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  1. Is Zio's name Zee-oh? I always said Zeye-oh lol Nice video my guy!
  2. Most Wanted

    I support this. I think this is cleaner and easier to navigate. Good suggestion
  3. New home was a good idea. As common as edge homes are, it is very familiar and really is just the best hub. PKing because really accessible to for pkers and spectators. Great update!
  4. Most Wanted

    Just curious about you guys that stuck around for a long time. What keeps you playing Onyx? I still consider myself as a newer player but I have a decent understanding of the server yet found that the game got extremely stale very fast. Onyx is the first RSPS I've "played" in a few years after having a very driving push to play a fun RSPS again. The server felt right, except ;;home (I just really dislike ;;home. I'm not a fan of it's location & layout) but after some time it felt too lackluster. It took some time to get some basic mid-tier junk which was one of my biggest issues; AKA it felt a little too grindy for items that shouldn't really have a grind factor to them. I'm not really a lazy player, but no one really plays RSPS to grind for an average bank that's risk ready for PKing. Which leads to the next thing. PKing is absolutely nonexistent. I mean if you love bank standing, dope, but claws and an ags aren't just novelties. Yes they can be used for PVM, but if a claw spec on an NPC is as exciting to you as getting the perfect opportunity to spec another player and drop them, then damn lol. You don't pk. Pking is also a spectator sport too. It's fun to watch in my opinion. Sometimes I'd hop on a server to peep those hybrid clan beefs lol. So much content comes out of those: sick pking videos, hype, feuds, good pkers, clan tourneys etc. Personally, I believe having an active pking community is the most important thing to a server. It's usually one of the most advertised things, and something all of the top servers have in common. It's essentially why most of us (the entire rsps community) plays rsps. Furthermore the entire, I mean the entire eco seems donated to me. That leads to unreasonably high prices of those items in terms of gp, no staking, no risking. All pvm and bank standing..where it's safe. Events seem fun, but I think competing with donated banks isn't too great. I support donating to an extent, but the lack of diversity in players kills it for people who either didnt pour countless hours to even compete or donate. So the big questions are what keeps you guys here and does Onyx have a longer future? Or is the server just kinda dead at this point and it's just the people who put $500 into it just sticking around lol I'm not trying to bash the server or be rude or anything, so hopefully no one gets caught up in their feelings. I like Onyx, but shits boring lol.
  5. Most Wanted

    Thanks for the support. I hope this can be added. Out of the majority of the posted suggestions, this most likely is the simplest and easiest to achieve that many might actually use.
  6. Most Wanted

    Hi, I'm unsure if this request already exists or it's somewhere in-game already, but it would be nice to see skillcape hoods in game. Some players enjoy the smaller cosmetic items to mix and match and wear to decorate their characters without having to go through too much or get rares for some decorative headgear. Thanks!
  7. Most Wanted

    Coming for those editor ranks.
  8. Most Wanted

    Haha, old days are past, but thanks! I like the content so far. Activity is a bit stale, but we'll see where it goes. Hopefully I can get some content eventually. (Wont be soon because new to eco, gotta work up and all that lol)
  9. Most Wanted

    It really has been a long time pal. It's a pleasure as well, I see you're doing extremely well here as well. Nothing new there, that always has been you, #GainCentral. And it's unfortunate, but new eras role along regardless. It was time for change anyhow. It's going to take me a while before I pump out content unless I want to shitpost. I gotta get some things to work with in game and go from there. It's nice seeing a familiar face around! Hey thanks man. I appreciate it
  10. Most Wanted

    Ot-man. You never fail to impress! It's good to see you still holding it down with the gfx. For this thread, my favorite image is the bottom one and they go in that order, bottom -> top. Bottom Image: Colors are flawless, I like the effects and the natural feeling glow of the light. The image quality is great too. Middle: Very good image, it rivals my favorite but what I think this one lacks that the bottom one doesn't is that visible glow from the lighting sources on the render. Top Image: I really like this one but the image quality seems a bit lower than the other two and there isn't too much to look at. I might just be missing a lot. Regardless I like the simplicity of this image. Good stuff!
  11. Most Wanted

    Heyo, what's up guys and girls, It's your boy Most Wanted. Short lil cute lil quick lil story here, I came from a server some of you probably heard of that's no longer running: Cx. Every now and then (like once every few months) I'd punch in the url to cx hoping that it would magically take me to the forums and that I can once again, be the Soul splitting, turmoil using, skill sapping kiddo I once was. But time passed..and nothing happened. I was told by the web page "We'll be right back." But CX went to the store for Cigs and never came back. I moved along, dreaded and weary in search for a place to call home. "Why don't you just play Runescape?" they shouted. I looked at them in disgust and went on my way to find my new bae. "Nibbas have jobs." I told myself. "I can't do legacy." I searched and search until I was fed up. I went straight to runelocus and downloaded the first source and client that I could find. I rustled up those old Java jimmies in me from my college days and prepared myself to code my own rsps. I reinstalled eclipse and loaded up Player.java. I was disgusted. Who wrote that nasty code. I fought through it all and got a very basic server running. But that was not fulfilling. I needed friends. I discarded my Java mentality and reverted back to a logical C# personality. I went on cx's old discord, got link from some nerd and here I am now! But yeah, Im a very "out of touch" rsps player now. I havent pk'd in years or did anything rs related in a very long time. I'm hoping to get back to my old status. I'm a video editor. I haven't touched my editing software to make an actual edit in like 2 years. Regardless, after long a long hiatus, I always improve. We'll see where that goes. I'm a sarcastic guy, (should be) easy to get along with. Take what I say with a grain of salt I just here to have a good time. Here's some of my work, feel free to check out my channel. Who knows, maybe I'll make videos here one day:

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