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  1. Tyler229


    Hey, welcome to the server. Will you be posting some of your work? I enjoy checking out graphic designer's work.
  2. Tyler229

    I didn't really have anything against the old design but this new one is pretty nice! Good job Nick.
  3. Tyler229

    Nice guide! I am going to try out glacors soon. How many shards of armadyl do you get per kill?
  4. Tyler229

    Hi Jurk welcome back to the server! Hope to see you around.
  5. Tyler229

    I like how this server has the option to do ::hunter or ::wooductting or whatever skill you'd like to train, but it only brings you to the first few levels of the skill. Could we get like a second or third option such as ::hunter2 or hunter3 ect to bring us to other locations to train that skill. because not all of us know how to get around rs to the right places to train most efficiently. I don't care that much if this was added but it Would just makes things easier for someone like me who has forgotten a lot of training spots on this game. (I know I could just look it up on google but I figured i'd suggest this and see what other people think) Or put a portal at ::home that you can click on and it'll show all of the 25 skills, then you can click the skill you'd like to train and it'll show you all of the locations you can train it? For combat just keep what you've already got. Feel free to vote above or comment down below.
  6. Nice service. I might get you to do this for me lmao.
  7. Tyler229

    Nice guide man! I will definitely be looking at this again when going for 99 prayer.
  8. Tyler229

    Hi everyone my name is Tyler. Hope to meet all of you! Great server by the way.

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