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  1. support, can confirm helps new players a lot. also great knowledge of the game
  2. bump
  3. any update on this? would make everything so much easier!
  4. Perfect @Zio
  5. Hey, so my proposal is to rework the way acquiring donator status works. Correct me if I'm wrong in any case btw. Currently, Sapphire donor costs 15$. Emerald costs 40$ and Sapphire -> Emerald upgrade costs 25$. To upgrade from Sapphire to Emerald, I specifically need that Sapphire -> Emerald bond worth 25$. To buy it ingame, I need someone else to donate and buy specifically that bond and sell it to me, otherwise I can't upgrade. The way I think it should work is as follows. We can keep the Bond system in the game for convenience, but replace the items you can buy in Donor store with a new tradeable currency, "Donor shards". You can buy 1 Donor shard for 1$ and can use those shards ingame to buy from the Bond shop ingame. The new Bond shop obviously contains all currently available bonds. Prices would be the same as you'd pay in $ for the bonds as 1 shard = 1$, but trading with people would become a lot easier as I wouldn't have to wait until someone specifically buys Sapphire -> Emerald upgrade bond and sells it to me, but I could simply buy Donor shards from any person who just donated and sells them.
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