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    Onyx Bonus XP Weekend Event!

    By Zio,

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    Onyx Bonus XP Event Weekend!

    Hello Everyone!

    After some thought, the Onyx management team is pleased to announce that we will be kicking off this Friday the 13th with a bonus XP weekend!

    Starting at 4 PM Friday, March 13th, bonus XP will be activated throughout the weekend until the Sunday's Midnight.



    Additionally, the staff team will be hosting a variety of event, listed here:

    :tada: Friday 13 March 2020 bandos mass hosted by Monk Bird at 3 PM EST and Pest Control hosted by Corper at 6 PM EST
    :tada: Saturday 14 March 2020 Arma Mass hosted by Corper at 5 PM EST
    :tada: Sunday 15 March 2020 Corp Mass hosted by Corper at 2 PM EST and sara mass hosted by Ext Stoner at
    3 PM EST


    Monk and I will also be hosting a boss wave event that will feature increased drop rates throughout the weekend!

    Make sure to join in on these events, we hope to see you there!

    Stay grinding, and have a great weekend!


    In the meantime, here's a quick spoiler of our upcoming Nightmare Boss update ;) 



    - Onyx Management Team

    ONYX II UPDATE #12: Keepsake Keys, Bank Place-Holders, Presets, New Loyalty Shop & Vote Shop, QoL/Bug Fixes, AND MORE!

    Monk Bird
    By Monk Bird,


    January 29, 2020

    Greetings everyone, I hope all has been well as we're now ready to launch a much anticipated update with multiple quality of life updates that you guys have been suggesting, so we delivered! 


    This Update will be focused primarily on QoL, but stay tuned as we wrap up Janurary and begin to start some content updates coming out in the near future!


    💰Bank Placeholders💰


    Players will now be able to more efficiently organize their banks as we have integrated a placeholder system that remembers where you last placed an item. This will allow any items taken out of the bank to display a value of 0 while holding that item there in place! (placeholders) 



    Tired of your buddy wasting your overload dose by taking 5 minutes to gear up for Theator of Blood? Worry no longer, as we now have Presets available!




    All players will have access to two preset slots

    Saphire Donators will have access to five preset slots

    Ruby Donators will have access to 10 preset slots

    Zenyte Donators will be allowed to use presets anywhere that they may also ::bank, without having to be near a bank.


    25574.pngKeepsake Keys25574.png



    Keepsake Keys will allow a player to alter the appearance of any equipment slot to any item they own permanently. These keys will be valued at $4 each in the Donator Store and once used, the key will be consumed. 

    1. You may only have one key active per equipment slot at a time
    2. All keepsake key effects will be disabled upon entering the wilderness
    3. You must own the item that you are using the keepsake key on for the item appearance to be enabled. If said item is sold, or given back to a player because it was lent, the effect will be disabled until the item is back in your inventory or bank
    4. Mr. Ex is now at home and will reset all keepsakes you currently own. Warning: This option is meant for permanently disabling your current keepsakes and will require you to purchase the keys again upon doing so


    🏆Loyalty Shop Revamped🏆


    Our main man, Loyal Dan, is back with a plan to make you a fan of a complete rework on our loyalty shop!




    Loyalty tokens are awarded to your bank for each hour of playtime you have on Onyx. In addition to adding many new items we have also decided to reduce many of the previous items in there as well!

    Keep in mind, all items on our loyalty shop are cosmetic without any stats!


    🎟️Vote Shop Revamped🎟️


    Additionally, we have decided to rework our vote shop to include a few extra skilling tools and reduced a few prices!



    🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates:🌟

    1. Fixed a bug caused by the last update which did not allow players to smith while having a full inventory.
    2. Added an option to filter all stat boosts messages written in chat by wearing any of the custom "ultimate sets".
    3. Fixed a bug where wearing full obsidian armor would give the respective set bonus to any weapon. This was changed so the set bonus will work with any TzHaar weapon just like RS.
    4. Fixed a bug where players were unable to create a Soul Necklace. It may not be made by combining an Occult Necklace with a Soul Stone.
    5. Updated the quest tab to display if the current slayer task is from a slayer master or a wildy slayer master.
    6. Fixed the description of a fletching task to display it correctly as "string bows".
    7. Fixed a bug where the Wrath of the Horde Aura did not give it's respective damage boost while using melee combat.
    8. Added a global message that will announce whenever a player has completed all tasks on our Task System.
    9. Optimized a few formulas in the code which will boost overall server performance.
    10. Added an option to game settings to toggle cosmetic overrides on/off.
    11. Swap/Insert option now saves.
    12. Reduced the damage of all pvp custom-weapons in wilderness by 50%
    13. Added Rune Ores to the Donator Zone.
    14. Theator of Blood not counting as a Boss Slayer KC has been fixed.
    15. Removed Onyx and Bork from Boss Slayer Tasks.
    16. Fixed an bug which did not allow the Ghrazi Rapier to be placed in the Upgrade Chest.
    17. Fixed a bug where Bone Dagger (P++) would not attack.
    18. Weapon attacks styles are now saved based on weapon type when switching weapons.


