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  1. R Q

    As of right now, squeel is the only way to get aura tokens to buy the high tier useful auras, so I dont think they should be removed, but I agree with more skilling supps on the wheel
  2. R Q

    I think we need to keep some trash items just to prevent it from being a lamp farm. Maybe change quantity of bones to like 10-100 *regarding rariety* and then make all the lamps just basic lamps so you can use on whatever skill you want. I think that alone would be worth a change.
  3. R Q

    More than likely just 1.
  4. R Q

    I said a 10% hit, so that would make claws 20-22.5 tokens instead of 25, your math was backwards.
  5. R Q

    1:1 would just be impractical and too broken. Nothing in any game is a 1:1 exchange rate the opposite way.
  6. R Q

    I agree with this for the most part, maybe we could take the tokens out of the store and just make it tradeable amongst players, to prevent gold inflation, but to actually make tob worth doing for the most part. Still giving those who grind tob a monetary incentive. I also agree with you that the well just simply isn't beneficial to endgame player for the most part, and does need a rework * which this would also help with gold inflation.
  7. R Q

    Fast legit gr8 guy +1 P.S. thanks for pet
  8. R Q

  9. R Q

    I wouldn't recommend same rate, but definitely agree with selling items back for like a 10% fee or something, I just feel that a 1:1 would be too broken.
  10. Theatre of Blood is one of the most end game PvM aspect of Onyx, and I feel personally that it should definitely have it's looting table reworked if that is the case. As it stands not only is it stupid rare to get tob drops from the game, but the base drops aren't really worth anything in themselves. You can't really do anything unless you're skilling. So here is what I propose...... - We add something called "raids item tokens" *I will personally help design these to make it easier on devs* These tokens will be similar to that of the barrows looting system as in you're rewarded upon completion of a raid. - These Raids Item Tokens then can be spent at a shop *could even add to the shop that is already at TOB* Which could have the CoX and ToB loot in the shop + a cash out option for your tokens. - Why implement this? This will make ToB more rewarding and attract more players to the raiding scene. For it being end game content I feel as tho this wouldn't be to broken and well balance if managed properly. This can also keep raids items at a balanced price too, maintaining that they hold their value. - This would also work as a "anti-badluck mechanic" allowing those who have farmed tob with out a drop still able to get a reward for the grind. - How would I balance them? *pricing wise* - Raids Item Token - 6,000,000/Token (This averages to 18m/hr *if you can do 20 min raids*) This price seems more than fair for people who are able to get their time down to 20 min raids. - Scythe of Vitur - 200 Tokens - Twisted Bow - 300 Tokens - Sang Staff - 150 Tokens - Ghrazi Rapier - 100 Tokens - Avernic Defender - 100 Tokens -Justiciar Helm - 50 Tokens - Justiciar Body - 50 Tokens - Justiciar Legs - 50 Tokens - Kodai Wand - 150 Tokens - Elder Maul - 220 Tokens - Ancestral Hat - 100 Tokens - Ancestral Body - 100 Tokens - Ancestral Legs - 100 Tokens - Dinh's Bulwark - 25 Tokens - Dragon Claws - 25 Tokens * These prices are subject to change, just thought I could give a base line and help as much as I can, I know a bunch of people who love ToB but it simply just isn't as rewarding as it should be in its current state. * * Thank you to @Alpha for working with me and helping me come up with token pricing. * As with any guide/post I make please feel free to message me on discord, forums, or in game if you have any questions/additions. *UPDATE* I Did a quick Photoshop mock up of what I think the tokens should look like and here's what I got. Obviously this is just a quick mock up, I will go more in depth if that's what you like. Just base design atm.
  11. R Q

    +1 for creativity While I do enjoy the idea of this concept, it would be tremendously broken, and imo any pvming on onyx you dont need an extra 2 food anyways, so I don't find it practical.
  12. *This thread will look nicer in the future but just wanted to get this up because this interests me* Ever wonder how you compare to the other players of onyx? Well here is a list *of those who entered* of some of the most efficient players of onyx filtered by gamemode! -How to enter yourself- - Send a screenshot to me on discord of your name/total xp/time played my discord is Ryon #6675 or you can find me by looking in the onyx donator category on the onyx official discord. * Depending on if this is actually something people will want or not, I will be posting updates weekly and adding people to the list as soon as I get them in! *Remember this is just friendly competition, and nothing more! I will add the totals up by converting your play time into hours then dividing your total xp by hours played to get your xp/hr. NORMAL 1. Ryon ~12.6m xp/hr 2. Max Cape ~5.4m xp/hr Expert 1. Death ~521k xp/hr Ironman Hardcore Ironman
  13. R Q

    The store is open! These are just some works I've done/put together - PM for prices - Can do just about anything - Will post more as more orders come in! - Payments is required upon delivery. - Enjoy and all feed back is much appreciated - I do youtube banners, twitter headers, forum signatures, avatars, desktop backgrounds, just about anything! -Examples of Work- - Orders -
  14. R Q

    Definitely like this idea, seems like you put a lot of time and thought into this, and most of your points have logic behind them, and would clean up home a bit so defo got my vote +1

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