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    Heh, no kidding! I left off on real RS after I had just started an Iron Man account, didn't make it very far before I decided that I didn't have the time anymore to play the real game.. but the slightly boosted rates of RSPS is exactly what I need. Not too fast to make stuff meaningless, but not so slow that I can't stand it. On my main account I spent a lot of time making money to purchase stuff because I've always been the type that's afraid of failure. Scared to die at a boss, scared to get PK'd if I go into the wilderness... stuff like that. So this time around I plan to go all out in Iron Man mode because I can't rely on the GE to gear up and progress!
  2. Man of Iron

    Hey everyone! This is more directed towards the developer(s), but I just wanna say a few things lol I've been playing RS since 2005, and RSPS since 2009.. and I have to say that this server is the smoothest I've played in a long time. Every skill I've trained, every location I've visited just felt good lol things are in their right place, timing for actions and stuff all feel so smooth and accurate.. I made an Iron Man account so progress is slow and I haven't been able to experience a lot of the content.. but if what I've seen so far is any testament to your attention to detail and being thorough, I know I'm in for a treat! On top of that everyone I've interacted with in-game has been kind and helpful so thanks to all of you as well

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