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  1. Welcome Aboard Haarek ! Feel free to ask anyquestions you may have
  2. May I add ::Worldboss Teleports to the Worldboss Boss. ::type (random code here). ::answer (answer). ::event Teleports you to the current active event. Sapphire donators have access to ::blueskin. Emerald donators have access to ::greenskin. Ruby Donators have access to ::redskin. Diamond donators have access to ::whiteskin. Onyx donators have access to ::blackskin. ::compcape Displays an interface with all the Completionist requirements.
  3. Hi all ! This is a simple and hopefully a complete enough guide to help you play Sorceress garden minigame ! Sorceress Garden I. How to get there 1. Click on the blue portal at ::Home or simply do ::tp. 2. Click on ''Search'' at the bottom of the interface. 3. Enter ''Sorceress'' and click on the option that appears on top of the interface. 4. When you arrive in an Al-Kharid house, find the Apprentice NPC and right-click it to teleport. II. How it works The Sorceress Garden represent 4 seasonal maze in 1 area; Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer gardens. Each of those have a fruit tree in the middle which earns you Sq'irk fruits when you manage to get to it. Your goal is to reach the middle tree by avoiding getting spotted by the seasonal elementals. If they do, they will send you back at the start of the seasonal maze. You can either make your way to the tree and get 1 sq'irk or reach the herb patch and obtain random grimy herbs. Picking up the fruit teleports you out of the maze with it. Here are the level requirements to access every single one: Winter garden -- 1 Thieving Spring garden -- 25 Thieving Autumn garden -- 45 Thieving Summer garden -- 65 Thieving III. Rewards Everytime you complete a maze, you either get 2 grimy herbs with the farming xp along with them OR 1 Fruit Sq'irk along with Farming xp aswell. You need to make Sq'irk juices for Osman in Al-Kharid in order to obtain some JUICY Thieving experience. To make those juices, you need to left click the fruits while having empty beer glasses in your inventory. You can obtain beer glasses by purchasing beers at Falador pub, or glassblowing for them. Amount of fruits needed for 1 juice and the exp rewarded. (Exp was calculated while the Well was inactive, 1590% skill xp rate and Onyx Donor bxp w/ votes. on Legendary mode) Winter garden -- 5,567 xp Spring garden -- 21,475 xp Autumn garden -- 37,383 xp Summer garden -- 47,722 xp IV. Paths to every maze Winter maze Spring maze Autumn maze Summer maze Hope it helped !
  4. Add a right-click option on the ectophial to choose either the ectofunctus teleport or Port Phasmatys's Farming patch teleport. Would profit for skiller, farmers by simplifying the way to reach that area.
  5. JANUARY 10TH, 4 o'clock PM (EST.) What is it ? Bucket List EVENT, 1st edition, is an activity that focuses on gathering specific items based on several clues displayed in this current thread when the event happens. How does it work ? I will think of 5-10 easily obtainable items on ONYX RSPS and will list the best possible clues to help you figure them out. I can choose ANYTHING from the game ! Your role is to read the clues, think of the item I try to make you guess, quickly try to obtain it from various methods shops, pvm, trading other players etc. Once you have the first item, move on to the clues for the 2nd item, then the 3rd and so on for the amount of items required. Solo or Teams ? I want you to think of a teammate to team up with for that event. (2 minds thinking is better than 1 alone) How do you win ? The first team to show me in a trade all the Bucket list items in a trade window will win prizes yet to be chosen. After the event if completed, I'll be hosting a goodiebag for those who will have REGISTERED to the event on this thread and ACTIVELY PARTICIPATED in the event. I will be updating this post with the teams/participants as often as possible. You MUST register your team on here to be qualified for the event. Once 4o'clock rings, no more teams will be allowed in the event. Clues will be posted at the TOP OF THIS POST at 4 o'clock at the start of the event. For any questions, feel free to comment below/pm me in-game @Vincent or Discord @Vincent ======================================================== Participating teams Team Name -- Participants (to be updated)
  6. That sucks to read my friend. Hope everything gets ok for you ! Can't wait to see you back ! I hope she didnt at least take your divine...
