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  1. I'm a returning player to ONYX from when I started 1 year ago. I never really played during the time right after the server reset because I started my first year of university so I ended up forgetting about ONYX. Regardless, I remembered that I loved the server and I came back approximately 3 weeks ago. Upon starting playing again, one person I saw that was always active and helpful was Oscar. He always answered mine + other's questions and I realized he was a genuine and knowledgeable player. I never really was active in any discord's other than the ones with my close friends. When I would join calls and chats with Oscar, he welcomed me with open arms and I got to know that he's super funny and easy to approach. I see him as a leader because his organization skills + knowledge of the game actively contribute to how he gives back to the community. Hands down I can vouch for him as a player of ONYX and as a person.
  2. Ayeeee thanks for the update! All the hard work will pay off!

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