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  1. omg

    nice im in
  2. omg

    oh i just got 3rd axe and dragon mask today!
  3. omg

    Wow goodjob on third age stuff i got 3rd druid wreath that was my most expensive item i ever got no screenshot sorry
  4. omg

    I am at 450 zulrah kills and got 4 jars 3 magic fangs and two visage no blowpipe or pet sadlyi am still trying
  5. omg

    Hey iron... I mate you couple of times ingame and helped me like 2 or 3 times i dont really remember and also i think you are an active player and a nice personality so you have my support.
  6. omg

    I guess ima show you some of mine
  7. This will be fun ! count me in!

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