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  1. Both accs voted why does my ironman only have a 13% higher drop rate.... And whats the point in having a regular acc if the drop rates are so close....
  2. I agree with all of this, i would also like to add that we should focus on some more community building events rather than updates. The player base really hasn't been growing and even though the count is always above 40 players 75% of them are afk at all times....
  3. Voids accuracy is shit btw. no overloads no renewals no flasks hardcore ironman btw ZZZZZ
  4. The problem is it cost over 3m in runes to get one item while being in a dangerous location.... And i feel that way wands are collected can be improved the beginner and apprentice wand are outclassed by elemental and dramen staves(the teachers wands is also outclassed by the 100k ancient staff) and are only rs because you upgrade them towards the master wand. Can they be removed or could some sort of upgrade system be added.
  5. These are in a dangerous location and they drop medium tier gear can the drop rates be adjusted?
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