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  1. Hey Thomas, nice to see you here at Onyx. If you need any help me me on discord or ingame. Thanks also for the positive feedback!
  2. Indeed my friend we shall make a comeback and take onyx even further!
  3. 1) A secondaries resource shop & a slayer shop for slayer points would be pretty decent additions. :). Theres already a npc to mix poison for oyu and you can use 4 dose for anything as for 2). as for 3. may be considered in the future :). 4) Not happening. Overload time boost is part of onyx rank benefits.
  4. Done. Enjoy :).
  5. Thanks for making this guide ext stoner :). It should help people get their vote rewards faster. If possible explain also how to check if vote bonus is still active.
  6. It has been increased already compared to the original 718 client :). More than this and it starts bugging sky boxes.
  7. The idea is nice but we just switched our home recently so we won't be changing it any time soon.
  8. It acts as a divine spirit shield with better stats, with spectral effect, aka prayer drains 50% slower. if not enough prayer instead of not absorbing damage it has elyisan effect, aka 75% chance of absorving 25% damage. This shield is also bis for mage in all situations. Matches with the staff upgrade :). Also we just done a quick hotpatch to implement the change you requested and a few other things.
  9. Hello everyone. You may experience lagg/dcs & website slow and voting/donations not going through for the next few hours. Our dedicated host currently having an issue and working on solving the problem. You can follow it here: http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=37330 Thank you for the understanding. We should be back to 100% within 24h. Should any donation not go through, submit a ticket ingame. Edit: Solved.
  10. Only doobie11 is maxed 5b xp on hero mode currently. If more people want it we may consider doing so. But chances are we'd increase xp cap to 400m instead :). If you want to skill for a long time try the extreme or legendary mode. No need for a prestige system as of now.
  11. Done. We removed randoms on last update since we had many complainments about it. While it was a good addition osrs itself removed the dangerous random events as well and therefore new players don't even know these exist and it's why we decided to remove it.
  12. 1. Will add 2 more green dragons. Black, blue & red are in different areas, not myth guild cave. 2. Done :). will be on next update. 3. Will look into it as well.
  13. While it's a great idea, will have to think twice before adding it. This idea could make it so no1 does pest control anymore and people already rarely do it.
  14. Thank you for reporting it. Should be fixed by next update :).
  15. Han

    A request help button has been added for that reeson ;).
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