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  1. You have to understand that you are not the only player in the game. Just because you find it simple, doesn't mean that everyone else will. Not to mention that it doesn't matter how many requirements you add. You could have one requirement that states "Play Onyx for 10,000 days", and there would still be someone that would make a forum post and say that shit is too easy and needs to be raised to 1,000,000 days. I personally think that killing x1 of each boss is enough. Most bosses are not even a challenge apart from Inferno and World Boss. Even TOB is simple asf once you learn the mechanics. The hard part is not getting that x1000 KC. The hard part is killing the boss once. When you've done it one time, the second will feel easier, the third will be even more easier and on the fourth attempt you can most likely kill the boss with flowers and cabbages for food (Not really, but I hope you get my point).
  2. Killian

    Down to join anyone, or anyone can join me. Got everything other than end-game gear e.g. nex armor/tbow/scythe
  3. Killian

    Was actually a lot more fun than I expected. Learned a lot as well thanks to Death, Blackmarket, Digeridope
  4. Pretty cool for statistics. Thanks @Black! Well done.
  5. Even though I only made it to wave 5, it was a real blast. I have participated in all events that are of this kind, and have loved them all. Hope to see this event in the future again. Great work @staff
  6. If anyone wants to team up with me - Let me know. I'm perm muted and banned on discord so cant communicate with anyone.
  7. Killian

    Wonderful guide. Very well done!
  8. Killian

    Congrats dude
  9. Killian

    Pretty nice guide man. Well done! Hope to see more from you
  10. Killian

    Very basic guide. Would be a thousand times more useful if you would mention some of the best methods of obtaining materials such as Water Talismans (Waterfiends), Steel Bars (Gargoyles) for the most popular pouches. Great job, but generally missing the information that a player would need/expect when visiting the guide.
  11. Killian

    Hey everyone, Just thought that it would be nice if you would get like a guranteed reward from treasure trails and then also get the current teasure trails rewards. Right now I feel like doing clue scrolls is pretty useless since 99% of the items are decoratives or just super low-level items like bronze-rune. Not to mention that 3rd age isn't even as expensive as on Runescape so you can expect to make a gigantic bank from getting lucky. It would be nice if you got like 250/500/1000k for easy/medium/hard every time with the current rewards. That way it might be a viable money making method and most people would actually do their clues. EDIT: Would also be nice if you could track how many clues you've done (Like 14 hard, 29 medium and 7 easy)
  12. Great updates. Looking foward to testing ToB
  13. Killian

    What Doctor Robert said. Donator capes are also a no, as they are customs and look ugly as hell.

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