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  1. ext stoner

    Besides the rapier all other donor store weapons/gear/jewelry/shields/capes are available ingame.
  2. ext stoner

    people are not obligated to have lootshare on if it's not on a staff hosted event.
  3. ext stoner

    great idea
  4. ext stoner

  5. ext stoner

    oof awesome job on the event, can't wait to try it out
  6. ext stoner

    ooh like that. thought you meant lowering the total amount for the 100% charged one.
  7. ext stoner

    hi there @Onyx Legend. the amount needed is the same as osrs. so i dont know if @Dragonkk will approve or not. (can also put the idea in discord suggestions) also: zulrah drops 100-299scales/kill so it would take you 55-160 kills to get that amount. (it will never actually take 160 kills since you barely get the minimum amount per kill) + theres also an additional 500scales that can be dropped from zulrah/kill. also you can buy them from player if you want. i hope this helped you out.
  8. ext stoner

    3a range coif price is missing
  9. ext stoner

  10. ext stoner

  11. ext stoner

    greater tracker aura or a better version helps allot for that issue.
  12. ext stoner

    It shows the patch type right before the 1ste location of every different patch
  13. ext stoner

    aura's are very helpfull and people do use them. the trash aura are sold to xuan for aura token so you can save those for the aura's you need.
  14. ext stoner

    i totally agree remove adamant/mithril items & the priest/druid robes/ low tier dhide gear/ low tier bows. <-- rather have a small lamp instead of that. add more amount of bones instead of 1.

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