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  1. nice follow up to the last update quickly added many player suggested qol improvements, good work
  2. Thanks to all who came to participate
  3. Corp Beast Mass The Staff team of Onyx will be hosting a Corp Beast Mass event on January 2nd @ 6:00PM EST. Loot Share will be required while participating in this event. Recommended Setups: Gano Armour or Elite Void along with the Zammy Spear OR Range gear with a crossbow and ruby bolts. Hope to see you all there!
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    Howdy :D

    Welcome man!
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    welcome back man glad to have ya
  6. Pest Control Event The Staff Team of Onyx will be hosting a Pest Control Event on November 28th at 6:00pm Server Time. To participate in this event, show up to the Veteran Boat in the Pest Control area. Rewards for this event include, ~120k gp per game, Pest Control Points to obtain Void gear and a chance at Battle-mage gear upon completion of each game. Rules for this Event are the usual Rules of Onyx. Hope to see you all there!!
  7. Changing your name in-game is currently a donor benefit and can be done by using the account management options by talking to the Onyx Guide NPC at ::home. -Spilly
  8. Hide and Seek Event The Staff Team of Onyx will be putting on a Hide and Seek event for the players of Onyx to participate in on November 21st at 6:00pm EST (server time). Myself or another staff member will hide somewhere around the map of Onyx and will provide clues in the Friends Chat as to where we are hidden. The first player to both find and trade the hidden staff member will given a pick at a goodiebag format prize. This means, the prize pool is in the staff members inventory and the player picks a number, the corresponding inventory slot is the prize the player receives. Current Prizes: Serpentine Helm Ring of Wealth (i) Lucky Armadyl Helmet 25M Cash x2 Kraken Tentacle Polypore Staff x2 Light and Heavy Ballista bundle ~Red Partyhat~ More to Potentially be added leading up to the Event Happy searching and best of luck to those who participate Disclaimer: This event will be limited to Hero/Legendary players as the prizes are on an account in that eco.
  9. 1v1 PvP Tournament Hello Everyone The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a 1V1 PvP event on Thursday, November 15th at 3:00 pm server time in the White portal at Clan wars (at ::funpk). Rules : - The gear/inventory will be the same for everyone (pics below). - Staff has final word. - All other Onyx rules apply. Not observing these rules may get you disqualified from the event and its rewards. Gear / Inventory setup: I will be checking gear / inventory / prayers before each fight. (regular str pot/addy arrows btw) 1. Auras are strictly forbidden, even if cosmetic only. 2. No summoning familiars. 3. You are free to equip any ring you like 4. No overhead prayers 5. Regular prayers only (no turmoil) Rewards : First place: 40k Blood Money Second place: 25k Blood Money Third Round Participants: 10k Blood Money Second Round Participants: 5k Blood Money All Participants: 2.5k Blood Money See you all there
  10. Lizards can be found in the Desert. To kill lizards, you need to use an ice cooler (purchased from a slayer master) in order to deal a finishing blow. -spilly
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    glad to have ya man! welcome
  12. Minigame Event: Pest Control Introduction: The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a pest control event to help those who are interested in receiving an elite void set, xp, quick money, and a chance to receive a piece of battlemage (one of the best magic gear ingame). We will be using the veteran boat, which will require you to have 100 CB, good gear is not required, it should be fun and quick . Location and Time: 3 PM Server Time (EST) on November 8th. Be ready at pest control, next to the veteran boat. Rewards: 120K GP Per Game, a chance to receive Battle-Mage gear, Pest Control Points which can be used to purchase gear, void knight gear, and supplies. Hope to see you all there!

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