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  1. Light rant; Choose Ironman due to it being a fun grind, Today I met up with a few players who wanted to get some XP tools from stealing creation, I grinded a good few hours collecting various tools, only planned on using the hammers on construction and smithing, pickaxes aren't worth using on an Ironman because you really want more ores than you do mining xp otherwise you'll have 99 mining 80 smithing etc, same goes for woodcutting & construction. Once I finished with the tools I noticed they didn't work... no warning, no rule pages or any information about Ironmen using these tools, the reason I was given was Ironmen 'stand alone' and you have to use players to help you to obtain them which isn't true, you just do a minigame, fight off the other team and make your own stuff? Now I fully agree that Ironmen should obviously have restrictions but what about void? pest control you NEED 5 players to start the boat, someone barraging and attacking portals to obtain probably the best pvm gear... Ironmen can get that! What if I took my nice void armour and go to DK kings and get myself a ring set? it would be nice to imbue it... castle wars! a team minigame, again Ironmen can do that! They're just mini-games that don't really affect the XP rates, What about dungeoneering? Ironmen can have up to 4 other people in different gamemodes in a dungeon for the highest and quickest XP rates, doing 5:5 larges with a good team is 3-4x quicker than soloing, but that's allowed? not an extra 260k bonus woodcutting experience? I mean there's a whole list of things Ironmen can do with other players but gaining some XP to devalue some people who are 'maxed' who don't even play anymore who probably have void, 120 dung etc which in essence is against the whole 'stand alone' mode. If you're gonna add restrictions make it consistent, we already have it hard enough not having half the secondaries spawns, missing herb seeds from masterfarmers and wrong drop rates for seeds etc
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    Can we have a toggle to turn off any bonus xp we have during a dungeon or have bonus tokens while training? 1 chaotic is 2 million tokens = 20m xp (level 104/105) but wait? what if you have bonus xp? Wishing well = 10% Donator status = 10% per level (We'll use ruby as the example so +30%) Clan = 1% Pin = 5% Skill of the day = 5% for the fun of it, lets say you hate Dungeoneerring so you decide to train it on the bonus xp weekends! = 20% Total bonus xp = 71% that makes ONE chaotic = 34,200,000 xp (109 dung) If not bonus xp weekend = 27,360,000 xp (107 dung) There are 8 Chaotics, if training bonus XP you would have to gain 273,600,000 XP to just get the chaotic sets... WHAT! OR 218,880,000 XP during non bonus xp weekends. On my iron man account I have 80 Dungeoneering & 110k tokens meaning I'm missing nearly 90% of the tokens I SHOULD of earned. Why do we have to get OVER the xp cap on a skill just to be able to buy the chaotics? I propose a reduced price to 1m tokens, with bonus XP giving you the tokens you deserve, currently I don't want to vote on my account because I don't want my XP/token ratio to be so far out. Alternatively make chaotics 200-500k @ 20% charge with them degrading to broken, 2m gp to recharge or 50k tokens + 200k like runescape used to be.
  3. Compost increases the amount of herbs you get per run
  4. T o m

    100% I approve, I've never seen a server with the nodes
  5. Hi I'm Tom, Leveling up I've noticed a few changes that would benefit us players making skilling more enjoyable. Change 1: Masterfarmers Master farmers are currently really good for herb seeds (as they should be) but they're missing a few seeds, so far I've noticed fellstalk missing and dwarf weed missing. Another great update would be to get multiple of the allotment seeds per thieve. For example when you thieve and get a watermelon seed you only get one seed, I propose a change that you get 6 seeds meaning you're able to match your farm runs. I also suggest a mater farmer that doesn't move at the ::dz. TLDR; Missing seeds (fellstalk, dwarfweed) Increase allotment seeds from 1 per thieve to 6, add a static master farmer to the ::dz Change 2: Lunar spells lunar spells are great, although they don't currently work, the two spells I would love to see come to the game would be fertilize soil (gives your farming patches the best available compost) & Glass make, turning your buckets and sand + soda ash in your inventory (for magic/crafting xp) to molten glass! perfect for anyone training crafting & wants to speed up the crafting process. TLDR; Add the lunar skilling spells Change 3: A new Herblore Secondaries drop table for slayer monsters Low level slayer mobs need some love, I propose these drops to be added to the following monsters drop table as a common drop. Ironmen would vastly benefit from this change as most secondaries are hard/long to obtain. New players will benefit also being able to sell the secondaries for profit. Cave crawler - 1-10 NOTED eye of newt, limpwurt root, unicorn dust Banshee - 1-10 NOTED red spiders eggs, chocolate dust, white berries Rockslug - 1-10 NOTED toads legs, goat horn dust, snape grass Basilisk - 1-10 NOTED mort myre fungi, blue dragon scale dust, wines of zamorak Jellies - 1-10 NOTED potato cactus, crushed nests, wines of zamorak, potato cactus TLDR; Add noted secondaries to lower level slayer creatures Change 4: Rouge set During pick pocketing you have a 1 in 512 change to grab a piece of rouge clothing, once you have the full set every time you pickpocket you get double the reward from pickpocketing, this will stack with the agility/thieving bonus also. Aimed at getting people away from the stalls and to the npc's. If double loot seems to be OP, full set makes it so you never fail a pickpocket? 5 Pieces in the rouge set, would take an average of 2,560 pickpockets to achieve the full set. TLDR; Rouge set from osrs unlocked via pick pocketing Change 5: Dungeoneering scrolls Currently the Dungeoneering scrolls do NOT work, please add the Herblore secondarily save, the scroll of life having the 1 in 10 chance to regain a seed when harvesting, wasteless smithing change of saving a bar when smithing something etc etc, if someone could compile a list of the scrolls and what they do I'll happily add it here. TLDR; Add dungeoneering scrolls Change 6: More farming patches & Changes !!Please stop the weeds growing back INSTANTLY as soon as you farm something, sometimes it can take forever to just rake it again!! We're missing 3 farming patches, Mos Le Harmless, Trollhiem and Zeah patches. The farming teleports are a bit spread out, the search option works well it would be nice to have a ::farm 1-6. Please add all the patches, every server has the generic 4 let's improve? TLDR; Stop weeds growing back instantly after harvesting, add all of the available farming patches with easier teleport options Change 7: When doing a make X option/make all, instead of having to click the chatbox, add the ability to press the space bar as a hot key to 'make all/x'? TLDR; Add space as a hotkey to make x/all interfaces in the chatbox Thanks for reading my suggestions, I'll add more over time and anything that's added I'll cross out of the list, hope to see these updates soon, #Tom

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