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  1. ext stoner

    3a range coif price is missing
  2. ext stoner

  3. ext stoner

  4. ext stoner

    greater tracker aura or a better version helps allot for that issue.
  5. ext stoner

    It shows the patch type right before the 1ste location of every different patch
  6. ext stoner

    aura's are very helpfull and people do use them. the trash aura are sold to xuan for aura token so you can save those for the aura's you need.
  7. ext stoner

    i totally agree remove adamant/mithril items & the priest/druid robes/ low tier dhide gear/ low tier bows. <-- rather have a small lamp instead of that. add more amount of bones instead of 1.
  8. ext stoner

    i like the idea
  9. ext stoner

    looks trippy, just the way i like it
  10. ext stoner

    welcome to onyx!
  11. ext stoner

    that would be amazing to have on onyx
  12. ext stoner

    ranged cape already has ava perk. prayer as holy wrench. more might come in the future since ive seen few people requesting the same thing so.. who knows and more like osrs skill cape perks as title, the server is rs2 pre eoc / osrs only
  13. ext stoner

    no problem. I edited the guide but i'm not sure if i showed the correct way. If theres another way please do tell.
  14. ext stoner

    Hello guys, since people have allot of trouble voting i will explain on how to get the max 10 points per 12 hours. moparscape x1 (i always try mopar first since it doesnt always work) <-- if not use top g mobile(with mobile internet) rsps 100 x3 (this is the only sites that will work multiple times) rsps list x1 type ::reward to claim 5 points then runelocus x1 top g x1 rsps 100 x3 type ::reward again for the other 5 NOTE: if mopar doesn't work and you have to use top g mobile dont use the mobile/desktop version at the same time since you still need at least 3 different vote sites in order to claim and claim desktop version first then mobile because in my case desktop does NOT give me points if i use mobile first. To see if vote bonus is still active i do a quick relog and check chatbox or check if my droprate is lowered. hope this helped you out!

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