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  1. Iron Hunt

    Add a sound to chicken spawn which scares you to the point of insta ::home
  2. Iron Hunt

    BwukBwukBwuk will avenge you.
  3. Iron Hunt

    Welcome buddy!
  4. Iron Hunt

    Oy, lekker frikandelen. Ik doe mee!
  5. Iron Hunt

    Selling Sanguinesti Staff (x2) - Accepting trades Contact in-game as Hunt / Discord as Wes#7000
  6. Iron Hunt

  7. Iron Hunt

    Welcome back!
  8. Iron Hunt

    Cheers lads!
  9. Iron Hunt

    Hey mate! Welcome to the forum!
  10. Iron Hunt

    Hello there friends, I'm Hunt (Previously Shagger) / Iron Hunt, where Iron Hunt is my new main. I've been playing for roughly 2-3 weeks now, and decided to switch over to Ironman from my hero 2 days ago. I'm a former RSC/RS2/RS3 player. This would be my first server to ever give a proper attempt. I enjoy it a lot so far, the combination between RS2/OSRS gives a whole different feel to the game that's quite new and refreshing to me. My name is Wesley and I'm 22 years old, former Aussie living in the Netherlands after rounding up my study here, I work as a freelance video editor/product designer. I hope to meet you lads ingame!

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