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    Onyx II Update #9: Boss Instances, Onyx Boss Looting Rework, ToB Reward Buff (Rapier), Dungeoneering Revamp, Quality of Life, Bug Fixes, More!

    By Theos,

    Onyx Banner.png

    November 25th, 2019


    Hello Everyone, today we bring you a wonderful quality of life update as well as a few additions to the shops, a rework of our Onyx Boss looting system, ToB raid reward buffs, the removal of the Halloween event, and migration back to our home in Edgeville. Without further ado, here's the updates!:



    Return of Edgeville:

    1. The previous home, Camelot Castle, was a bit difficult for players to navigate through so we decided to bring Edgeville back as well as all teleports: 

    ::Home, ::Shops, ::Fishing, ::Slayer, and ::Thieving have been relocated to Edgeville.

    Back to the place we all call home!


    Barrows Reward Buff:

    1. Drop rate has been increased by 25% overall.

    2. Increased amount of runes acquired from the chest by 200%.

    3. Increased barrow tokens per run from 250k to 300k.


    Boss Instances + Boss Improvements (Onyx):

    1. Boss Instances are a small fee of 25k - 200k gp or free for Onyx+ donors.

    2. KBD, Kalphite Queen, Dagannoth Kings, Corporeal Beast, Kraken, General Graardor (Bandos), Kree Arra (Armadyl), Kril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak), and Commander Zilyana (Saradomin) instances have been added.

    3. Improved Onyx Boss table. looter's & blood gems now drop much more frequently (12x).

    4. Onyx loot is now auto loot-shared and uncommon table drops more often.

    5. Kalphite Queen entrance rope is no longer required to enter her chambers.

    6. ::Kq shortcut teleport has been added.

    7. Teleport commands for all God Wars bosses have been added to ::Tp.

    8. The Ghrazi Rapier from Theater of Blood can now be upgraded to a Legendary Lightning Rapier (50% chance of successful upgrade on upgrade chest).

    9. ::Kbd teleport has been fixed and is fully functional.


    Chat Box Changes:

    1. Staff of Light message has been added to the game filter option.

    2. Chat box limit has been increased from 100 to 500 messages.


    Dungeoneering Rework:

    1. For the convenience of new players or those who are new to dungeoneering we've unlocked complexity 6 for all levels.

    2. Regardless of level you can challenge any floor #.

    3. Additional starting binds have been added for Ruby, Diamond, Onyx and Zenyte donors:

    Ruby: +1

    Diamond: +2

    Onyx: +3

    Zenyte: +4


    Quality of Life/Bug Fixes:

    1. Automatically smash empty vials upon drinking the last dose of a potion.

    2. The Ferocious Gloves rarity has been decreased in Magic Boxes (more common).

    3. The Reaper's Bane accuracy has been corrected.

    4. The rejuvenation pool now rejuvenates summoning points.

    5. Slayer masters Konar & Nieve no longer assign adamant/rune dragon tasks.

    6. HP can now be reset by the skill alchemist.

    7. Increased Hunter traps lure speed.

    8. Removed quest level requirements for Rune plate, Korasi, Crystal halberd as well as additional requirements for Barrows gloves (Culinaromancer's gloves 10) and Dragon Battleaxe.

    9. Dramen staff is no longer required to use the Fairy Rings.

    10. Experience rates have been slightly increased.

    11. Starter inventory + starter Magic Box have been improved/reworked.

    12. Korasi has been added to Gear Guide shop.

    13. Barrelchest Anchor has been added to Pure shop.

    14. Bank now shows GE based wealth (May not be accurate since not all item prices are included in the GE).

    15. Removed cosmetics from reactions. All reactions now yield small exp lamps 100% of the time.

    16. Skill guide and Skill teleports have been swapped (left click for guide, right click to access the teleport).


    Hope you all enjoy the update, stay tuned for future updates and thank you all! 😁







    Onyx II Update #8: Halloween Event

    By Zio,

    Onyx Banner.png

    November 6th, 2019


    Hello Everyone! We hope you are all doing well and have had a very nice Halloween. Today’s update comes later than intended but brings Onyx its anticipated Halloween event filled with new items, a new boss, and more! Let get into the patch notes:




    Grim Reaper Boss:

    It’s that time of the year again. The time of costumes, trick or treating, and most of all, the time of death for the Grim Reaper. Halloween is his holiday, and this year he is back with another challenge.

    1.      Added the Halloween Event Boss, the Grim Reaper.




    -        This boss functions like our world boss. Every 2-4 hours, the Grim Reaper will come around and challenge everyone in game in a fight. There are no limitations to this boss event, however we recommend groups of multiple players aside from just a solo instance.

    -        The Grim Reaper has his own attack sets, but his unique mechanic is that each time he drops below a certain amount of health, he will spawn minions that will not only attack you but heal him.

    -        Minions range from KBD, Galvek, Jads, Pheonix, Barrelchest and more.

    -        Upon defeat, all players who contributed to the fight will receive a reward from Grim’s Loot table.

    -      Added the Flaming Jack-O-Lantern to Grim Reaper's drop table at 1/10 chances.

    -        When the event is live, teleport to ::Halloween to participate, note that as long as you do damage of 1k/200k, you will receive 3m GP.




