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  1. Paramore

    Support. I would actually appreciate some form of skilling supplies on Squeel rather than useless items and removing a lot of the auras currently located within them. I feel the loyalty shop is left so unused because of Squeel and it doesn't make sense to me that they are even in there.
  2. Paramore

    In the two years that I've been playing Onyx (on-and-off), I've seen multiple versions of our beloved ;;home, the near and dear ;;teleports, and ;;shops thrive and prosper from the ever growing server with endless possibilities. Unfortunately, I am saddened to say that this version of ;;home is probably the worst yet, ;;Teleports are so insanely unorganized, and ;;shops are similar to the both. Today, I'd like to propose multiple things all in one giant post and I'd love to hear your thoughts. HOME First impressions are everything. Edgeville is currently as cluttered as it can get. Let's put this into perspective; imagine being a new associate at a job who's just walked into your location of hire. Upon arrival, you notice that everything seems out of order and that people aren't very acquainted with how/where things go. Everyday is a different struggle due to the lack of organization and it ultimately leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. This is how Edgeville, to me, feels in it's current state. While new players will eventually get the hang of where everything is in Edgeville, we must take into account the very first impression that home gives to all. It's impeccable to rely on new players to join the server to keep it up and running and I feel like these very few changes may help bring and keep new players coming back for more. [Shops will be touched on next. Please bare with me.] Upon Arrival Upon arrival, new players will see multiple things that seem out of place. 1. Pandora's Box: Pandora's Box is in a incredibly stupid spot and is the first thing I noticed when I logged on for my first time in awhile on June 24th. I was stumped that and incredible duo Zio and Dragonkk imagined this to be a good spot to place this large object. I would like to propose that it be moved to a more discrete location that keeps it from blinding new players. I believe that the new location for Pandora's box be behind the bank. The spot would be specifically where the un-choppable ivy are. Moving the box here would not only keep the front of the bank from clutter but, it would also make more sense to have it here as it would be out of sight from the new player experience and it also fits the lore of the chest itself. The chest has a possibility of giving you real life money and store credit. Imagine that the bankers are keeping the chest behind the bank to reward the one lucky winner who opens it! I'd also love to see a Banker be beside the chest that doesn't have a bank option and can talk to the player about the contents of the box. 2. Combat Dummies: Combat dummies should not be advertised as heavily as they are at home. They should not encourage players to use them to train all the way to 99 combat. The dummies just look out of place. My proposal is to remove them from home completely and instead place them in the Warrior's Guild. I believe that placing the combat dummies within the Warrior's Guild is fair as it requires the players to explore the guild itself and it fits the concept behind the Guild. It would encourage more players to invite themselves to the guild and see all that it holds (though most will know already). The two dummies could be moved into the bank of the Warrior's Guild for an alternative method of AFK'ing combat in the one designated Combat minigame that is in the game. 3. Grand Exchange Clerk & Board: The Grand Exchange Clerk is invading the street and is in a decently discrete location; however, it's still oddly placed. I feel as though if it's going to own everyone's belongings, it should be inside the bank more close to the stash that the bankers are keeping. Think of it as an exchange of goods from bank to player (basically what the GE is). I'd propose that the Grand Exchange Clerk and her board be moved where this desk is located inside the bank. This ultimately makes the street less crowded and could potentially encourage players to make quicker choices from Bank-To-ECO to sell their items on the Grand Exchange rather than the Onyx Guide. Otherwise, if this spot is not good enough, it should be where Pandora's chest currently is. 4. The Portal Nexus: First, I'd like to propose that the Portal Nexus be renamed to the "Teleport Nexus." Secondly, the location of the Nexus is convenient, however, it's on the crosswalks of the Street; this means more clutter on the road. First, the name change is to allow new players to examine the Nexus and understand that it's only meant for teleporting. "Portal" is just an odd name to