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  1. ^ Couldn't have said it any better
  2. These are so damn OP lol, modified versions couldbe a slim posibility
  3. Yooo welcome back man
  4. Boss bonanzaaaaaa
  5. Yooo welcome man, happy to have ya here
  6. Hello eatacake, as for your suggestions we always appreciate feedback from the community (; 1. Definitely would be nice to incorporate these into the game, we'll think about how in the near future. 2. Our duo hardcore ironman, upon death, is supposed to revert into a regular duo ironman system. However, it is bugged right now as for when one hardcore dies their duo iron status is gone as well. We'll be working on fully fixing this soon. 3. Nah, things such as Zulrah and Vorkath already give 10s of kill trips with the looters necklace so giving the ability to put a best in slot necklace on as well would make this a bit too op. (just my opinion though) 4. I don't know how / if we'd be able to implement that. 5. Stars were recently buffed... again! People just don't do them even though they are nice money and grant the ability to mine ores straight into the bank for 15 minutes after the star is finished. Maybe on this one. 6. I agree this was cancer when I made rubies on my ironman Thank you for the suggestions (:
  7. I'm fucking dead
  8. Fasho good suggestions but I think something interfered with the second suggestion when we tried adding that previously. Hope we can get that to work in the future tho. Thanks again (;
  9. Yea why not
  10. Nice suggestions but can say for certain we are not improving drop rate to battlemage, trickster, and vanguard. For a chance to obtain these for FREE, they are fine where they are, don't underestimate how good those armours are (;
  11. ME! Good luck fellas
  12. 4. Not really too necessary as can just right click spade 5. Agreed 6. Trivia and ::type are not spammed as they are only broadcasted once per hour (for trivia) and once every 15-45 mins for ::type 7. Yea won't hurt 8. Agreed 9. Plans on it already I believe 10. Agreed 11. Only a few steps away but could be moved if people think its THAT necessary 12. Lodestones are quicker routes to specific places so would have to be a no for that + removing it doesn't really help anything so why remove it. 13. Not spammed too often and for those who log in recently see that PC games are running through those announcements (especially if the NPC ::event spam was reduced) We always appreciate suggestions so thanks a ton (;
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