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    Re-download client if it isn't working!

    By Atazoth,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. After the update the old client did not work. So if the client is not working for you please re-download the client.

    Here is the link: http://www.onyxftw.com/play/

    Onyx Update #59: Thieving Stalls, Special Attack Orb, New Prayers, and more!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    July 19th, 2018

    Hello Everyone,

    Today we introduce some nice new features onto Onyx that improves overall quality of life. Todays patch includes the OSRS special attack client orb, a thieving stall method at home for new players to make decent money, a new examine feature that will allow you to open an interface by examining your friends to look at their statistics, and much more! Hope you all enjoy!

    Interface, Quest and New Prayer Updates:

    1.       Added an examine player interface that everyone can use. Simply use examine on another player to open an interface displaying their stats, playtime, and more information.

    2.       Added a special attack orb when not using a summoning familiar. The orb will display how much special attack you currently know so you can time out exactly when to AGS to GMaul a noob in the wilderness.

    3.       Lootshare now requires you to to deal a certain percent of damage to get part of the loot.

    4.       Added the Heros Quest (Ice Queen), it drops Ice Gloves which are currently cosmetic but will have its effect added soon.


    PvM Updates:

    1.       Both Dusk and Dawn have had their health reduced from 600 to 450.

    2.       Slaying Dusk and Dawn now count towards two kills on your slayer task.

    3.       Fixed the message when trying to enter Grotesque Guardians with a pet.

    4.       Fixed the Daggannoth Kings defense stats.

    5.       Fixed the ability to freeze some bosses, including DKS and Inferno npcs.

    6.       Nerfed the drop rate for the weaker revenants.

    7.       Make gravestone appear outside of the grave in Barrows when a player dies.

    Prayer, Tools and Weapon Updates:

    1.       Coded the Dinh’s Bulwark.

    2.       Added infernal / Dragon Harpoon.

    3.       Coded Dragon Thrownaxes.

    4.       Coded the Dragon Sword.

    5.       Added Kodai Insignia.

    6.       Fixed the Lucky ZGS Special Attack.

    7.       Added the Ibans Staff to the Starter Shop.

    8.       Fixed God Book Stats (illuminated books).

    9.       Disabled the use of the Dwarf Cannon at Sire.

    10.   Coded the Ancestral Set. It is now the best in slot Magic Gear as it has a set effect bonus with the Kodai wand, granting a bonus 10% magic dmg bonus when wearing the set and wand.

    11.   Added the Preserve prayer.

    12.   Changed Augury Prayer to grant 25% Magic Accuracy like OSRS.

    13.   Changed Rigour Prayer to grant 23% Range Damage like OSRS.


    Thieving and Slayer Update:

    1.       We have reworked our thieving stalls at home to be more viable for new players to do for starting money. There are several thieving stalls to choose from, the higher levels being better xp and money which all give a certain type of crushed gem to sell to the onyx wizard for gp.

    2.       The dwarf trader that did not move now moves, sorry auto clickers, no more.

    3.       Increased the money Slayer gives on lower level tasks.


    Bug Fixes and Other Updates:

    1: Fixed the bug with runespan not allowing you to go down a level.

    2: Fixed rune pouch disappearing on death outside the wilderness.

    3: Fixed XP drops in PvP.

    4: Xp now resets to 200m on every login when you are above 200m xp.

    5: Added Braindeath Island to ::tp.

    6: Lit Bug lantern now works as a light source.

    7: Added songs: Lament of Meiyerditch, Welcome to the Threatre, and The Last Shanty.

    8: Added Ver Sinhaza Map.

    9: Added Free Skillcapes when reaching a 99.

    10: Added the God Mystery Boxes: With a slight chance to win some of the best armor ingame and a high chance of god wars armors such a bandos, arma, etc.

    11: Fixed Infernal Cape Texture.

    12: Pet mystery boxes now have a much lower chance of giving repeat pets.

    13: A Goat has been added to home.


    Hope you all Enjoy!

    Onyx Update #58 (MASSIVE): New Gamemode, Boss Rework, Interface Changes, Quests, Client Fixes, and So Much More!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    July 9th, 2018

    Hello Everyone!

    It is an awesome day for our Community here on Onyx! Today we release Update #58 which has some of the most changes ever seen in one update. This one introduces a brand new “Extreme” difficulty gamemode, lots of bossing reworks, changes to some interfaces, the addition of quests, client memory fixes, and so much more quality updates to keep our community satisfied! Hope you all enjoy, see you in game!

    New Gamemode:

    1.       We have introduced a brand new “Extreme” gamemode on Onyx.

    -          This gamemode is the most difficult one we had up to date.

    -          Features 5x Combat Xp Rates and 3x Skilling Xp Rates.

    -          Has its own economy, Extreme players can only trade with other Extremes. You are not allowed to use the grand exchange, or trade with anyone who isn’t the same gamemode as you.

    -          Extremes have a 25% drop rate increase compared to Hero, granting 5% more than Legend. This can be subject to change in the future.

