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  1. Bailey

    Too bad it's so restrictive and not hybrid/tribrid but it's better than nothing I suppose.
  2. Bailey

    Please God, let me meet her. All I want to is to find that perfect girl I know exists. She’s sweet and shy and my age and likes all the things I do, perhaps even is on this site itself. The girl who won’t secretly think I’m a loser, the girl I can cuddle with (even if only possible online) and spent nights talking to and laughing and sharing happiness. Someone who can reciprocate the love I put in, the girl who I can make feel safe and secure unconditionally and can fill this gaping, empty void in my heart.Please, just let me find this person. I’ll change everything about me if that’s what it takes Please, I just can’t take the loneliness anymore. ign: kitten
  3. Bailey

    I'm in on Kitten. :^3
  4. Bailey

    @Monk Bird Someone should probably update this thread
  5. Bailey

    Ign: Kitten Leggo
  6. Not too bad. Maybe an idea for the future is showing off loot from x amount of kills using your best gear, and maybe showing off a few low budget setup kills to show how new players should expect to kill it? Gz on pet!
  7. Bailey

    It's a neat idea, but as I explained in game this way of killing Cerberus is needlessly complicated on onyx. With soul split, it's much easier to eat once or twice or use the unicorn's special attack to heal. Saves loads on supplies. Even a low tier ironman like mine can do it, with barely any gear. I did it with a karils top, slayer helm, arclight, dragon defender, bandos tassets (might as well have been veracs skirt or something similar), addy boots and b gloves. You really don't need great gear for it to be a better method. I like the idea of videos like this, but maybe ask around a bit how people do certain bosses on Onyx so you know you've got the best/most efficient methods as they're usually not the same as on OSRS.
  8. Bailey

    Please no, that would be so boring. Do what you wanted to do. It'd be legitimately interesting as I'm doing my own Onyx ironman and I'd love to see what you do.
  9. Bailey

    This is a good video showing off the different stuff on this server. You have a good voice for Youtube, hope to see that HCIM series of yours soon!
  10. Bailey

    That means I'm over 3x dry at 1636 kc and 2.15x drop rate. Ouchie.
  11. Bailey

    Can we get the nomad drop rate? @[email protected]
  12. > Fixed a bug which gave a burnt shrimp from a raw sardine. Actually playable again. Fixed.
  13. >Reduced the damage of all pvp custom-weapons in wilderness by 50%  That's a start.
  14. Bailey

    I'm out. I'm no longer enjoying myself playing this game. There's several reasons but I'll list the most important ones: No eco. Want to buy an item? Fuck you because no one has it/is willing to sell it. Want an item? Have fun going 500+ dry despite having 200% drop rate. Want to PVM? Too bad someone with a big wallet spent $400 to flex on you with OP custom items. DragonKK is unwilling to listen to reason and makes weak arguments defending this when it's clearly just greed and fishing for whales. "To support the server" it doesn't cost taht much to run a server. Everything takes too long and I realize I value my time more than the game values mine. I'm sick of it. I dropped all my items, gz to the ones who got my shit. I'm out. You guys have fun. See ya never again probably unless serious changes are made to the server's monetization model and eco which literally is never going to happen. Deuces.
  15. Bailey

    Normal Onyx boss is calculated off of damage and Galvek is calculated off of damage, that's what I was aiming at there. Besides this doesn't adress the point that the rapier isn't available in game and can only be bought, and is therefore the definition of pay to win. This is not the Onyx I joined way back when we didn't even have custom items yet. Everything was fair. Yeah, you were able to buy a Tbow and instantly have a huge edge but you could get that Tbow yourself if you grinded for it and it wasn't gamebreakingly OP. Now we have people HARD AFKING Bandos with catalyst shield, ult bandos and rapier, getting loot and OUT DPSING people who are actively trying to get some loot in "normal" gear. Also Rapier spec works in the wild and hits 70+.

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