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  1. Demeta

    Welcome back Cameron!
  2. Demeta

    Very nice, easy to read, and clean guide. Thanks you for making this, Summer.
  3. Demeta

    I have to agree that random event should be removed, it's just annoying. As you said it's not even a thing on Runescape at the moment. I thought it was already done, but apparently not. Support
  4. Demeta

    I truely support this application. This guys is always online ready to help and has alot of game knowledge. Good luck my friend, it's a matter of time for you being promoted.
  5. Demeta

    Yes, i got demoted from Global moderator back to server support, but i resigned sadly. This is how it ended. Chatlog: I earned my position here and I don't consider going on the server for atleast 4 hours + a days being very inactive. I'm not going to cry about it, or cause any drama here. But I can't take it for now, so here i'm completely resigning from any rank. It was a nice run Alex, and the whole team. But my time has come, and I hope you guys respect that. If I can do anything for you in the near future, shoot me a pm. For now, I will stay as a normal player and come whenever I really want. Thanks again for the amazing time Alex, and I wish the best for your server. Thanks everyone, to all my friends i meet here, and the time i spent here will never be forgotten. This is not a farewell, but indeed i will take a break. See you all later, and peace! The reason why i was inactive compared to before was my little 1 year old boys. As stated in the staff chat, he's at home with me 24/7 at the moment. In real life will always take over pixel, and always be.
  6. Demeta

    Might be interesting to host godwards events, we are looking for suggestion tho! Thanks Nick for posting this!
  7. Demeta

    Congratulation, you have been promoted to Server Support. Thanks you everyone for the feedback!
  8. Demeta

    I truely support you, Monk bird. I see you helping player quite often, and even myself via private message when i started out my ironman. Greats lads to chill with, good luck with your application! Support!
  9. Demeta

    To start off, I don't know you very well sadly. For what i have seen so far, you helped several player when we the staff team aren't arounds. As i said above, i'm looking to know you a little bit more before giving my opinion. For now, i'm neutral. Good luck on your application, and i wish you the best!
  10. Update patches 2018/01/19 Shoutout to Alex for his hard work! A bug with superantifire reducing all damage to 0 at Vorkath as been fixed Red/Black d'hide now drop noted when killing Vorath You can now make Dragonfire ward Battlemage has been added to slayer task Crumble undead no longer require slayer staff on cast GE will now buy every alch item for 90% of the price under 5k value (Same price selling on general store for Ironman) Falsepositive for launcher.exe has been fixed Offer boards now split buying/selling Armadyl crossbow special attack has been added Talk-to pet no longer pickup the pet, and an option to pick it up has been added Increased amounts of dragon darts from royal impling Dragon impling has been added Added a royal impling at donator zone A message will now be sent 2 second before a pker reach a target with a pk teletab Pk teletabs may only be used every 5 minutes Quest tab information has been slighty improved You can now talk to your familliars and pet Whip/Dark bow/Staff of the light price have been reduced on store ::smithing/::smith commands has been added Osrs hp/prayer option can now be toggle ::shl/::switchhitslook Statuettes now broadcast when droped
  11. Update patches 2018/01/09 Shoutout to Alex for his hard work! You can now make overload (4) Max cape / Range cape / Range master cape now have ava effect Mythical cape stats has been added Dragonbone necklace stats + effect has been added Updated osrs data to latest revision Superheating gold ore now give the correct xp Bonenecks now restores the proper prayer amounts Zeah blood altar has been added Zeah soul altar has been added + you can also use abyss Dragonkiteshield has been added with osrs stats Completionist cape now provide +2% magics bonus and +2 range str Fixed a bug with stringing steel cbow Magic stock has been added Dragon crossbow/dragon limbs has been added Dragon crossbow special has been added Superior dragon bones (70 prayer requirement) has been added Dragonfire ward stats + charging + special has been added You can now use spirit tree to get to the Myth guild Osrs maps ore rock are now named after the ore and they can now be mined/prospected The Christmas event has been removed Ogress Warrior/shaman are now agressive Ogre shaman hitpoints has been fixed Corsair Cove dungeon has been added You can now charter to corsair cove port Digsite pendant has been added to Onyx black market shop Dragon limb now broadcast when dropped Adamant dragon has been added Rune dragon has been added Improved nieve slayer tasks Adamant/rune dragon can now be assigned as a slayer task Corsair cove dungeon teleport has been added to teleport interface Unfinished dragon bolts has been added Fixed Ganodermics item glitch with inventory being full Replaced red dragon isle name with lava dragon isle (on worldmap) Afkmandan now sell spin ticket (10 tokens/ea) Spectral spirit shield now reduces the effectiveness of all prayer draining attacks by 50% outside pvp Fixed typo with the ge transactions board Fixed a bug with sargitarus boss stucking
  12. Demeta

    Nice suggestion you got there Ziothus. I can agree with most of them. Especially for the Snape grass. The only one i don't is the gold deposit one. As Nick said, you can always send a private message to Onyx and Stuart to get higher rank. Place holder has been suggested before, and i really wish they add it in the near futur. At the moment, Onyxis priorising on in game content, boss and bug fix. Keep the suggestion comming Ziothus!
  13. Count as black demon, not sure about Greater.

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