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  1. I woudn't mind comming back to write the update's patch notes whenever needed.
  2. Taykiu

    Damn @Ryk such a great achievement!!! I can't even Comp a regular, let alone comp a Ironman! Congratulations!
  3. Taykiu

    Roast? You're looking just fine.
  4. Taykiu

    The words you've chosen when replieng to my post, say alot about your overal attitude towards life. You're easily offended and can't take a small bit of criticism. "You don't know how I was when I was going for staff" I'm judging your current in-game actions & vibe. "You cannot decide if I am not worthy of just that one week" I'd like to point out that you're the one who applied for this rank. With that being said, you should be able to handle criticism. I'm also not deciding whether you'll be promoted or not, I just stated my opinion and gave others my advice. "Please stop staff hunting or trying to be a staff because you ain't. Only the PS wanna make me hate you because you are talking like an actually staff so please stop doing what your doing and act like an proper normal player." I could write yet another argument that would debunk this argument, but I think it's best for you that I'd stop here. I'd like to request this thread to be closed, as this whole thread isn't going anywhere at this point. @Onyx
  5. Taykiu

    Hey @Hydros. I have seen you in-game a couple of times, but haven't had a propper conversation with you yet. I don't think a propper conversation would change the fact that I will not be supporting your application for now. It seems that you're not very reliable, and you have a habbit of being quite negative. Your application was written very poorly, it was very hard for me to read it. Goodluck nonetheless. Cheers.
  6. Taykiu

    Hey I have been playing Onyx for about 2-3 weeks now, but haven't seen you actively playing in-game yet. This may be due to the Timezone differences, but the fact that i'm online quite a lot, would mean that in the 2-3 weeks of playtime, I should've bumped in to you once or twice already. The fact that I have never seen you in-game, combining with the fact that your application is very poorly witten, made me decide that I will not be supporting your application. Goodluck nonetheless. Cheers.
  7. Taykiu

    Congratulations on your promotion to Server Support. Requesting @Buying GF & @Onyx to fix this thread & moving it to 'Accepted' Cheers.
  8. Taykiu

    Hey @Darkermanz I don't personally know you. But by the looks of this application, you seem very rushed overall. This is a poorly written application, not only is the context a bit off, your grammer lacks aswell. You're not very active in-game and you're lacking when it comes to helping players. I've took my time to watch you for about a week now. The fact that you barely help in-game, that you're not very active and that you didn't take the time to write a propper application, made me decide that I will Not be supporting your application. Goodluck nonetheless. PS: Are you even running for staff still? Please reply with an update. Cheers.
  9. Taykiu

    No ETA set atm. I'll get back to you when I know more.
  10. Taykiu

    Aaaah.. My bad! 5% boost of hitting the rare drop table.
  11. Taykiu

    The boss of the day is random, everyday there will be a new boss to be highlighted.
  12. Taykiu

    Hey @Darkermanz What do you mean with 'What kind of boost'?
  13. Update Patch: 01-03-2018 Skilling related updates: Fishing whilst playing Dungeonering was bugged. This has been fixed. This feature will increase your chances of hitting the rare drop table, by 5% The money crate at home has been updated. The rates of being able to steal from it, have been improved. Store related updated. Shop NPC's at home have been relocated. As requested: The shop members have been placed in a single row. The Starter Guide (shop) at home has been updated. The store now contains better items & the price of monkfish has been changed to 600gp each. The Onyx Guide (shop) at home has been updated. The store now contains a higher quantity of food & Potions. Miscellaneous related updates. Harmony Island has been added. Increased the in/out zoom distances. New players will be experiencing a revamped cutscene on their first loggin. You should be attending live video cutscene and see others play the game. Death & Killcounts have been added to your quest tab. Player starter packages. New players now get a better Starter's Package, this will be a one time deal. when making a second account, this package will be reduced in size. The Looting Bag has been added. The droprate of the Abyssal Whip has been updated to be easier. We now have Dancing Knights at our gamble area, visit at ::Gamble. The mystery box rewards have been updated. You can now get a Polypore Stick & a Whip Vine from the box. (no items have been removed) New players can now choose the Hitslook/Itemslook settings at the first dialogue. We now have a new Client Icon. Even though this may seem like a small amount of updates. Some of them were quite tricky and complicated. Therefore it took some time to patch/update some of them. We hope you all appreciate @Onyx his hard work, and continue your amazing adventure on OnyxFtw.
  14. Taykiu

    Hey guys. Warriors Guild's Current status: Our warrior guild tokens decrease at a high rate, which could make it 20 Warrior guild tokens crumble every 30 seconds. Warriors Guild's Future status: The actual suggestion / Fix. Lower the rates. This way, you'll make warrior guild more doable on a long run. 10 Warrior guild tokens fade every 60 seconds. Runescape's rates: Link to the source: Click Here Leave your thoughts below, Your opinion matters!
  15. Taykiu

    Congratz @styles and @monk bird on the promotion! Well deserved!

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