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  1. Hi I have a suggestion, you get task scrolls, this can be, cut 50 yew logs. And you can get some rewards of it. Cash, skilling stuff, D bones,... This task scroll can be getting by killing npc's or skilling. Let me know what you think.
  2. 2k for monkfishes And add looters necklace please
  3. No problem
  4. Can be deleted
  5. Granite lobsters @ level 16 ?
  6. Buy raw monkfish 2 k each in GE
  7. Is it possible to add some skilling stuff, monkfish, lobsters etc.
  8. Hi Would be cool if we can do daily little quest/tasks. P.ex. Fish 50 lobsters, Kill X green dragons, etc... The rewards would maybe some (new)points, or some cash or loot. P.ex the loot of fish 50 lobsters will be an extra 25 lobsters. Or you can add them in groups (easy tasks/ quest, medium, hard, elite) Thanks Mr bad Luck
  9. +1, because it is hard sometimes to see what they drop, because the npc will attack you.
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