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  1. Dragonkk

    Hi @Sear, we're unable to see the image you provided us. Can you pm us on discord? Thank you :).
  2. Don't worry. the Requirement isn't necessary for iron man accounts. It should be show flagged as completed once you login. Also 1b+ drop party is based on ge values, so people can add items above market price instead of coins.
  3. Dragonkk

    1 in 1000 chance @Bailey
  4. Dragonkk

    This is definitely planned to be released this year :). It's on my todo priority list.
  5. Dragonkk

    Skotizo is already instanced :). Only a few low lvl bosses and nex/nightmare are not currently.
  6. Dragonkk

    We'll look into it and try to make it similar to osrs. Thanks 4 feedback.
  7. Dragonkk

    Great update as always :D.
  8. Dragonkk

    Nice to see the thread being improved. See you in some of the events!
  9. Dragonkk

    Nice chair bro.
  10. Dragonkk

    The rapier acts as a normal rapier on pvp btw and grim reaper rewards are not damaged related. everyone has a chance at loot.
  11. Altars are located right at home, dz & vip zones. Making teleports more accessible for players was a priority.
  12. Dragonkk

    Welcome Connwaer! That's some high goals you have there. Hope to see you ingame and have fun ;). If you have any suggestion be sure to mention it.
  13. Dragonkk

    Welcome to Onyx!!! See you around ingame ;).

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