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  1. @zomby01 did you type ::donated in-game?
  2. March 6, 2021 Hey guys! I am back! I'm so excited to start working full time for the community and give you the attention you guys deserve. I understand the community was hurt about my decision but rest assured, we will make a huge fight, massive changes with the staff to ensure consistency and a better connecting community. To those who don't like my decision, I understand and respect what you did. I would hate to lose you as a player. Do the right thing if you can. Gloves of the Gods Gloves of the Gods are now added as the new best in slot gloves in the game. Similar to infinity jewelry, Players may combine some of the best gloves available + an upgrade gem in order to craft this item. These gloves maintain previous effects such as swift gloves extra shot and spellcaster magic boost on top of extra bonus & 155 hp boost. Items needed in order to craft a pair of Gloves of the Gods include: Barrow Gloves Atrocious rogue gloves Ferocious Gloves Tormented Bracelet Goliath Gloves Swift Gloves Spellcaster Gloves Mercenary's gloves Any ONE pair of Nex Gloves(Torva, Pernix, or Virtus) One Upgrade Gem Quality of Life Updates: 1. Avernic defender now returns Avernic hilt when dismantled 2, Disabled cutscenes on dominion tower for players with over 10k Dominion Factor 3. Elkoy now transports players to Tree Gnome Village 4. Added mining teleport to ::tp 5. Added a direct teleport to Kalphite Queen to ::tp 6. ::kq command now teleports to Kalphite Queen instead of Hive 7. Add last preset action on bank objects 8. Hati & Skoll Tasks now work as one 9. You can no longer enter instances from offline private status players (to avoid crashing) 10. Added a max hit dummy at home 11. Cataclysm staff & mystery crate are now available on donator shards shop 12. Added the horde slayer task 13. Skoll boots now can handle up to 200m EXP 14. Improved wilderness teleport warning to show location 15. Corporeal beast messages now can be filtered 16. Added pollniveach slayer master to ::slayer 17. 3rd age plateskirt is now obtainable from treasure trail rewards. 18. Hardcore Ironman is now able to lootshare 19. Improved Corporeal Beast & The Nightmare Drop Rate by 20% 20. Added ::sofspin command to roll 20 spins in a row Bug Fixes and Other Updates: 1. Greater abyssal demons now drop large slayer boxes 2. Fixed typo with vote bonus xp saying 24h instead of 12h 3. Fixed thieving teleport on skill interface 4. Collector log now shows Grotesque Guardians drops correctly 5. Corrected Night beast hitpoints 6. Fixed an issue with Olm flamewall fires persisting through intermission 7. Fixed an issue with scavengers hitting through prayer during COX 8. Fixed a bug with coins disappearing when withdrawing bank/trading with full inventory 9. Easter event has been removed 10. Fixed a bug with teleport damage happening after teleporting 11. Removed duplicated barrows shop stocks 12. Fixed a typo with pest control 13. Wishing well now awards the correct amount of rolls 14. Character no longer runs towards the npc if clicked while dying 15. Logging out inside dungeoneering will no longer restore prayer 16. Obelisk of fire should now be working 17. Corrected armadyl crossbow shot distance 18. You can now leave a pk tournament lobby and also use the barrier 19, Trivia questions no longer hide letters 20. Crystal harpoon no longer shows on grand exchange 21. Fixed a bug causing can't reach to happen with some objects 22. You can now pick up coins with full inventory if space in money pouch 23. Horde pet now hides options similar to other pets Spoiler: Expect further updates to come such as Daily Tasks & Hard Mode Godwars
  3. Welcome Skinz! Hope to see you around. If you have any suggestions be sure to tell us 😉.
  4. Hi @Sear, we're unable to see the image you provided us. Can you pm us on discord? Thank you :).
  5. Don't worry. the Requirement isn't necessary for iron man accounts. It should be show flagged as completed once you login. Also 1b+ drop party is based on ge values, so people can add items above market price instead of coins.
  6. Dragonkk

    Collection Log

    This is definitely planned to be released this year :). It's on my todo priority list.
  7. Skotizo is already instanced :). Only a few low lvl bosses and nex/nightmare are not currently.
  8. We'll look into it and try to make it similar to osrs. Thanks 4 feedback.
  9. The rapier acts as a normal rapier on pvp btw and grim reaper rewards are not damaged related. everyone has a chance at loot.
  10. Altars are located right at home, dz & vip zones. Making teleports more accessible for players was a priority.

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