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  1. Archmage Al

    sounds like an awesome event shame wrong time for me!
  2. Archmage Al

    It was going so well too bahaha
  3. Archmage Al

    Would love to see the adition of some mid level runespan pools such as -shifters -jumpers -skulls -blood pools -bloody skulls
  4. Archmage Al

    So guess I am a little late to the party huh? Never was very good at these intro things. New to the server but enjoying the content as of right now. Slightly lonely but hopefully that kicks up.
  5. Archmage Al

    Great guide! Been ages since I did Runespan so this helped.
  6. Archmage Al

    -make it so only the proper dungeoneering npc should be in that layered dungeon (i.e. i see necromancers in frozen!) -add something larger then "buy 50" maybe a "buy x" to the shop npc in dungeoneering. 50 isn't a lot like say for example if you doing rune essence or something/skilling. -so not sure how to explain but "all" in the runecrafting skill in dungeoneering does NOT runecraft "all". of the rune essence you have. It would be nice if this was fixed.

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