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    Nice to meet you, welcome
  2. King of the Ring Melee edition This weekend on onyx, we'll be hosting a "king of the ring melee edition" event. Anyone will be able to participate, and have a chance at showing the whole server who the true "king of the ring" is! Rewards are up for grabs for the top 3 survivors, but there can only be one true king! Time and location of the event: Saturday, 3/28/20, 3:30 PM EST We will start gear checks, 4 PM EST we will start the event Rules of the event Must be on time Melee gear only All participants must follow the gear setup, or they will be disqualified Follow all onyx rules, and listen to the staff members hosting the event No flaming No Summoning/pets No Auras No Korasi No Overheads Venge is allowed Overloads are allowed Required Gear Ring: Any ring Amulet: Any amulet up to fury Shield: dragon defender/regular spirit shield Gloves: Barrow gloves Boots: Dragon Boots Platelegs: rune platelegs Body: rune platebody Helmet: Neitiznot Cape: up to Fire Cape up to Special weapon: Ags, dds, or dragon claws, bgs etc (No korasi) Weapon: Whip Rewards 1st place: 75k blood money + god mystery box. (and corper's black santa hat) 2nd place: 50k blood money + super mystery box. 3rd place: 25k blood money + millionaires box. Winners: 1st: Drive 2nd: Motivation 3rd: Ags me 73
  3. This is my own opinion, I alone do not represent the onyx staff team's as a whole opinion I don't really support anyone's applications, but I would like to give you some advice. I believe you're a good candidate, however I'd probably continue being active on the game, and the forums for a bit longer. As Versace said, sometimes over use of sarcasm can be looked as a bad thing, I personally don't see it as a very bad thing, but I can see why others might not like that. Again I am neutral, and I try to stay away from "staff pushing" but I can see you being a good candidate in the near future, keep up the good work.
  4. Corper

  5. Corper

    Hey Boogz! I have a wilderness slayer task guide you might be interested in! Try ingame '::thread 2187' Hope it helps
  6. Corper

    IGN Corper
  7. Corper

    Was constantly in combat unfortunately, I couldn't really open map to do that. I figure it might be a bit more fun for people to figure it out anyways, since ya know.. it's the wilderness ;).
  8. Wilderness Slayer Task Guide Getting your wilderness slayer task Wilderness Slayer Master: Krystilia Location: ::slayer (south of ::home) All possible wilderness slayer tasks & locations Task: Ankou Wilderness lvl: 30 Location: forgotten cemetery Task: Aviansie Wilderness lvl: 30 Location: Wilderness Godwars Task: Bandit Wilderness lvl: 23 Location: Bandit Camp Task: Battle Mage Wilderness lvl: 53 Location: Close to Mage Bank Lever Task: Bear Wilderness lvl: 5 Location: south of east dragons Task: Black Demon Wilderness lvl: 5 Location: Edge Dungeon Task: Black Dragon Wilderness lvl: 43 Location: Lava Maze Dungeon Task: Dark Warrior Wilderness lvl: 15 Location: Dark warrior's fortress Task: Earth Warrior Wilderness lvl: 7 Location: Edge Dungeon Task: Ent Wilderness lvl: 12-14 Location: south of east dragons in the forest Task: Fire Giant Wilderness lvl: 53 Location: Dungeon south of pirate's hideout Task: Ghost Wilderness lvl: 30-? Location: Forgotten cemetery (all over the wilderness) Task: Greater Demon Wilderness lvl: 46-47 Location: Demonic Ruins (Also in rev caves, and wilderness volcano) Task: Green Dragon Wilderness lvl: 20-21 Location: Teleports > Easts (Also in rev caves) Task: Hellhound Wilderness lvl: 53 Location: Wilderness resource area (Also in rev caves, and wilderness volcano) Task: Ice Giant Wilderness lvl: 45-47 Location: Frozen Waste Plateau Task: Ice Warrior Wilderness lvl: 45-47 Location: Frozen Waste Plateau Task: Lava Dragon Wilderness lvl: 38-40 Location: Lava Dragon Isle Task: Mammoth Wilderness lvl: 11-13 Location: South of the wilderness volcano Task: Magic Axe Wilderness lvl: 55 Location: East of mage bank Task: Rogue Wilderness lvl: 53 Location: Rogues' Castle next to chaos elemental/obelisk Task: Scorpion Wilderness lvl: 54 Location: Scorpion Pit Task: Skeleton Wilderness lvl: 5 Location: Edge Dungeon Task: Spider Wilderness lvl: 5 Location: Edge Dungeon Task: Spiritual Mage Wilderness lvl: 30+ Location: Wilderness Godwars Wilderness Bosses/Demi bosses Task: Callisto Wilderness lvl: 42-43 Location: Callisto Teleport Task: Chaos Elemental Wilderness lvl: 50 Location: Chaos Elemental teleport Task: Chaos Fanatic Wilderness lvl: 40 Location: South of Kbd Task: Crazy archaeologist Wilderness lvl: 22-23 Location: South of the forgotten cemetery (at ruins) Task: Scorpia Wilderness lvl: 54 Location: Inside cave at scorpion pit Task: Venenatis Wilderness lvl: 30-32 Location: Venenatis teleport Task: Vet'ion Wilderness lvl: 34-35 Location: Vet'ion teleport Task: Wildy Wyrm Wilderness lvl: 10 Location: south of easts teleport next to ents, investigate ground Extra The wilderness Volcano has hellhounds, greaters, and lesser demons. The Rev Caves Credit to Monk Bird for giving me the list of all possible wilderness slayer tasks, and Madoc for helping with some teleports, and wilderness immunity.
  9. Corper

    Ign - Corper Good luck everyone.
  10. Corper

    Ign corper
  11. Wish I had this guide when I first started Onyx! Great job Zio.
  12. Update: Changed clan discord server, and Scarly has resigned from the clan.
  13. Corper


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