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  1. Bailey

    I'm out. I'm no longer enjoying myself playing this game. There's several reasons but I'll list the most important ones: No eco. Want to buy an item? Fuck you because no one has it/is willing to sell it. Want an item? Have fun going 500+ dry despite having 200% drop rate. Want to PVM? Too bad someone with a big wallet spent $400 to flex on you with OP custom items. DragonKK is unwilling to listen to reason and makes weak arguments defending this when it's clearly just greed and fishing for whales. "To support the server" it doesn't cost taht much to run a server. Everything takes too long and I realize I value my time more than the game values mine. I'm sick of it. I dropped all my items, gz to the ones who got my shit. I'm out. You guys have fun. See ya never again probably unless serious changes are made to the server's monetization model and eco which literally is never going to happen. Deuces.
  2. Bailey

    Normal Onyx boss is calculated off of damage and Galvek is calculated off of damage, that's what I was aiming at there. Besides this doesn't adress the point that the rapier isn't available in game and can only be bought, and is therefore the definition of pay to win. This is not the Onyx I joined way back when we didn't even have custom items yet. Everything was fair. Yeah, you were able to buy a Tbow and instantly have a huge edge but you could get that Tbow yourself if you grinded for it and it wasn't gamebreakingly OP. Now we have people HARD AFKING Bandos with catalyst shield, ult bandos and rapier, getting loot and OUT DPSING people who are actively trying to get some loot in "normal" gear. Also Rapier spec works in the wild and hits 70+.
  3. Bailey

    This is exactly why it's bullshit it's in game in the first place. "besides the rapier", guess what item people have an issue with? See the title of the thread. Also people aren't obligated to lootshare but of course they're not going to when they have a guaranteed p2w chance to get it. Also regarding pvp, it's unfair that players can get 2shot in 4 game ticks from full health, and 8 ticks through protect melee. And 2 ticks if they protect melee but they spec. It's just fucking ridiculous and shouldn't be allowed in pvp. It NEEDS to be nerfed. There's no counterplay to this.
  4. Bailey

    It's ruining the game for everyone, even people who have it. Ask Han. It's too powerful. It's attack speed is too fast. It's a one handed godsword that hits at Blowpipe rate with Korasi spec. It's too powerful and it breaks pvm and ESPECIALLY pvp. Anyone who has one of those rapiers ruins any kind of bossing for the other person. They can turn off lootshare and just enjoy free loot every time. This is especially transparent at Ony7x boss and the Grim Reaper event. Some asshole can come crash you at bandos without a familiar and just turn off lootshare and steal all of your kills and there's nothing you can do.
  5. Bailey

    Dung is kinda missing some of it's fun kick that it had with dungeoneering mode. Here's some way to make it more fun/accessable with donor perks: 1 extra item bind slot starting from ruby rank Ruby: 1 extra bind Diamond: 2 extra binds Onyx: 3 extra binds Zenyte: 4 extra binds Extra perks like OVL/Prayer renewal Diamond: Prayer renewal every floor Onyx: Start with OVL dose every floor Maybe multiply points you get from dung based on rank too starting from sapphire: Sapphire: 1.2x Emerald: 1.3x Ruby 1.5x Diamond 1.75x Onyx 2x Zenyte 2.5x
  6. Bailey

    Welcome my guy. Need a wipe for your mirror? 😏
  7. You guys removed switching prayer/spell book from the task tab. That was a diamond + perk. Why?
  8. Bailey

    I don't mind agility that much because you actually do stuff. Thieving is literally standing still spamclicking a stall then banking for literal hours on end. It's just a carpal tunnel simulator and not fun in the slightest. Extreme is fun because of the grind, but at least make the grindy things fun or doable. Like, in farming's case you can't actually get 99 farming anymore unless you spend literal months babysitting your tree patches. That's not fun. That's stupid. I like the extreme grind and Max cape is overall BIS imo for having a super high prayer and defense bonus making it kind of better like how fury is better than zenyte sometimes because it's tankier. But thaty's besides the point anyway. Since comp cape is always BIS. And Max cape is a req for that.
  9. Bailey

    I love Onyx, it's a great RSPS. It has good content, fun bosses, tons of stuff to do and the slayer update was great. One of the things I love the most is Extreme mode because it gives you the chance to grind out some stuff over time and slowly upgrade your account. HOWEVER. Some things in extreme mode just AREN'T FUN. I get that Runescape is supposed to be a grindy game, but no one actually wants to thief stalls for 10 hours straight, or make gold bars from level 40 to 99. These kind of useless grindable skills are just a chore on Extreme mode. There has to be a better way. A new way to gain XP in these skills. One particularly bad offender is Farming. Farming is way worse than the other skills because it takes real life time for your shit to grow and on extreme mode it can take weeks before you get 99 farm if you're online all the time. Calquats were a good countermeasure for that problem until they were nerfed. Now they're useless for XP and have made Farming an absolute chore of a skill. While it used to be one of the lesser offenders. Why not give people the option to breeze through some of these skills faster so they can actually enjoy they fun parts of the game? I just don't get it. "It's too OP" is a stupid argument. Mining, smithing, farming, thieving, construction, agility, hunter, crafting, fletching, runecrafting and herblore are not fun for a lot of people, and forcing them to do dozens of hours of content they don't like just to get to the fun part of PVM is not good game design. I suggest re-buffing calquats, and implementing similar high XP high cost training methods for the other skills to made them more bearable. I really love this game and I want to ahve fun with it, but these are just some issues I have with the game for things that could be done better.
  10. Nice update, would love to have the crushed gems form thieving stalls be notable.
  11. Loving extreme mode! The other changes are nice too, especially the boss updates.
  12. Bailey

    I mean, I'm in and all. But it would be pretty painful to get a crappy team and be stuck with it for 3 games, knowing you won't be able to win any games and not get a chance at the halos. The guthix portal doesn't take skill into account, so you can have one team with experienced Pkers/bridders versus a team of fresh noobs. Guaranteed the losing team will lose members over time and teams will end up being unbalanced. I suggest letting an organizer make teams beforehand to make sure it won't be a one sided stomp. Other than that, Castle wars is always fun. Count me in.
  13. I got this idea when I saw this post from a few months ago by pvm m4st4 "I'd rather see a separate world (2) with all content available, only difference between the two would be that you're able to spawn in world 2. If you want to spawn higher tier items you'll need a certain donor rank in-game (note that your donor rank would be available for your specific acc in both worlds). This could attract both pkers but also those seeking to go out and boss right away or simply use W2 in order to practise certain bosses and so on. The coding aspect of this suggestion is simply a bit too big compared to making a new world for this matter due to the various amounts of exploits and bugs that could come along with it." How about a test/tournament/sandbox world where you can spawn in any items you want based on your rank and practice pvm/pvp with any items you want. Could be great for pking events and offers an alternative to grinding out gear in world 1 to people who don't have end game gear/money.

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