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  1. Extremebtw

    Don't do me like that 😭I ain't got that luxury lmaoo
  2. Extremebtw

    Bump - Guide Complete
  3. Extremebtw

    Nice Guide mate, coulda used this back in my vet'ion grind, let's just say I had to learn through trial and error lmao. Well done
  4. Extremebtw

    Commander Zilyana Guide! Foreward Overview Requirements and Recommendations Location & KC Inventory The Fight
  5. Extremebtw

    Appreciate you homie Raps in 4
  6. Extremebtw

    Bump - Guide's complete
  7. Extremebtw

    K'ril Tsutsaroth Guide Foreward Overview Requirements Location & KC Inventory The Fight
  8. Extremebtw

    K'ril Tsutsaroth Guide *In Progress*
  9. Extremebtw

    Another great one, maybe I'll finally get mine next slayer task lmao
  10. Extremebtw


    Welcome bro nice meeting you
  11. Extremebtw

    Appreciate it buddy
  12. Extremebtw

    Appreciate y'all
  13. Extremebtw

    Hell yea snag some Tassets
  14. Extremebtw

    Bump, Guide is finished
  15. Extremebtw

    Excellent Guide! Well done
  16. Extremebtw

    Solo Bandos Guide Foreward Boss Overview Requirements Location & KC Inventory The Fight Thank you very much and I hope you have found the guide useful, best of luck on drops! See you in game.
  17. Extremebtw

    IGN - Display Name
  18. Extremebtw

    Big lit
  19. Extremebtw

    Nice guide mate, maybe show the locations on the world map tho to better show their exact location. Good job tho 🙂
  20. Extremebtw

    IGN - Display Name
  21. Extremebtw

    ayyy niceee
  22. Extremebtw

    Great question, idk why they don't respect someone whose brought in hundreds of players and refuse to give him a YT rank, smh
  23. Extremebtw

    IGN - 8 24

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