    -          You have your own unique icon, to show people you are all about the grind!


    Bossing Rework:

    1.       You can no longer use melee against Kree’Arra (Armadyl Boss).

    2.       Lowered Accuracy of Armadyls God Minions.

    3.       Lowered Accuracy of Saradomin’s God Minions.

    4.       Lowered Bree and Growler (Sara Minions) ranged defense.

    5.       Lowered Starlight’s (Sara Minion) magic defense.

    6.       God Wars bosses now require 5 KC less to reach each boss.

    7.       Godwars now tells you how much KC you need to enter the boss room (Lower for Donor ranks).

    8.       Made Nex Shadow Phase less dark.

    9.       Reduced Nex Teleport and Pull chance on the first phase.

    10.   Made Nex use shadow traps a bit less often and fixed a bug with Nex stacking 2 hits on the second phase.

    11.   Reduced Callisto’s stun chance by 50%.

    12.   Nerfed Vetions Light Special Attack.

    13.   Vetion now drops 200 Mort Myre Fungi as an uncommon instead of a rare drop.

    14.   Venenatis now drops the dragon pickaxe.

    15.   Increased Abyssal Sire safespot to 3 tiles instead of 1.

    16.   Abyssal Sire now gets stunned by shadow spell even if it splashes.

    17.   Made QBD ghosts spawn less often and lowered the chance of the QBD’s dragon breath.

    18.   Players are now teleported closer to the barrows chest when entering the tunnel.

    19.   King Black Dragon (KBD) now drops 2 hides instead of 1.

    20.   Nerfed Dusk (Grotesuqe Guardians) radius effect.

    21.   Reduced Lizard Shamen minion spawn chance by 50%.


    Quests and Item Requirements:

    1.       Added Nomads Requiem – Rewards are Xp and 1 nomad cape (random color), added the ability to purchase the capes as many times as you want.

    2.       Added Hunt for Surok Miniquest (Bork) – Rewards are Slayer Xp and Dagon’hain Clothes.

    3.       Added Dragon Slayer Miniquest – Rewards are Xp, Rune Platebody, and Green Dhide Body.

    4.       Antifire shields, green dhide bodies, rune platebody, and dragon platebody now require you to defeat Elvarg in the Dragon Slayer Miniquest.

    5.       Added Pyre Need Miniquest – Rewards are Xp and a Hell cat.

    6.       Barrows gloves now tell you requirements when attempting to wear them.

    7.       Changed Piety / Chivlery to show you required stats rather than needing to complete a quest.

    8.       Added attack2 music track for when completing a quest ?.

    9.       Added all the miniquest locations to the new Quest tab in the teleportation interface. Kill the boss, and be rewarded, very simple and easy.


    Interface Changes:

    1.       Edited the Blue Portal Teleportation interface to include Quests and Skilliing.

    -          Added skilling locations such as agility courses, farming patches, runecrafting abyss, woodcutting, crafting, and much more.

    2.       Made the interface transparent and more clean.

    3.       Slightly improved the appearance of ::bosskc and ::slayerkc.

    4.       Made a way to search items and find what drops them with ::searchitem.


    Ironman Changes:

    1.       Ironmen now gain combat xp when in pvp.

    2.       Ironmen / Extreme icons now show up together with rank in yell chat.


    Skilling Changes:

    1.       Coded Runespan Yellow Wizard and made it give master runecrafter cosmetic set pieces.

    -          Obtaining the full set is now a requirement for the completionist cape.

    -          Small chance of receiving the omni-potend staff from the yellow wizard.

    2.       Made it so when you catch a chinchompa you obtain 10 of them rather than 1.

    3.       Removed the coins gained for lvling, they were useless and caused overall spam.

    4.       Added Bow strings to the shop so players can string bows for Fletching Xp.

    5.       Added Pure essence to the skilling shop.


    Client and Staff Tool Changes:

    1.       Improved client stability on openGl, preventing memory leaks and overall crashes.

    2.       Integrated the client and discord together, yell chat will now display on discord.

    3.       Staff can now see reports done with the report abuse button.

    4.       Integrated Logs onto Staff discord so any staff member can solve a dispute, scam, or abuse even while away from home.


    Quality of Life and Other Updates:

    1.       Made Xeric capes equip-able.

    2.       Coded the Twisted Buckler.

    3.       Fixed Nex armors not being able to be repaired.

    4.       Added Salve Amulet (E) to the gear shop.

    5.       Removed voting requirements needed for switching prayers and spell book.

    6.       Made voting require 2 votes instead of one to receive the xp and drop rate boost.

    7.       Fixed poisoned arrows not counting as ammo when binding in dung.

    8.       Fixed a graphical bug when wearing nex body pieces while on the old item looks.

    9.       Added a bank chest next to godwars boss rooms, and the daggonoth kings ladder.


    Hope you all enjoy this update!

    Shoutout to Alex and the rest of the Onyx Staff Team.

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