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  1. we already have boss tasks that you can get assigned from kuradal at 75 slayer, its separate from regular slayer tasks. @Crowdy
  2. Hello, Welcome to Onyx, hope you enjoy your stay and good luck grinding.
  3. Trio Of The Ring Introduction: This weekend, we are hosting a PvP event known as "3vs3 Clan/Team Pvp". This event will feature all combat styles, All contestants who are willing to fight for Trio of the Ring will be placed into a custom made area, where they will participate in a tourney style Trio vs Trio event. You can use any gear you have in this event. When defeating your opponents, you will progress through the rounds until a Trio is crowned the champions. This event will have some great rewards, allowing you to still gain even if your Trio is not the champion. What are you waiting for? Go prepare yourselves! Time and Location of Event: This event will be held at the white portal multi event ring, easily accessible through the ::PK command. It is scheduled to take place at 4 PM EST Server Time on Friday, March 29th. Rules of the Event: 1. Must follow all server rules, under no means those this event grant you immunity towards them. 2. Must be on time so we can organize a bracket quickly and efficiently. 3. Please follow what the all the staff members request. 4. Defend your Trio, live together to fight for the championship! Gear / Inventory setup: I will be checking gear / inventory before each fight. 1. Any Spec Weapon is allowed aside from Korasi or anything that stuns the opponents. 2. Auras are strictly forbidden, even if cosmetic only. 3. You are allowed to swap the spirit shield for a Dragon Defender if you please. 4. You are allowed to sub out the climbing boots for dragon boots, and the ring for any of the dag rings. 5. You are allowed to sub out the fire cape for a skillcape/obsidian cape. 6. You are not allowed to have more than 2 brews, and are limited to using Rocktails, no Anglers. 7. Summoning familiars are strictly forbidden if you do so your team will gets disqualified. 8. You are free to equip any ring you like from recoil to the dks rings 9. 4. Any Prayer is allowed Regular/Curses. Rewards: First Round Participants receive 5000 Blood Money to each Team Member. Second Round Participants receive 7,500 Blood Money to each Team Member. Semi Finals participants receive 15,000 Blood Money to each Team Member. First Place Champions receives 25,000 Blood Money, and a mystery box each Team Member. Rewards are subject to change if needed. I hope to see you all there, good luck, and enjoy the event! If you are interested in participating, please comment down below, this event is open, so you can just so show up too!
  4. why are you facetanking melee phase, when you can stand 2 tiles back and take 0 damage??
  5. Welcome to the server, hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. Best of luck with your challenge.

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