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  1. Extremebtw

    IGN - Display Name
  2. Extremebtw

    Big lit
  3. Extremebtw

    Nice guide mate, maybe show the locations on the world map tho to better show their exact location. Good job tho 🙂
  4. Extremebtw

    IGN - Display Name
  5. Extremebtw

    ayyy niceee
  6. Extremebtw

    Great question, idk why they don't respect someone whose brought in hundreds of players and refuse to give him a YT rank, smh
  7. Extremebtw

    IGN - 8 24
  8. Extremebtw

    Very nice of you to take the time to make this, we appreciate it!
  9. Extremebtw

    IGN: Jacob
  10. Extremebtw

    ayyy welcomeee
  11. Extremebtw

    New boss is sick let's gooooo. Also http://prntscr.com/pti04b first event rare ingame (;
  12. Extremebtw

    Best of luck m8, I feel like you'd fit a support role very well but I haven't seen you on much recently, but as you said it must have been due to your exams. Best of luck to ya
  13. Great update just would like the one click spell change back for diamonds+

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