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  1. Onyx Username: Tyr Discord ID: (tyr#6773) Requesting Rank: Diamond Proof: (Insert an image of you speaking in-game, while also having the quest tab open to present your rank) If you have any questions regarding these ranks, feel free to pm an Onyx Staff Member. We will be updating ranks once per day minimum, so please be patient, we will get to you!
  2. uhmm, yes. this should definitely be in progress, this would be amazing and make some things soooooo much easier. no doubt. good suggestion monk.
  3. D pick, Sunday , 1030 ish?
  4. Hi I would like to suggest the brimhaven agility minigame to be coded in for agile exp. I think it would be a good thing for those who need more or better agile experience. From heroes to Hardcore Ironman. Thanks guys —tyr.
  5. Name: Josh Username: Tyr Age: 23 Timezone: Eastern, Language: English Where are you from? United States, Ohio How long have you been a part of Onyx? Close to a month. How many hours do you spend online daily? Between 4-10 Are you active on both our forums and in-game? Yes. Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I want to be a part of the support team because I’m usually online during graveyard hours , and I do love helping people and new players as they come. There’s nothing better than making a players day easier by helping out. How would you describe your strengths? I have great social skills, I love people, I’m very well mannered, I’m funny , and I’m always eager to help. How would you describe your weaknesses? I can honestly say I have none besides my hearing, I’m completely deaf in my left ear and partially in my right. What are some useful skills or qualities you possess outside of your strengths? I’m a Walmart greeter , I’m a people person, I have children so I’m always nurturing , even with my fellow mates on the server . Why should we choose you over another member’s application? You shouldn’t choose me, you should keep in mind I don’t mind if I’m denied. Life is full chances , you take it and you try. But I’m glad I’m reviewed . Means more than accepted. Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have: (Either other servers, other games, etc) leadership roles I have, I’m a assist manager at Walmart. I greet people , and I also work well and help anyone I possibly can. My family calls me a leader rather than a follower. In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position: what I’ll bring to this server is that I will bring more happy faces and gamers, I will always help, do what is asked of me , and I will always keep my eyes out for any problems throughout the server and report them directly to the owner. I will make sure that we have a clean and respectful server as well. What do you hope the server as a whole to achieve if you are promoted? I hope that the server would genuinely love for me to help , I do what I can and always will. And if I’m asked to do specific things , believe it will be done. Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? Yes I understand that I will be banned or consenquences will be acted if I break the rules or abuse anything. 100% understood.
  6. Good day to be a OnyxFtw member, I love this community.

    1. Majesty


      Fantastic ❤️999.thumb.png.879bec5cb86ef9f61b433477eaadfe4c.png

  7. I was wondering if it’s possible for someone to put up a ganodermic beast guide showing what inventory should be and what gear, and also what weaknesses the beast have. I’d like to see this guide for sure. I hope it makes it through!

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