give an object that is the all-seeing eye of Onyx. Second, I'd like to propose that the Nexus be moved just a bit further back. The Nexus should be in-between the current Shop Building and the Thieving Building. My player is standing in the spot. After Exploring A Bit After the player explores home a little bit, they'll begin to discover other things such as shop locations, randomly placed altars, wells, etc. 5. Shops & Their Location: While I do believe that shops are in a great spot, they are not organized. Shops are weirdly placed or unnecessarily placed. A few shops are not needed and a couple are awkwardly positioned next to shops that have absolutely nothing to do with the next. I propose shops be more spread out, some moved to other locations all together. 5a) Robin: Robin is the owner of the vote ticket shop. While it's easy to figure this out by simply trading him, he placed in a location that doesn't fit. Being between the Skilling Shop to the Tokkul Shop, Robin finds himself lost in translation (maybe he asked for too much?). Robin should also be renamed to "Vote Shop" for easier navigation to spend voting tickets. I would like to propose moving Robin where the Onyx Guide is in the Bank. My reasoning behind this is because the Onyx guide is already located where the other shops are. It's unnecessary to have two different Onyx Guides at home. Robin being moved to the Bank next to the Crystal Chest makes the most sense considering he sells CRYSTAL KEYS. This would potentially encourage Voters to purchase Crystal Keys to bring more Dragonstones, supplies, and Coins into the game for the new players. 5b) Strange Old Man: For someone who is the shop holder for Barrows, why is he here? The Strange Old Man should be moved to the Shack outside of Barrows. Moving the Strange Old Man to the shack outside of Barrows not only helps people who seek the equipment be able to find it easier, but, it would make obtaining it from the shop much easier to find since he will be in the location he's meant to be. Moving him to the shack should also replace the Strange Old Man that's currently in the middle of the minigame. 5c) Fidelo: I believe this NPC should be placed beside the Culinomancer Chest. His name should also be changed to "General Store Goods." He sells general supplies and supplies that Ironmen can access. Moving him beside the Chest allows for those seeking the ONE shop that Ironmen can access (in relation to general supplies) easier to find. 5d) Tokkul Shop & Frem. Shop: The Tokkul shop is such an unnecessary edition to the shop area. He seems so out of place here and doesn't deserve to join the spot of the elites. Similar to my explanation for the Strange Old Man, the Tokkul Shop should be moved to the Tzhaar Dungeon, specifically in the spot that players teleport to when choosing the option. As for the Frem. Shop, he is just out of place. Move him to outside of the Daggannoth Lair (forgive spelling). 5e) Skilling Guide & Secondary Skilling Shop: Currently, these two shops are not next to each other and are not able to be shopped upon side by side. This inconveniences those seeking skilling supplies and searching for shops that are similar to it's counterpart. Putting these shops side by side will allow for more organization of the shops. 5f) Max, Loyal Dan, Xuan, Mandrith, & Donation Guide: These shops are shops I consider to be sub-game shops. They each have their own unique uses. I'd like to propose moving them to all be parallel to each other rather than spread out. While they are already close to each other, they should be in a straight line to each other for easier navigation of sub-game shops for those seeking to find the shop they seek. This also makes more room in the back of the room. 5g) Onyx Guide: Move him to the center of the back room. This isn't hard to describe as to why. He's the only NPC that talks and is incredibly out of place in his current location. 6. Ornate Rejuvination Pool: While this is great to have at home, the number of players that can use it are slim. I understand that keeping it here may increase and hype-up the concept of voting however, it can throw those off who are used to OSRS. Move it near the slayer masters where it can get more traction and make the eyes pop more. 7. Altars & Fairy Ring/Spirit Tree: The Altar of the Occult, Altar of Zaros, and the Fairy ring are in an awkward spot. They just seem out of place in all the wrong ways. I would like to propose moving them near the slayer masters. For the Soul Wars Portal: I feel it'd be best that it be moved back just a little bit from it's current location or else have it facing the wall where the altars are currently. It would fit well behind the wall more than the altars. And that's all folks. I hope you enjoy these suggestions. I sure hope to see some of them implemented. Feedback is always welcome! Happy playing!
  3. Paramore

