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  1. Thanks brother for you support, couldn't ask for a better leader and role model on this server. Enjoy every minute of it!
  2. USERNAME: Redslayer AGE: 28 TIMEZONE: Central Standard Time WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Florida HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A PART OF ONYX?: Since March 2018 approximately (coming up on 2 years) HOW MANY HOURS DO YOU SPEND ONLINE DAILY?: 8+ hours per day ARE YOU ACTIVE BOTH IN-GAME AND ON OUR FORUMS?: Yes, very much so in-game and I will works towards becoming more active on the forums. WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE PART OF OUR STAFF TEAM?: This is truly a great community. I already feel like I'm part of staff without the title/rank. I'm always willing to help anyone at anytime that I am online. I'd like to be easily recognizable as someone who's there for others when they need me. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STRENGTHS?: One of my best attributes is the ability to listen and being an overall people person. Not many people will have anything negative to say about me. I've never gotten into any arguments or altercations with anyone during my time here on onyx and I'm always friendly and willing to teach others about what Onyx has to offer. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR WEAKNESSES?: This will sound strange but I can sometimes be too trusting. I almost always see the good in people and sometimes forget there is still evil in the world which backfires at times and some may take my kindness for granted, but... I believe karma exists and that she'll take her course. PLEASE DESCRIBE ANY EXPERIENCE IN LEADERSHIP ROLLS YOU HAVE OR HAD: I manage a team of OVER 50 employees. I'm a huge team player and strongly believe "teamwork makes the dream work". 😁 WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE YOUR APPLICATION OVER ANOTHER MEMBER'S?: Well, what you see is what you get. Everything I do is for the good and betterment of the server and community. My actions thus far should speak for themselves and I've been very proactive in both Onyx help chat and answering questions via private messages. I've spent a lot of time with several of the staff members both in game and on discord so they've passed down a significant amount of in-game knowledge and I felt I've retained more than enough to be a valuable asset to the team. IN A SHORT PARAGRAPH, PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT YOU'LL BRING TO THE SERVER WITH THIS POSITION AND WHAT YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE: I will promote and instill a high morale/bond within the community. My imagination runs wild and will always have suggestions/ideas for improvements to benefit everyone. I Love doing events for the community as well and raising everyone up, no one left behind. I believe everyone deserves a fair chance here and I make it a goal every day to reach out to new players and offer advice/assistance/answers that will set them up for success later down the road. I don't ever ask for anything in exchange other than to "pay it forward" to future beginners here on Onyx. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IF YOU BREAK THE RULES, ABUSE POWERS, OR TURN OUT TO BE A HORRENDOUS STAFF MEMBER, YOU WILL BE DEMOTED AND MIGHT HAVE POSSIBLE FURTHER ACTIONS TAKEN AGAINST YOU DEPENDING ON YOUR ACTIONS?: Absolutely, no questions about that and I promise that I will thoroughly review and follow any and all rules as well as only use my commands when absolutely necessary.

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