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  1. Dragonkk

  2. Dragonkk

    We'll look into it and try to make it similar to osrs. Thanks 4 feedback.
  3. Dragonkk

    Great update as always :D.
  4. Dragonkk

    Nice to see the thread being improved. See you in some of the events!
  5. Dragonkk

    Nice chair bro.
  6. Dragonkk

    The rapier acts as a normal rapier on pvp btw and grim reaper rewards are not damaged related. everyone has a chance at loot.
  7. Altars are located right at home, dz & vip zones. Making teleports more accessible for players was a priority.
  8. Dragonkk

    Welcome Connwaer! That's some high goals you have there. Hope to see you ingame and have fun ;). If you have any suggestion be sure to mention it.
  9. Dragonkk

    Welcome to Onyx!!! See you around ingame ;).
  10. Dragonkk

    Hey Thomas, nice to see you here at Onyx. If you need any help me me on discord or ingame. Thanks also for the positive feedback!
  11. Dragonkk

    Indeed my friend we shall make a comeback and take onyx even further!
  12. Dragonkk

    1) A secondaries resource shop & a slayer shop for slayer points would be pretty decent additions. :). Theres already a npc to mix poison for oyu and you can use 4 dose for anything as for 2). as for 3. may be considered in the future :). 4) Not happening. Overload time boost is part of onyx rank benefits.
  13. Dragonkk

    Done. Enjoy :).
  14. Dragonkk

    Thanks for making this guide ext stoner :). It should help people get their vote rewards faster. If possible explain also how to check if vote bonus is still active.

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