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  1. was fantastic, even with a hiccup he went right back to it and finished it up for me, guys a beast 10/10
  2. Soldier

    heads up at anyone who still uses guide, HIGHLY SUGGEST that you stay at crimsons till 30/35ish because of high fail rate with tropicals
  3. Soldier

    Ill keep it short and sweet, I see the infernal/kiln cape service is quite taken care of so for the noobiest of noobs ill offer a firecape service! Prices will vary on Donor rank ( because of the ability to skip waves)! Starting price will be 1000 Donor shards for a 1-63 Cape 15-63/ 20-63/25-63 donor shards/I will do 750 Donor Shards 30+ 500 donor shards Message on here/discord @mr.brad/ in game @brad/iron Brad
  4. Soldier

    thanks boys
  5. Soldier

    Well like the title suggests.. I got my max cape tonight!!! https://gyazo.com/f1af9d15a0b3e9afd0d93af4a32fac37
  6. Soldier

    I appreciate it gentlemen, and its been nice getting to know y'all so far too!
  7. Soldier

    Hey guys, I am "Soldier" or you can call me Brad. I'm glad to be here, loving the server so far. Those who I've spoken with in-game have been nothing but cordial and the staff are fantastic! So just a little about me, I am 23 and I serve in the US army. Ive been playing rs and rsps's for going on 13 years now. I play a solid fortnite and pubg game or two aswell, but mostly stick to runescape ect. Pretty down to earth guy, any questions feel free to ask! Hope to see y'all in-game!

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