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  1. Corper

    I'd like to apologize for my absence, recently I've been going through a lot at work, and I am trying to get my own place to live as I've been feeling a lot of pressure from work, and on onyx. I love helping people and talking to people, but I've been feeling a lot of pressure to do my very best as a staff member, and right now I feel like I can't provide my best services when I am busy trying to better my life. I've been feeling a lot of depression and I thought if I took some time off to get some things done I'd be alright, but right now I just can't bring it to me to stay motivated enough to stick with a schedule. Right now I feel like I am going no where and when I feel like this it's hard for me to get things done. I genuinely wanted to come back, and continue being a staff member but I really feel like I just can't right now, I have things to work on in my life, and I really just need time to focus on essential things in life right now. Again I sincerely apologize, and I have nothing against anyone I just really hope you guys aren't too upset, but I feel like I can't be the best staff member right now, and therefore I feel like for now I need to resign. I'll try to stop by and play whenever I can, so this isn't the end for me. Love you guys, if anyone would like to message me feel free to do so. This server means a lot to me, and you guys are awesome I hope you guys can understand ❤️
  2. Winners 1st Nyan Cat 2nd Keno123 3rd waeesd123 Ring of fire Melee edition This weekend on onyx, we'll be hosting a "Ring of fire" event. Anyone will be able to participate, and spectate fights in the ring of fire! The top 3 people who can withstand the ring of fire will be rewarded... But only one winner will get the aloe vera to relieve the burns. Time and location of the event: Saturday, 5/10/20, 3:30 PM EST We will start gear checks, 4 PM EST the event will officially start. Rules of the event Must be on time Melee gear only All participants must follow the gear setup, or they will be disqualified Follow all onyx rules, and listen to the staff members hosting the event No flaming No Summoning/pets No Auras No Korasi No Overheads Venge is allowed Overloads are allowed Required Gear Ring: Any ring Amulet: Any amulet up to fury Shield: dragon defender/regular spirit shield Gloves: Barrow gloves Boots: Dragon Boots Platelegs: rune platelegs Body: rune platebody Helmet: Neitiznot Cape: up to Fire Cape up to Special weapon: Ags, dds, or dragon claws, bgs etc (No korasi) Weapon: Whip Rewards 1st place: To be announced 2nd place: To be announced 3rd place: To be announced
  3. Corper

    IGN: Corper Good luck everyone
  4. Corper

    Sounds like fun, can count me in.
  5. Corper

    Nicely laid out thread tbh, good job!
  6. Corper

    When I grinded 400 kc to get my nightmare pet I expected the pet to be =/> than my Nomad pet. Nomad is a very simple, afk boss after all. I grinded 1k nomad kc for the pet, and I am 100% proud of it, but the fact that I have to use a Nightmare boss pet switch to Nomad switch when I am at nightmare is a drag, and honestly quite disappointing to say the least. I know some will see this as ranting, but I genuinely see this as an issue. Why is a pet that you can afk, better than Nightmare pet, Nex pet, Corp pet, and is equal to Onyx pet? I think that change would be nice, and one change that I am suggesting is a pet bonus rework. My suggestion Add drop rate bonus's to each pet for their respected boss, nightmare giving 5% drop rate bonus at nightmare, Nex pet giving 5% drop rate bonus at nex, Onyx pet giving a universal 5% drop rate, and 10% drop rate for onyx boss etc. Disclaimer: This is my opinion, this does not necessarily represent the onyx staff team's opinion as a whole. - Corper
  7. Corper

    Welcome, hope to see you around. Think I saw you get a chaotic from onyx boss today?
  8. Corper

    Nice to meet you, welcome
  9. Corper

    Hey Boogz! I have a wilderness slayer task guide you might be interested in! Try ingame '::thread 2187' Hope it helps
  10. Corper

    Was constantly in combat unfortunately, I couldn't really open map to do that. I figure it might be a bit more fun for people to figure it out anyways, since ya know.. it's the wilderness ;).
  11. Corper

    Forum Moderator Comment: I have combined our three slayer guides into one for ease of access. Thank you Zio, Guideman Dan, and Corper for your respective guides. Corper's was chosen to house the other two due to the volume of images. Getting Started Slayer Guide Written by Zio Written by Guideman Dan Wilderness Slayer Task Guide Written by Corper
  12. Corper

    Ign - Corper Good luck everyone.

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