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  1. go to my soundcloud MOR!BUND stand up.mp3
  2. dragonbreath don't hold back words are fire i nut sack bitches say i want back slit a wrist ass flat karma catch fuck that boys i see laugh at no thought im numb think of me i dont deserve a tomb faster faster life goes faster nevermind im stuck have sticky on my feet no happy feet wish i had fleet help me flee from my insanity landed on earth didn't ask for this (yuh) why is it that only i had to wear a mask (yuh) why is it that only i had to feel the pressure leave me behind not knowing i own a treasure when i see you i go Mcgregor red and blue.mp3
  3. lyrics Mori in this bitch welcome to my fucking conciousness perspective distorded in the end thats the reason for my lonelyness devils got my head some days i wanna end this shit we need to learn but we rather fucking hit a lick our mothers, fathers telling us fucking lies they rais us as racists and expect the world to be fine wonder why we don't talk and spend our nights crying fuck this shit i'm cutting you gone see your child dying seperate the reamls i'm laying in the middle trying to balance the world my fingers seem to be fiddle expecting me to explain but my thought are only scribbles so nothing els to do then to write down all my lyrics reality you live is only a fiction whatever they tell you you kindly just listen they tryna rob you and your misses not talking about the gucci's, louis's, balenciaga's and versace's Mori in this bitch.mp3
  4. just raw thoughts of my current state of mind. insecurity (fail).mp3 lyrics: insecurity ,insecurity i want the love but i got no key i've lost my mind in this endless sea don't leave insecurity ,insecurity i want the love but i got no key i've lost my mind in this endless sea don't leave hold my hand i might fall in love too good for me not good enough i jumped inside the darkest clout feel my pain i'm tired off the endless fall reminiscin to the times now i'm helpless and i'm fine please save me (my mind is all, your mind is all. it's all you need. i promise) i numbed the pain emotionless i lay i cannot explain voiceless in pain tears don't come i wish they stayed please bury me since i walk i want to die still standing i don't know why my heart broken, my love you lied my end is near
  5. raw material to listen to of how the realaty of my life is. its not suppost to soud good i just dont carenever ( fail).mp3 anymore.
  6. this is my first song ever. I want to share it with you and wanna get an honest review Limitless minds lyrics: If you cry its alright baby but if you die i won't forgive you my dear you mind is clouded, clouded by hate you've given up but its still not too late If you cry its alright baby but if you die i won't forgive you my dear you mind will hardened, harder then stone feeling empty its all that we know if i cry know it for you my dear and if i die i will protect you my dear cuz you are worth it more then you know limitless minds done.mp3
  7. contact me in any way possible, i buy a twisted bow for 2.5b cash (that is 2b cash + 500k platinum tokens) i want this asap IGN: Moribund previous name : vahe
  8. i recently got a 3rd age longsword from an elite clue so i am selling it now for 200m i will accept some items but contact me ingame to if i will actualy take it. ingame name is : vahe

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