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  1. Mr Brand

    To Help people you don't need a rank, just be active and recogniseable. There is no reason to make Support application, because you helped few people. I been here for 2 years, helping everyone with questuions, and other stuff. But never have even tryed to became staff member, because i don't see my self have been earned that title. Now when there isn't over 200 people online, its really easy to help someone and make sure he has information what he asked for. Once there chat goes mad, and people been asking same stuff over and over again, that no one is helping person. That when you could apply for Support.
  2. Mr Brand

    BIG FAT NO-VOUCH.. Way too young for the server to trust with something big like that!
  3. Mr Brand

    Even everything here looks nice, but you are so fresh on the server. If you want to get vouch from me, you have to increase activity in forums as well, and as Discord is part of this community as well, you also have to been active there. -Neutral
  4. Mr Brand

    To Fresh on this community. Nope. Been here since 2017 December, and i have never crossed my mind to apply for rank. Stay fresh, and learn more about community. There is a lot you need to learn about this community
  5. Mr Brand

    Mutagens are used to recolor Serpentine helm.
  6. Mr Brand

    Hello Everyone there would be few suggestions from me. 1. As already been asking for time [ Mutagens from Zulrah ] Allow you to recolor your Serpentine Helm in Red/Blue color. 2. Slayer Helm Recolor - Black / Red / Green . 3. Squeel of Fortune add reward - Protean skilling supplies [ Allow you to train skills with more xp [Depends on Lvl of skill ] 4. Daily Challanges from Rs3 [ Every day you receive Challange [ Depends on rank ] [ Regular - 1, Shappire 2, - Emerald 3, Ruby 4, Diamond 5, Onyx 6] Challanges Daily. In these challages can be including PVM, Skilling, Bossing. - Rewards [ Depends on Challange difficulty - More complex task as better reward ] + Sof spins [ Depends on Rank ] 5. Gargoyle Boss - That would make intresting duo you can upgrade your Cannon Balls to get extra dmg, that could allow people to do more dmg in certain slayer tasks.
  7. I can do 40-50 kills with one inventory and using only Extreme range potions. Best to use is serpentine helm, if dont have use poision purge aura. After every kill do ::pk reset stats and go kill again. With full spec on bp.
  8. Mr Brand

    Dragon warhammer is more rare than draconic visage or dragon pickaxe.. Since you can only get dwh from 1npc. but draconic visage you can get from almost any type of dragon.. Same as dragon pickaxe, you can get it from many wildy bosses.
  9. Mr Brand

    Leq : First Dragon War hammer
  10. Mr Brand

    Hello there, will be soon online, if have any questions about in-game staff feel free to pm me in-game : Jiren If have any friend who playing rsps servers, let them know so you are not alone here and enjoy free time here at Onyx.
  11. Mr Brand

    120lvl Skillcapes also should contain effect Like 120lvl Range skillcape should had ava effect, and 120lvl Mage skill cape, option to change spellbooks. 120lvl defence cape, have ring of life effect, and etc.
  12. Mr Brand

    Nope. Month and apply for rank. Huh. Not many supports know everything what is where on this server, and you think you would be able to answer all questions from new player who just joined server? Even so i only building back my activity on server, but i still think you need more time to w8 for rank.
  13. Mr Brand

    ~~Mean while "Otter: Shet, what a hell these guys want to get me in to..." Even this topic is good, but before you nominate Otter, should you ask him first, as he want's it? Maybe he is not even ready for responsibility of admin just my thoughts.
  14. Mr Brand

    Also lets include this on this : Magma Mutagen, Tanzanite mutagen That creates : , Also Zulrah pet : Suppost to be 3 colors aswell.. not regular Green one only.

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