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  1. Beyondlegends

    I don't mind a vote store that has cosmetics in it to be honest, everyone likes to fashionscape once in a while though you do get exp / drop / spins for voting with a decent cash pile.
  2. Beyondlegends

    I've never playes CSGO because I hate it, I find it's such a crappy game ... On a side note I think I might turn my head back into the WoW game I found that game far interesting & so much love for the sword and shield games.
  3. Beyondlegends

    WHATS UPPPP. Finally moved into my own place, have internet, and time on my hands after a huge move / well needed renos :] Hope to see you all back in game at some point
  4. Beyondlegends

    Welcome !! Enjoy your stay here it's the best.. everyone who plays knows it lol
  5. Beyondlegends

    Welcome ! You couldn't of asked for a better server / Community to join :]
  6. NIceeeeeee. Come back after a busy weekend to see this update Very well done.
  7. Beyondlegends

    Ayeee nice mang. I'll get there one day time to get 120m now
  8. Beyondlegends

    Welcome to the community ! glad to have you
  9. Beyondlegends

    RIDDEEHHHHH. Nice guide man appreciate it since I have no clue how to survive against these bosses :] Keep it up :]
  10. Beyondlegends

    LOL. That's damn right what I feel like after the gym butttttt yah know.. on a site note look good mr gold chain what a baller !
  11. *Bowsbeforeyou* Godlike bossman, very godlike bossman. Another great update !! Can't wait to gearing up soon for bossing ! Server is really coming together.
  12. Beyondlegends

    Dudeeeeee I played McGree on my friends PC and at the beginning I got basically wrecked, but after playing for 1 HR I started to get used to it.. so smooth for aiming ! I don't think much content will come out of that game, like the biggest thing they have done that I seen was making it night time. I would totally bust a sweat making maps for that game, game modes, different play types instead of the one they have. Exactly. Someone needs to brain storm a little bit more other than just releasing something, the game get's popular, then they don't know what to do with it after. KEEP RELEASING CONTENT OR AT LEAST PLANNING TO.
  13. Beyondlegends

    Nicely done :] Sooner or later ill be on a barrows grind :] This will help those who haven't done it this way LIKE ME
  14. Like a bawse ! Another amazing update ! Now I can go kill people at green drags HAHAHAHA
  15. Beyondlegends

    Haha of course I want to be here, but I must admit there are days where I'm just like ehhhhhh not feeling RSPS today you know ? I should play PUBG it looks like a lot of fun .. have you tried it ? I actually went and bought dishonored 2 looks boss as fk ! when I get overcrotch on PC were climbing to top 500

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