    Old player/Week 4 vet here: I managed to get an email regarding the update. I’m thrilled to hear Onyx being reworked. One of the main things that drove me away from the server was the economy or lack there-of. I hope this update makes a serious impact on the game and I can’t wait to give it another shot. I will be logging in tomorrow just so my donator status is saved and so I can attempt to build my account again from the ground up. Can’t wait to see some old faces and some old memebers return from the depths of hell. Cya’ll in a few days! Paramore
  4. Paramore

    I quit around the time this was denied. Probably a week or two before hand. Just now seeing this and I wouldn't have had the time to do it anyways even if I was accepted. Cheers m8
  5. Paramore

    Mistaken. Supercompost in server gives greater yield.
  6. Personally, I believe that this update is good, but, a lot of filler stuff. I hope you all come out with another one soon. Can't wait - xoxo ALSO -- I LOVE the idea of cosmetic outfits while skilling. Bring more! Construction outfit, etc. Great idea there!
  7. Paramore

    You should see this sometime soon in the game. I have coded it for Onyx and Sam and am awaiting approval by them for the code itself. Hope to see it in the game soon as well and I am glad to have helped with it if they release it!
  8. Paramore

    Pack Yak + Scrolls = Limited amount sent to bank with scrolls. Magical Notepaper = Noted items kept in your inventory. The biggest benefit that I could see that it would have over the Yak scrolls is that you'd be able to farm dragons, herblore secondaries, and logs (such as mahogany) more efficiently.
  9. Paramore

    I noticed this flaw when I wrote it. I suppose the gain would be that items that they couldn't spawn and had to gain would appear and everything else would be destroyed. I think that'd be fair. Considering that I think if they were able to spawn boss drops or donation items it'd be pointless for the mode to exist. So, in retrospect, they'd only be able to spawn basic items such as food, minor gear, and what not. This would allow them to be able to engage in PK fights with others, however, it would also allow for the others to have a reasonable fight with some reward. What I mean by this: - Pk Mode guy has an AGS that he got from bossing and gets killed by a normal player. The PK mode player would have a spawned outfit (such as say rune/zerk helm) and the AGS on him. The normal player would be able to see the AGS after the kill and obtain that item since it's brought into the ECO normally rather than spawned. This is just an example so it's quite poorly explained of course. -The way you'd probably look to code this is to have certain names excluded from the "destroy" portion of the mode. These items would be that of which can only be obtained by playing rather than spawned. As I listed above, all boss drops, AFK Store, Donation Store, Minigame rewards, Dung Gear, Coins, Raids Gear, and Blood Money store items would NOT be able to be spawned.
  10. Paramore

    I'd love to see a mode where PKing could be a viable option for those who want to do it. Similar to how Dung has a mode where you become maxed, I wouldn't mind seeing a PK mode where trading is locked (similar to Ironman). How It Should Start Players should be able to talk to an NPC that lies in Edgeville named Mr. Ex. This NPC should allow players who want to play this mode to enable it, however, it's irreversible. Afterwards, the rules for the mode (my idea of it at least) are below. My Ideas for this Mode 1. In this mode, you'd be able to spawn, but, you would not be able to trade. However, you'd only be able to spawn certain items. Things such as Coins, Chaotics, Raids Gear, Donation Gear (anything able to be obtained by donation), PVP Armour, AFK Store, Boss Drops, and the Blood Money Store items are not able to be spawned. 2. You cannot use normal shops other than AFKMan Dan, Skillcape Shop, or Bloodmoney Store. This mode should also be barred from GE for very obvious reasons. 3. Same EXP rates as hero for combat, although, you'd have the same EXP rates as an Ironman/Legendary for skills (since you can spawn of course). 4. Items from death are only visible to those who are in this mode. Other modes will not be able to pick up or see anything from PK mode accounts. This will ensure that people in the mode who see someone with an Ely can pick up their Ely and enjoy their day. 5. Wilderness Bosses would be approx. 20% more difficult for those in this mode. 6. Wilderness Resource areas would deplete/despawn faster for those in this mode. 7. Combat inside of the Wilderness would be increased EXP rates for those in this mode and would have decreased rates outside of it. For example: inside of the Wilderness these players would gain x150 Combat EXP, however, outside of it they'd gain x20 combat EXP. This is to ensure that they are choosing the wilderness as their sole option. 8. Slayer would only be allowed from the Wilderness Slayer Master in Edgeville. Creatures that require you to be on task outside of the wild would not have that limitation for those in this mode. If the mode cannot be made into the Normal Game If it seems to be challenging to implement this into the normal world, I would not mind seeing a separate world for PKing only. Everything above would be different if the PK world is implemented. Trading and another eco would fair nicely in the PK world. Let me hear your ideas and thoughts! Thank you, Paramore.
  11. Paramore

