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  1. So I've decided with all of this time off from work, I'm going to go for max cape and see how long it'll take I'm hoping for less than a week! Lets get to grinding!!!! This is in the normal game mode, I will be updating this post with each 99 I achieve. So far I have 1. Attack 2. Defence 3. Hitpoints 4. Strength
  2. I've been gone for like a year and you guys are still killing it, thanks for everything! - Jon
  3. That's crazy, hopefully i'll be there some day, look forward to seeing you in-game!
  4. Hemped


    Whats up man
  5. Hemped

    Back again

    No one probably remembers me but I used to play like a year ago and have been off for quite some time, but yeah i'm back, hope to see you all in-game soon! - Jon
  6. Requesting my rank in game back i dont have anything to screenshot
  7. Thanks for all the good feed back just trying to help the server out as much as possible - Jon
  8. So I was thinking about maybe getting something together where their could be a little contest for voting, so pretty much whoever votes the most in like a week gets a simple prize of some sort up to staff. Really think it would bring in a lot of players quick, so we can get this player base up. If any staff have any questions about any other information about this topic feel free to pm me in-game or on the forums i'm on both on the daily. Thanks!!! - Jon
  9. Welcome my man, I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions feel free to pm me in-game for any help you might need, one of the best servers I've ever played on, so enjoy your stay buddy - Jon
  10. Hey dude :P how are you finding the server (and forums)?

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    2. Hemped


      I agree, we just gotta get the players rolling in by voting a bunch, I vote every chance I get.

    3. Doctor Robert

      Doctor Robert

      Should have a voting contest once every so often, especially with all the new content and everyone being out of school/possibly work. I'm surprised by how low the player count is with it being summer and the recent release of theatre of blood.

    4. Hemped


      That's a great idea I might just have to make a little thread :)

  11. Thank you, I appericiate the feed back!
  12. Yeah some of them where just ideas off the top of my head.

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