  7. Welcome to the Complete PvM Pets Drop rates thread. Name of the pet (Where it's from) Drop Rate When you see "***" around a name, that's because the monster is found in the wilderness. Please be aware that those rates are the basic ones. You need to divide it by your current drop bonus percentage to have a better idea of your own drop rate. For example: 1.89% x 1280 for abyssal orphan = 1/677 for me. PETS DROP RATES Abyssal Orphan (abyssal sire) 1/1280 Baby mole (Giant Mole) 1/1500 *** Callisto Cub (Callisto) 1/1000 *** Hellpuppy (Cerberus) 1/1500 Jal-Nib-Rek/Tzkal-Zuk (Inferno) 1/50 Kalphite princess (Kalphite Queen) 1/1500 Lil’Zik (Theatre of Blood) 1/325 Noon/Midnight (Grotesques Guardians) 1/1500 *** Pet Chaos Elemental (Chaos Elemental) 1/150 *** *** Pet Chaos Elemental (Crazy Archeologist) 1/500 *** Pet Chaos Elemental (Deranged Archeologist) 1/500 *** Pet Chaos Elemental (Chaos Fanatic) 1/500 *** Pet Dagannoth Rex (Dagannoth Rex) 1/2500 Pet Dagannoth Prime (Dagannoth Prime) 1/2500 Pet Dagannoth Supreme (Dagannoth Supreme) 1/2500 Dark Core/Corporeal Critter (Corporeal Beast) 1/2500 General Graardor Jr. (General Graardor) 1/2500 K'ril Tsutsaroth Jr. (K’ril Tsutsaroth) 1/2500 Kree'arra Jr. (Kree’Arra) 1/2500 Commander Zilyana Jr. (Commander Zilyana) 1/2500 Pet Kraken (Kraken) 1/1500 Smoke Devil Pet (Themonuclear Smoke Devil) 1/1500 Snakeling (Zulrah) 1/1000 Prince Black Dragon (King Black Dragon) 1/1500 Scorpia’s Offspring (Scorpia) 1/1000 Skotos (Skotizo) 1/32 Jad Pet (Tztok-Jad) 1/100 ***Venenatis spiderling (Venenatis) 1/1000 *** *** Vet’ion Jr. (Vet’ion Reborn) 1/1000 *** Vorki (Vorkath) 1/1500 Ahrim’s Pet (Ahrim) 1/500 Dharok’s Pet (Dharok) 1/500 Guthan’s Pet (Guthan) 1/500 Karil’s Pet (Karil) 1/500 Torag’s Pet (Torag) 1/500 Verac's Pet (Verac) 1/500 Phoenix Pet (Phoenix) 1/2000 Onyx’s Pet (Onyx Worldboss) 1/100 *** Galvek Pet (Galvek Wilderness Boss) 1/50 *** Queen Black Dragonling (Queen Black Dragon) 1/1250 Nexterminator (Nex) 1/1000 Shrimpy (Har-Aken/Kiln) 1/100
  8. Those are the items available in the Vote Shop and the amount of tickets required to purchase them: 50k Coins Ticket 1 ticket Crystal Key 2 tickets Yellow Abyssal Whip 20 tickets Yellow Dark bow 15 tickets Yellow Staff of Light 30 tickets Fighter Torso 100 tickets Rune Defender 30 tickets Rune Pouch 35 tickets Looting Bag 10 tickets Cannon pieces 20 tickets EACH Black Elegant Shirt 50 tickets Black Elegant Legs 50 tickets Ring of Stone 200 tickets Sled 500 tickets Golden Gnome Scarf 50 tickets Golden Katana 200 tickets Gilded armour pieces 100 tickets EACH Mystery Box 250 tickets Dark Infinity Set pieces 120 tickets Ringmaster set pieces 150 tickets Red Boxing Gloves 200 tickets Blue Boxing Gloves 200 tickets Inverted Santa hat 500 tickets Partyhat and Specs 500 tickets Bloodhound Pet 1000 tickets
  9. Cheers Doooo Appreciate the feedback !
  10. Thanks Demeta ! means a lot to me Nice to see my help is welcome Omega nolifes more than I do, but I'll take the vouch. Thank you ! If someone doesn't get answers, they're more likely not going to enjoy being on the server and quit. That's not what is wanted on Onyx. Therefore, help is always wanted by new players and should be given Almost at 150 days playtime ! Thanks for the vouch my dude !
