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  1. I didnt see any issues. I removed my vouch and you turned it into 1.
  2. Says a lot of your service if you need screenshots of the vouches when competition gets to big for you to handle and keep vouches :). Like I said, You don't have mine anymore, because I found better/cheaper/faster services elsewhere. Good luck to you nonetheless. Wooters Out !
  3. Don't spread false accusations. A vouch is a vouch. You don't have mine anymore because there are better services available. But good luck nonetheless with yours
  4. Because I found better elsewhere, and I do not vouch anymore. Dw, you'll get over it
  5. Biggest vouch from me. Very fast, efficient. Best service ingame in my opinion.
  6. Why isn't it the right time for him-her ? Overall nice application Kitsuna. I do not talk much with you in-game, but I've seen all you've said and done so far. You'd easily be staff support if it was my server tbh. You have everything required to be one rather soon than later I like the fact that you didn't advertise your app, making it the replies more representative of people liking you Good luck
  7. Would make the best of all staff members. Definitely worth it. Has been positive since day 1 always helpful, always super nice, always super fun, always super active. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU KIND SIR.
  8. I like this idea, but I'd rather see the points being used for personal gains. For example double loot for 30 minutes for 50 pts or so, Double herbs harvest for the next hour, double dbones drop for the next 50 kills etc etc.
  9. Thanks for doing this. Pretty unlucky
  10. I support this as much as a supporter supports.
  11. Fully Support this application. The guy's a very chill and cool dude. Always willing to help, pm's me whenever he doesn't have the answer to a question. He's trustworthy ( I lent him my tbow a couple of times ). Overall is an outstanding individual. I have good fun with him online.
  12. That's to avoid botters/autoclickers to abuse the shit outta it.
  13. Nice post. Hope to see a lot of participants ! Prizes are definitely worth it

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