    Halloween Mystery Box:

    1.      Added the new Halloween Box to our in-game and web stores.




    -        These boxes function differently from our typical boxes here on Onyx. When a player opens a box, he will not receive one reward, but rather three. A player will always receive an amount of cash, either a common or rare Halloween cosmetic (Or, if you’re lucky enough, the new Demonic Reaper pieces), and a valuable piece of weaponry / gear (Or, if you’re lucky enough, one of the new Demonic Reaper’s weapons.




    New LIMITED-TIME Halloween Items:

    1.      The Ankou set has been introduced on Onyx and is obtainable through the new event boss / boxes.

    2.      The Demonic Reaper Set (Demonic Reaper Mask, Robe Top, Robe Bottoms, Gauntlets, and Greaves) has been added as a possible rare reward from the new Halloween boxes and Grim Reaper Boss. This set is BIS and features a combination of Ultimate Bandos + Ultimate Subjugation Stats.

    3.      The Demonic Reaper’s Bane (New Scythe), Demonic Reaper’s Fang (New Bow) and The Demonic Staff (New STOD) have been added to the new Halloween boxes and Grim Reaper Boss. The scythe will have a higher DPS than our current blood scythe, but does not have it’s healing abilities. The new Fang will future upgraded stats of a normal dark bow, shooting 2x arrows at once, with a 200% attack speed boosts. The new staff is BIS with the highest magic offensive bonuses along with a 145% damage bonus on undead NPCs.


    We apologize for the delay on this Halloween, and we hope you enjoy it!



    New Halloween Mystery Box:

    Halloween Box.png


    Demonic Reaper Set:



    Flaming Jack-O-Lantern:



    Demonic Reaper's Fang:



    Demonic Reaper's Staff:



    Demonic Reaper's Bane:



    Grim Reaper Boss:

    Grim Reaper.png











    Onyx II Update #7: New Home, Jormungand’s Prison & Island of Stone, Neitiznot Faceguard, Quality of Life and More!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Banner.png

    October 26th, 2019




    Hello Everyone, we would like to start off by apologizing for the delay in our updates. We found ourselves busier than usual for the time, but can assure you we are back and ready. Today we bring you a new home, in the form of a remade Camelot Castle, the new Jormungand’s Prison & the Island of Stone along with the new Neitiznot faceguard. There’s lots more to check in this update, so let’s get to the updates!




    New Home:

    We have decided to move apart from Edgeville for our home here on Onyx. As a result, I have redone the iconic Camelot Castle to feel more welcoming. This home has an array of features including the portal nexus, shops, fishing spots, mining rocks, a range to cook, an anvil to smith, stalls to thieve, trees to cut, and a lot more. Be sure to check it out!

    1.      ::Home, ::Shops, ::Fishing, ::Slayer, ::Thieving were all redirected to the new Home area.




    Jormungand’s Prison:

    1.      The Jormungand’s Prison along with the Island of Stone have been added to Onyx and are available on our teleport interface.

    2.      Added Basilisk Knights to the dungeon. They drop the new faceguard attachment.

    3.      Added the Neitiznot Faceguard.

    4.      Added Basilisk Knights to Kuradal and Konar’s assignment tables.




    Client Changes:

    1.      Updated resizable UI tabs to match those found in fixed screen mode.

    2.      Edited various icons within the UI to be more suiting.

    3.      Updated to OSRS cache v184.

    4.      Changed tasks tab to a teleport tab.




    Quality of Life Updates:

    1.      Changed home teleport to open up the ::TP interface.

    2.      Increased the XP for lower level dungeoneering floors to boost initial gameplay.

    3.      Made blood money tradable.

    4.      Made Aura Tokens tradable.

    5.      Added a shortcut to King Black Dragon, ::KBD.

    6.      Increased new player starter cash.

    7.      Replaced the starting rune scimitar with a dragon one.

    8.      Made Kuradel tasks drop Konar keys too.

    9.      Removed ceremonial from god boxes.

    10.   Added logs to all forms of gambling and upgrading on Onyx.

    11.   Fixed TP interface to open up instantly.

    12.   Reduced prices of all runes over 100 gp by 65%.

    13.   Reduced all arrow prices by 65%.

    14.   Added skill teleports to the skill tab, by clicking on a skill you can now teleport to the skilling area related.

    15.   Changed home fountain to restore HP and prayer for everyone.

    16.   Improved the News announcements.

    17.   Improved the new player broadcast.

    18.   Added teleport to chest options on Crystal, and Konar Keys along with upgrade gems.

    19.   Vote tickets now get added directly to the bank in zones you could not previously claim them.

    20.   Added a 3% XP boost to ::DZ.




    Bug Fixes and Other Updates:

    1.      Fixed an issue with part of the new Priffdinas slayer dungeon not dropping crystal shards.

    2.      Fixed Moparscape voting.

    3.      Fixed an issue with the Ava’s effect on elite comp cap and made it recolorable.

    4.      Fixed an issue with Zenyte Rank’s Bank sizes.

    5.      Fixed an issue where expert gamemode items would not drop on death for non-expert gamemodes.

    6.      Removed the 1% XP bonus from clans.

    7.      Added home to the ::TP interface.

    8.      Added a new slayer master to ::Slayer.




    Hope you all enjoy this update, we are currently working on the next one for Halloween.

    Stay tuned, and see you in-game!






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