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  1. 5b total Exp!!! The xp grind is over.

    It's been a ride.


  2. 200m Slayer/Summoning Exp!!! I'm super charming!

  3. 200m Construction Exp!!! I've got my hardhat and jackhammer, nothing can stop me now!

  4. 200m Runecrafting Exp!!! Same as crafting but rune.

  5. 200m Agility Exp!!! I'm running away from home, mom!

  6. 200m Mining Exp!!! Selling gold ore!

  7. 200m Crafting Exp!!! Let me trim your armor!

  8. 200m Hunter Exp!!! Never touching another box trap again...

  9. 200m Fishing Exp!!! At last, a true Master Baiter.

  10. 200m Smithing Exp!!! Time to take off the goldsmith gloves.

  11. 4Bil Exp milestone done!!! Madoc I'm coming for you.

  12. 200m Fletching!!! No more splinters to worry about.

  13. 200m Cooking XP!!! Finally stopped burning shrimp.

  14. 200m Herblore XP!!! A real snake oil salesman I am.

  15. As leader of "Maxed" clan, I feel it necessary to be allowed the ability to give further permissions to clan members. The ranking system works just fine right now, but the chance to give permissions to others is not optionable. This is a topic I am invested in because if other members of the clan can have permissions then it will help as to not just the leader controlling everything.
  16. A helpful friendly clan of players who don't know when to stop. Restricted to maxed players unless I make an exception to the clause. No exp waste, grindiest grinders on Onyx come join your kin! Also Pizza parties every friday*. *maybe
  17. 200m Thieving!!! Can officially pickpocket Rotten Potato.

  18. 200m Woodcutting/Farming/Firemaking!!!! My character loves the outdoors more than I do apparently.

  19. 200m Dungeoneering!!! Fun fact: Owls don't have eyeballs they have eye tubes.

  20. Just hit 3Bil Exp, Yay me


  21. I still can't store my pets at Menage a trois (Menagerie)! Please fix for me so my POH can be complete and my burbs have somewhere to hang out and play cards together. Thanks. P.S. Throne Room trap doesn't work.

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