  11. Name: Vince Username: Amanda/Summer/Santa Claus/ L3vi. Age: 26 Timezone: GMT -5 (East Coast Canada) Language: French, English, Spanish Where are you from? Quebec, Canada How long have you been a part of Onyx? For about 4-5 months I think ? Need confirmation on that. About 143 days playtime. How many hours do you spend online daily? Question would rather be I long I spend outside of the RSPS. I spend most of my days on Onyx and when I'm not, I still check the ingame-chat on discord and the forums to stay up to date. Are you active on both our forums and in-game? Yes, I believe I consider myself active on both the forums and in-game. I might not reply to every single threads, but I do read them and get in touch with the suggestions, rants, comments etc. Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I've asked staff team/owners for some stuff I could help with and reduce the quantity of work they have to do to deliver updates etc. I offered several times to create databases about anything ingame. Like, I want to help with the server. I really do. I think I'd be able to be a mediator between the community and the development team. It happened in the past that the community brought up ideas that were forgotten and I brought them back to reality and they were implemented. I.E. ::Nex, Completionist requirements thread, Barrows shop. How would you describe your strengths? I'm pretty easygoing. I'm chill and relaxed 97,78% of the time. I'm easy to talk to and I like to talk to everyone about anything. I like to get involved into activities if possible, ideas gathering. I'm trustworthy, loyal, helpful, understanding. I'm good at making attractive threads. How would you describe your weaknesses? My reputation might not be clean due to passed events, but I surely worked on to re-establishing it to a more positive stance. One of my weakness is when someone pm's me for help, I feel bad to not reply to him. So I automatically reply unless busy pvmin'. I suck at coding. What are some useful skills or qualities you possess? I speak french, english and a bit of spanish, so I have somewhat of a wide range of languages I can try to help people with. I'm someone patient. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. So I had to live with patience all my life. I'm not someone who can get mad over a personal insult very easily, at least way less than before. I'm always willing to learn new stuff, I'm someone that doesn't stop at the first obstacle. I do everything I can to achieve a goal. I think this 3rd application is a good proof of that. Why should we choose you over another member’s application? Everyone deserves a chance at something. No1sperfect. I think I've proven my helpfulness and loyalty to the server during that last year on Onyx. I think I can bring in some ideas and take actions to help the server grow, revive the forums a bit more. I think I'm pretty trusted in the community as well. Of course some people might have a grudge towards me, but at the end of the day, the whole idea is to remain a strong community. Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have: (Either other servers, other games, etc) I'm the 2nd of a 6 children family, so cooperation has been a big part of my living. That is also something I consider important when working in a team. I've been server support in 3 other servers before and moderator in 2. I've been a helper in a french minecraft server for 2 months before getting promoted to Moderator of 1 of the 4 sub-servers we had at the time. That French server was averaging 250 players at once during the daytime and about 75-100 at night. In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position: I want to bring help. Newcomers arriving even more now, so there's more people to help. I have nothing against Classed, NGR, Spilly etc. They are doing a great job but I think that 1 helping hand might not harm. I also would like to introduce more contests. We have lots of events, but what about some contest to challenge the community and give everyone a fair amount of chance at winning some goodies in-game. I want to make Onyx as everyone's favorite server. I want to help make Onyx the GREATEST SERVER OF ALL TIME. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? As mentionned above, I'd like to create a link between community's ideas and the developers. Whether it's by reformulating ideas in other words or just shooting out a new idea. I also have some activities in mind that would promote cooperation, events made for everyone whether you are a newb or an experienced player. I'd like to introduce a ''Questions of the Day'' kind of forum idea. To make the forums more active and help newcomers all at once. Thanks for reading this application and for constructive feedback about it.
  12. Goodluck all
  13. I thank you for proving my point. Only the first one is hard. The rest is easy. So boss kc are easy to get once you've done it once or twice. The rest is just a grind once again. I think the main fuck up for everyone so far in this thread seems to be the 5 boss titles. Although, I'm pretty sure most of all the players of onyx have multiple GIANT MOLE kills, ZULRAH kills, BARROWS kills. That's already 3 out of 5. That portion of the text could also only be for Trimmed Completionist cape too. Seeing it as a bonus drop rate increase that would be PERMANENT towards that specific 100+kc boss. Although I think my Completionist requirements, the updated ones, are pretty fair and simple. They would also make Completionist rarer, it would create a difficulty for every game modes as it's too easy for heromode as of now. Seeing heroes with completionist everywhere in 3 days playtime devalues the Completionist cape achievement entirely. That cape isn't meant to be given to everybody, with next to no grind at all. This thread was mainly to bring another eye to the requirements by pointing out ideas to modify the reqs. Not to bash anyone. Some may find completionist cape hard to obtain, others easy. At the end of the day, it's a cape that's awarded to those who dedicate time into the game by playing everything in it, achieving lots of stuff etc. If you don't want to kill 100 kc of 5 bosses, then don't hope to get a completionist cape, nor a trimmed one where it requires even more time spent.
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