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    Hey Onyx players I have a quality of life suggestion that I'd really like to see implemented into Onyx. I play a lot of Old school runescape using the runelite client, and using runelite you have Camera settings as you can see below https://gyazo.com/72edbfc20cd67e71b9542a3880eae010 My main want is to be able to use right click to move my camera around rather than or along side the middle mouse button. I would also LOVE to see a outer zoom limit that you can increase (that's if we can remove the shitty black fog. Anyway let me know if you'd also like to see these ideas added into onyx alongside any other ideas you think I should have mentioned here. Thanks for reading. Eat me out.
  3. Bannerlord

    IGN : Tharrain
  4. Hey guys thank you for the continued support! my new video is a short KBD guide with loot from 300 kills, I hope you enjoy it Loot from 300 KBD! - THERES NO WAY THIS HAPPENED!! (Onyx rsps)
  5. Hey guys new video today also a short one so I apologise for those who were asking for a longer one. today I made a short simple Cerberus guide and added loot from 100 kills Cerberus guide - LOOT FROM 100 CERBERUS! - Onyx rsps https://youtu.be/JUrXGeSjDJA thanks for watching stay tuned for the next one
  6. Bannerlord

    I'll keep this in mind, thanks rowls
  7. During my long boring quarantined days I thought I'd attempt to learn how to record and edit videos for the community here. Bare in mind I am bad at editing and it's still a big learning process for me so keep that in mind I also apologise for the mic quality, it's 8 years old and in need of an upgrade, similar to my barrows armour. Thanks for watching the video, leave me some suggestions here or on the video on what you'd want me to do in the future.
  8. Bannerlord

    I feel like I've seen 2 sides to Toasted so far. However you are still very new to the server from my perspective so the real toasted could shine through. I have noticed you helping new players, and also being involved in the discord. Nice Application, hope it goes well for you.
  9. Bannerlord

    already had a chat to you in-game, and you seem like a cool dude. hope the server turns out to be what you were looking for
  10. Bannerlord

    +1 from me I for one enjoy completing and ticking milestones off. This for me is a big +1 Let's hope it can happen.
  11. Bannerlord

    +1 agree with what versace says.
  12. Bannerlord

    IGN : Bannerlord
  13. Bannerlord

    So in this suggestion I feel like there should be some sort of decent shield in term has the benefits of all 3 of the current fire shields. So combining the Dragonfire shield, Ancient Wyvern Shield and the Dragonfire Ward; creating some sort of custom dfs? Just a thought I had today and couldn't find a suggestion for it already. Thanks for taking the time to look at this suggestion.
  14. Bannerlord

    Edited Name due to in-game changes
  15. Bannerlord

    Hey Onyx players! I'm posting this to get some video suggestions, people of Onyx would like to see. During quarantine I have a LOT of time on my hands and thought I'd put it to some good use for the community. With that being said I'm asking for some suggestions on what style and also what content you'd want to see, however bare in mind I have no access to Admin tools or any cheats on Onyx. So if it's videos like Eggyrs most recent video that would take me a hell of a long time to complete.. Anyway post your suggestions and I'll get to work
  16. Bannerlord

    Sweet guide, was a much needed video players like myself needed.
  17. Username: Armani Age: 21 Timezone: GMT Where are you from? England How long have you been a part of Onyx? Since September 2018 (I have some interesting screenshots I found from then) How many hours do you spend online daily? 12 depends on the day/work schedule (had some 16 hour days) Are you active both in-game and on our forums? I read everything posted on the forums, and in-game I tend to respond quickly (also active on discord) Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I feel like the newer and even some more experienced players have appreciated my advice/reply times. I also find that 70% of my suggestions are important, community supported ideas. How would you describe your strengths? Good game knowledge, active daily player, and a long term OG of Onyx Friendly and easy to talk to, very few times has someone triggered me. How would you describe your weaknesses? Sometimes my humour can come across confusing.... it's a work in progress. The lack of 'good' gear portrays a noob, but that's fine. Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have or had: In my real job I'm the co manager and the team builder; I work in a telesales office. Why should we choose you over another member’s application? I personally don't think I would be a 'better' Support than anyone else applying; although with my time in the server I feel experience might give me the slight edge. I also feel the competition between who welcomes new players first is a fun activity for me. (Sad I know) In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position and what you hope to achieve: So I'm already apart of the community and with or without a support role I'd still be helping out the player base, so I feel I can bring knowledge, experience and a good chat for players struggling on what to do or just looking for some simple tips. I also find that the meetings the staff have to discuss events etc, I think I would be able to add some fun, exciting suggestions to this. Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? Yes I understand wholeheartedly. Thanks for reading, see you in-game
  18. Bannerlord

    IGN Tharrain
  19. Bannerlord

    IGN: Tharrain
  20. Hey geezas, Just chucking a short clip of examining the zulrah drop table for those who are curious.
  21. Great update, looking forward to place holders
  22. Bannerlord

    I am no longer the leader of Divine cc this is due to not having to time to run the clan everyday. Many of the more active players from the clan have also left because of my inactivity over the past 5 days. Its been nice meeting you guys and hosting a couple events however I’m happier passing ownership on and stepping aside. I will most likely join another clan.
  23. Just to add to this Guide for newer players who see this comment - The Barrows shop has been added recently which allows you to trade in even the 'bad' barrows items for instant reward, resulting in even a karils coif being worth some gp. To sum up what I'm saying here, Log in, start the server, afk and some sand crabs, kill some green dragons for some prayer levels, and then waste the rest of your week, month, year? grinding barrows. (trust me Barrows is the way to start on Onyx)
  24. Bannerlord

    bump +1

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