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  1. Hello there fellow Onyx player, Onyx United is a clan for the newest newcomer to the most expierenced players! What we want is a family / Friend group, who makes events and help eachother to theyre goals. Planning with time to have our own events. Just be a kind person and you're most welcome! Unite Onyx with Onyx United! Contact me ingame: Morphosed Greetings, Morphosed | Liam
  2. Hello to all Onyx players & staff ofc, First and all i love playing Onyx for real. Got a suggestion to make the teleport options a little bitter (in my opinion..). I'll would love to see a teleportation method come that makes it possible to 'Teleport' To a Clan member. What do u guys think bout it? Greets Marble | Illenium | Liam
  3. Marble


    Hello Everyone, Since i started this server there were a lot of players who could not help me with just information. The person who helped me a few time's always has been 'Han'. I think it's time to honor this player! He offers time & effort in helping others alot! I would love to see him become a higher rank status! What do you think about this? Greetings, Marble | Liam
  4. Goeiemiddag allen, Voor onze clan genaamd 'Dutch Royals' zijn we nog opzoek om de clan te versterken! Dit met het idé om eigen events te kunnen gaan organiseren. Zoals group bossing, minigames , enzo... Momenteel zijn we met een 8 tot 10tal spelers wat behoorlijk goed gaat. Wil je joinen? Neem contact op met 'Marble' of 'D E F Q O N'. We zijn beide de leiders van de clan. Gegroet onyx'ers! Marble | Liam

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