    Onyx II Update #11: Ultimate Nex Armor Sets, Task System, New Staff/Onyx+ Donator Zone, New Quest Tab, QoL, and More!

    Monk Bird
    By Monk Bird,


    January 9, 2020

    Hello everyone! We would like to begin the second week of the new year with the introduction of Nex Sets, a new Staff/Onyx+ Donator zone, A new task system with awesome rewards and more!


    ⚔️Ultimate Nex Armor Set:⚔️

    The Onyx Staff Team is proud to announce the completion of the Nex Armor Set! This will function in a similar fashion as the Ultimate GWD armor sets, allowing players a chance at upgrading regular nex items using the upgrade box for a 25% chance of success, or using an Upgrade Gem from the Donator Store for a 100% chance of success.









    🎮Nex-Related Updates🎮

    1. Fixed Nex single zone bug
    2. Fixed a bug that spawned multiple Nex bosses 
    3. Increased Chances of receiving a Nex Rare drop by 2x
    4. Increased chances of receiving a random Nex armor piece by 2x from a God Mystery Box.


    🏡Staff Zone/Onyx+ Donator Zone🏡



    It has come to our attention that after all of the content that has been worked on Onyx over the past few years one thing has never received the full attention it rightfully deserved; Until now. I am proud to announce that the Onyx Staff Zone is finally up and running!




    All skilling exp will receive a 10% bonus when skilling in any of the four floors of this area. The goal behind the new staff zone is to be a second home consisting of a few features already available to Onyx Donators+.


    📑Task System📑



    The Task system will be released featuring Four different categories of ranks ranging from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. Upon completion of all tasks your account will receive a 5% Global Drop Rate Boost as well as many other rewards. Completing all tasks has also been added as a requirement for the Completionist Cape. Please see below for the full list: 



    Each individual task will award: One Small lamp.

    Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Rune Pouch


    Each individual task will award: One Medium Lamp

    Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Greater Sharpshooter


    Each individual task will award: One Large Lamp

    Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Bonecrusher Necklace


    Each individual task will award: One Huge Lamp

    Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Enhanced Excalibur 



    🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates:🌟


    1. Loot-Share will automatically be turned on within a large radius whenever a staff ::event is being hosted.
    2. Fixed a bug when depositing max cash into the bank from the money pouch which caused coins to despawn.
    3. Boss Slayer Tasks will now award 50 slayer points for regular boss tasks and 100 slayer points for elite boss tasks.
    4. Ice Amulet has been given stats equal to an Amulet of Fury.
    5. The Cast speed of all Ancient Magicks spells has been Fixed. Cast speed was changed from 4 ticks to 5 ticks.
    6. Infinity Necklace has received a buff to match the equal stats of an Amulet of Fury and Looters Amulet; these changes reflect defense and prayer bonus.
    7. Decreased the damage of the following Dungeoneering bosses: Kal'ger, and Blink. 
    8. Fixed the animation of the following Dungeoneering bosses: Undead Archer, Undead Mage from the Skeletal Trio Boss.
    9. Fixed a bug where the Crystal Chest would remain open after using a Crystal Key.
    10. The Fire Max Cape and Inferno Max Cape now collect projectiles (arrows, bolts, darts, etc.) just like the Max cape and Completionist cape with the Avas effect active.
    11. Fixed the Crashed Star from spawning in the old ::home, it will now spawn in our current ::home.
    12. Christmas theme at home has been removed. Mountain goats have migrated back to a colder climate, I hope they will return soon.
    13. Diamond Donator+ Perk has been added to allow infinite run anywhere outside of the wilderness.
    14. Rejuvination Pool has been added to ::dz.
    15. General Graardor now drops all Adamant Ore noted.
    16. Evil Santa's Reindeer has been fixed and will now fire two shots instead of one.
    17. Evil Santa's Gift has received a buff to its accuracy
    18. Quest Tab has been updated.
    19. Fixed a bug in which players would not receive KC in GWD 
    20. Reworked the graphics of a few Ultimate Bandos and Ultimate Subjugation armor pieces to look more appealing.
    21. Fixed a bug where Ultimate Bandos Tassets did not appear in GE.
    22. Rune Pouch will now display all runes accurately within it's interface.
    23. Removed Pandora Chest from Home. Congrats to Redslayer for winning the Contest! 
    24. Congrats to Han on receiving the custom pet of: lolthenkill for being the top monthly donator of November!




About Onyx

Onyx strives to bring the best service and experience any RSPS can offer! Here at Onyx we offer triangle based equality, balanced combat, high-quality updates, a supportive staff team that will cater to your every need. We're driven by the suggestions of our valued player base. We want YOU to decide what we need to add next.

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