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  1. yey. next update remove / somehow change pk tabs? ;3 ty fir update sirs
  2. Vibie

    ty sirs . Much love, if you aren't an ironman but want a cc check out theirs, they inspired me to make my own post about it ^^^
  3. Floofer From ironboyos to ironmen What We Are: Floofer is an ironman only cc*Terms And Restrictions Apply* that was made in order for ironmen to come together. In Floofer, members can talk between one another about virtually anything, be it daily life, discussions about skilling methods for ironmen, help to kill bosses, or just good bosses to kill as an ironman. In this CC, we already have a few seasoned ironmen accounts and players willing to answer any questions you might have, or tips you might need. Requirements: To become a part of Floofer, you simply need to have a little helmet next to your name in-game and 1 day of play time. The reason we require 1 day of playtime is because many people may start ironman mode when they join, then decide to upgrade or create a whole new account, or drop the server alltogether. These are the only 2 requirements for joining our CC, however higher ranks are only awarded based on your experience on the server, your achievements on the account, and your participation in the CC. Additionally, your ironman account must be your main account, however you may still have alternate accounts that are NOT ironmen. What You Can Expect: In terms of what you can expect to see when joining Floofer, its very basic. As this is an ironman clan chat, the focus of our CC is PvM. On top of this, as stated above, we may host events for boss masses or minigame masses within the clan. Another aspect of Floofer that we are hoping to build is security in the wild. Although it is by no means manditory, helping out fellow ironmen being bullied in the wilderness is a very upstanding thing to do, and our CC hopes to improve ironmen conditions in the wildy ;]. As a side note, Floofer hopes to be a force to be reckoned with in the wild, however this is a secondary goal.*You can learn more about what we mean by this when you join!* Requirements For Ranking Up: To increase ones rank in Floofer, you must either meet certain gear / skill requirements as well as time requirements, prove your knowledge of ironman mode on Onyx to one of the leaders or co-leaders, or actively participate in the CC. To Be Able To Instantly Rank Up To Sergeant (Full Member), Your Gear Must Include: Full Void With At LEAST 2 Helmets (Elite Not Required) 95+ Combat Stats 85+ Prayer 10+ Days On The Server How To Join: To join Floofer, you simply need to pm the leader or any of the co-leader(s) that are online. These people include: Vibie Seige (List will be expanded as members are promoted) Floofer#1

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