 shark etc. So it done well it would hopefully great a trading economy where currently most resources are not traded.( At least true for onyx1) Rewards When completing a contract you would be awarded bonus 5% XP per action completed. After handing your contract in you would get 1 skill point. Let's points can be sent in the daily shop the rewards would be bonus XP multiplier upgrade, there would be 5 levels to this each level increase bonus XP by 5% maxing out at 30% at level 5. Each level upgrade would cost more points each time. All ramsons events outfits as forget I suggested removed type events. Small xp lamps. The should be expensive for example 100 points each. The idea is that to get 100 points would cost a minimum of 5m (50k*100) with out cancelling any tasks, but you would also need to complete 100 contract that should take a couple of days to be honest. The conclusion, remove type random event because it's always been odd to me that you get free xp for typing the right answer, it your quick you get get a couple lamps daily doing this.replace all them rewards with a system that actually encourages game play, gold sinks and s little trades with in the community. PS sorry I know people have completed about my long posts in the passed, I just can't help myself haha
  11. eatacake

    Is was s figure of s different server I played years ago, you states would simply scale when you changed modes going up or down. However you could easily use the system in your favour, picking the easiest game mode quickly getting states to max and using bis/ best training methods. Then simply training pasted 99 in each skill untill you have enough XP to when to changed to the hardest mode you would still be 99 in all states but would not take you as long cus you used best training methods etc. There was a cost if I remember rightly it was like 50m to change mode. To be honest it was just abused to level quickly.
  12. Yo, guys so on discord there has been a couple of suggestions around potion making so I thought I would add some of those ideas and some of my own ideas to the forums incase not everyone is on discord while hasn't seen them. Especially as an Ironman I know that potions are one of the biggest bottlenecks in game. You can spent hours collecting ingredients for potions like brews, restore and ovls etc for them all to be used up in no time bossing. So here are a couple of suggestions that will hopefully help take a little bit of the pain out of the grind. 1) it's been suggested a couple of times for a secondary ingredient shop to be added. Personally my suggestion for this could be to add both herb random crates and secondary ingredients random crates and possibly other skilling random crates to the slayer point shop.as We know apart from skipping and cancelling tasks slayer points don't have any use. The crates woodwork simply by purchasing them from the rewards tab from a slayer master and then opening them and getting a random selection of different tier items. 2) having an NPC (Bob) being able to decant 4 dose potions. This is something I seen on discord being suggested recently it's not something I have personally had an issue with but I can see this would be annoying if you use potion flasks. 3) being able to pay an NPC (Bob) a sum of money to make unfinished potions for you. To balance this the cost would be high but worth it. As an Ironman making a buttload of unfinished potions to then have to make a buttlaod of Sara brews just to go bossing in a pain. 4) again on discord I have seen it suggest to increase the timer on ovls to 7mins. This is not my suggestion it would be nice I guess but would not be upset if it was not added. 5) quick idea I just had would be to add the skilling reward create (suggestions 1) to mini games. I know pest control already have something similar but I feel the rewards when I tried buying where pretty underwhelming. So even I buff would be nice but I overhaul would be better . Would do you guys think about these suggestions?
  13. What's the effects of that new spirit shield ? As it says it has the effects of all four of then. Does that mean it absorbs 30% of damage 100% if time at s cost of prayer like divine, and it has a 75% change to absorb 25% like Ely. Meaning it can absorb 55% of damage 75% of the time ? Also the infinity ring needs a ring of the gods (I) to make and a ring of vigour but the ring only gives +4 pray and does not give the effects of the ring of vigour .
  14. eatacake

    Just I idea I know Osrs uses the heads but maybe onyx could use the jars? They kinda a troll drop at the moment give them some use
  15. This is very interesting some sound very op but I do like the idea

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