    EOC came out October, 2012. I'd love to see these in game, but, for donators+ only.
  12. Paramore

    Hello all, I'd like to begin this post by talking about a few things. Currently, in the server there are quite a few animations, graphics, and spells in general that need some work. Over the last few weeks, I've been finding out more and more about the Lunar Spellbook and everything that is wrong with it. I've gathered a small list of things that need to be looked at or fixed. 1. EXP Rates on the teleports/spells The EXP rates on the teleports and spells in the book are static. This means that they are RuneScape EXP rates which are x1. In this case, most people wont use the teleports as a training method, however, it'd be nice to have some small gains along the way! All spells are also giving static rates. This is currently the case with ALL lunar teleports/spells. Fixed this portion as it was wrong. 2. Animations for the spells are WRONG! As of right now, most spells in the spellbook itself has the same base animation. It's a boring "make amulet" animation that doesn't properly work on the original spell itself. Below, I'm going to give the correct animation/gfx codes to fix the spells that work. Fairly simple and quick change that'll be a great QOL update! No rush though! 1. Plank Make - Anim 6298 gfx 1063 -- height << 15/16 2. Spellbook swap - Anim 6299 gfx 1062 -- no height adjustment needed - would be a great addition to add it. Very simple coding w/ Dialogue + spellbook switch. 3. Humidify - Anim 6294 gfx 1061 -- height << 13/14 (depends) 3. Spell Suggestions! 1. Humidify: This spell is supposed to fill objects with water and not be able to be used otherwise... At the moment, the spell is able to be used without anything to fill. I gained approx. 15m magic exp on my alt in about 30 minutes using it (when rates were server rates instead of RS. Hero Mode). You could do this simply by spamming it. I'd suggest fixing this to avoid this from further abuse after EXP is fixed. 2. Adding Fertile Soil: This spell would help tremendously with farming. Supercompost allows for greater yields (on RS at least). As we all know, the server lacks numerous things economy wise. Herblore supplies are some of the hardest to buy/obtain. 3. Adding Tan Hide: Tanning hide can sometimes be tedious. Some of us like to relax, sit back, and train multiple skills at once. Tan Hide allows for the player to train magic while also prepping for crafting. This could be extremely helpful for Ironman. 4. Adding Spellbook Swap: Hands up for the PKers! This spell is just for you. This spell allows for you to switch between spellbooks while around the world. It's mainly used in the real game for a means of PK switching from Lunar to Normal or Ancient Spellbooks. 5. Adding NPC Contact: This spell would be helpful for those who don't want to tele around to slayer masters. It may also come in handy if any quests are coded into the server ^^. That's all folks. I'd personally love for the book to be fixed and have some good use. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts! Thank you, Paramore.
  13. Paramore

    Support ^^. A better idea would be to introduce trading sticks for the instanced area w/ a bank. That way it'd be similar to Warriors Guild, but, you'd have a way to bank it with limited time ofc.
  14. Paramore

    I've talked to one of the Admins about this earlier in the month. According to them, it's on their to-do-list ^^
  15. Paramore

    Not sure who you're talking about but I barely spoke yesterday on server at all.

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