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  1. Cameron

    Vouch, he's a day 1.
  2. Cameron

    I have no idea if it's just me but all the tabs first row seems to be slanted from the other rows in my bank. Wondering if this could possibly get fixed for my OCD's Sake.
  3. Cameron

    I need some suggestions for another loot video, keep in mind this is what I got for gear http://prntscr.com/nb2cu1
  4. Cameron

    i got an ammy of ranging just shoot me a pm
  5. Cameron

    Most of you new players might not know me but I am an old timer on Onyx. I used to be a Youtuber on Onyx and uploaded a bunch of loot from ( Monster/Boss ) videos. I also completed my Road to Max series. Anyways, I was thinkin about uploading again. Which bosses/monsters would you like to see a vid on? It can be any monster, any boss, with a reasonable quantity. Thanks!
  6. Cameron

    Boss Bonanza please
  7. Cameron

    completely agree, you get a chaotic after you hit 99 and it takes way to long to get.
  8. Cameron

    I'm not gonna do the Road to Dice gear thing, I need video suggestions.
  9. Cameron

    I am back and I am ready to make some PRIME videos and some EPIC content videos. I LEARNED how to pk so be ready for that. Sincerely, Yours Truely, From, Love, Cameron
  10. Cameron

    Well I always knew I would be a good admin, i'll take the job. PogChamp Omegalul sike
  11. Cameron

    I don't think I was around when you were staff but you seem like a nice guy, goodluck
  12. Cameron

    Support @Onyx
  13. Cameron

    I don't think you understood the Donator Rank thing. It would be a rare drop for 1 Donator Ticket. You would need to exchange about 500 or so for the lowest rank.

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