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  1. Covid19

    ign: Covid19
  2. Covid19

    Excellent job helped me a lot in my first solo!
  3. Covid19

    Good luck! IGN: Covid19
  4. Covid19

    Welcome we hope you have a nice time.
  5. Covid19

    IGN: Covid19
  6. Covid19

    IGN: Covid19
  7. Covid19

    Me Me Me ign: Covid19
  8. Covid19

    Bro if we could make this shit happen that would be hilarious.
  9. Covid19

    Hey man forums and in game are not connected. Therefore, go ahead and download the client, pick any username with a secure password, and you're good to go.
  10. Covid19

    Hey, both of y'all posted in the wrong topic. See: for this weeks giveaway. Good luck!
  11. Covid19

    ign: Covid19 Gl!!
  12. Covid19

    I believe prestige could be a neat system, however it would not be rewarding of items such as spirit shields, otherwise it devalues the respective boss to obtain those items. However, I do like the potential idea of a prestige which unlocks a bit of a bonus drop rate boost or something along those lines.
  13. Covid19

    IGN: Covid19
  14. Covid19

    IGN: Covid19

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