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    Onyx II Update #11: Ultimate Nex Armor Sets, Task System, New Staff/Onyx+ Donator Zone, New Quest Tab, QoL, and More!

    Monk Bird
    By Monk Bird,


    January 9, 2020

    Hello everyone! We would like to begin the second week of the new year with the introduction of Nex Sets, a new Staff/Onyx+ Donator zone, A new task system with awesome rewards and more!


    ⚔️Ultimate Nex Armor Set:⚔️

    The Onyx Staff Team is proud to announce the completion of the Nex Armor Set! This will function in a similar fashion as the Ultimate GWD armor sets, allowing players a chance at upgrading regular nex items using the upgrade box for a 25% chance of success, or using an Upgrade Gem from the Donator Store for a 100% chance of success.









    🎮Nex-Related Updates🎮

    1. Fixed Nex single zone bug
    2. Fixed a bug that spawned multiple Nex bosses 
    3. Increased Chances of receiving a Nex Rare drop by 2x
    4. Increased chances of receiving a random Nex armor piece by 2x from a God Mystery Box.


    🏡Staff Zone/Onyx+ Donator Zone🏡



    It has come to our attention that after all of the content that has been worked on Onyx over the past few years one thing has never received the full attention it rightfully deserved; Until now. I am proud to announce that the Onyx Staff Zone is finally up and running!




    All skilling exp will receive a 10% bonus when skilling in any of the four floors of this area. The goal behind the new staff zone is to be a second home consisting of a few features already available to Onyx Donators+.


    📑Task System📑



    The Task system will be released featuring Four different categories of ranks ranging from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. Upon completion of all tasks your account will receive a 5% Global Drop Rate Boost as well as many other rewards. Completing all tasks has also been added as a requirement for the Completionist Cape. Please see below for the full list: 



    Each individual task will award: One Small lamp.

    Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Rune Pouch


    Each individual task will award: One Medium Lamp

    Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Greater Sharpshooter


    Each individual task will award: One Large Lamp

    Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Bonecrusher Necklace


    Each individual task will award: One Huge Lamp

    Upon Completion of the full set you will receive: Enhanced Excalibur 



    🌟Quality of Life/Player Suggested Updates:🌟


    1. Loot-Share will automatically be turned on within a large radius whenever a staff ::event is being hosted.
    2. Fixed a bug when depositing max cash into the bank from the money pouch which caused coins to despawn.
    3. Boss Slayer Tasks will now award 50 slayer points for regular boss tasks and 100 slayer points for elite boss tasks.
    4. Ice Amulet has been given stats equal to an Amulet of Fury.
    5. The Cast speed of all Ancient Magicks spells has been Fixed. Cast speed was changed from 4 ticks to 5 ticks.
    6. Infinity Necklace has received a buff to match the equal stats of an Amulet of Fury and Looters Amulet; these changes reflect defense and prayer bonus.
    7. Decreased the damage of the following Dungeoneering bosses: Kal'ger, and Blink. 
    8. Fixed the animation of the following Dungeoneering bosses: Undead Archer, Undead Mage from the Skeletal Trio Boss.
    9. Fixed a bug where the Crystal Chest would remain open after using a Crystal Key.
    10. The Fire Max Cape and Inferno Max Cape now collect projectiles (arrows, bolts, darts, etc.) just like the Max cape and Completionist cape with the Avas effect active.
    11. Fixed the Crashed Star from spawning in the old ::home, it will now spawn in our current ::home.
    12. Christmas theme at home has been removed. Mountain goats have migrated back to a colder climate, I hope they will return soon.
    13. Diamond Donator+ Perk has been added to allow infinite run anywhere outside of the wilderness.
    14. Rejuvination Pool has been added to ::dz.
    15. General Graardor now drops all Adamant Ore noted.
    16. Evil Santa's Reindeer has been fixed and will now fire two shots instead of one.
    17. Evil Santa's Gift has received a buff to its accuracy
    18. Quest Tab has been updated.
    19. Fixed a bug in which players would not receive KC in GWD 
    20. Reworked the graphics of a few Ultimate Bandos and Ultimate Subjugation armor pieces to look more appealing.
    21. Fixed a bug where Ultimate Bandos Tassets did not appear in GE.
    22. Rune Pouch will now display all runes accurately within it's interface.
    23. Removed Pandora Chest from Home. Congrats to Redslayer for winning the Contest! 
    24. Congrats to Han on receiving the custom pet of: lolthenkill for being the top monthly donator of November!




    Onyx II Update #10: Christmas is Here!

    By Zio,

    Update Log.png

    December 16th, 2019

    Hello Everyone! We hope you are all doing well and are getting ready for the holidays! Today’s update comes earlier than the holiday but brings Onyx its anticipated Christmas event filled with new items, a new boss, and more! Let get into the patch notes:




    Evil Snowman Boss:

    It’s that time of the year again. The time of gifts, gatherings, decorations, and most of all, Santa. On his way to deliver gifts to Onyx, Santa was abducted by an Evil Snowman that has since, spread an ice age on Onyx. Christmas is his holiday, and this year has taken all the gifts for himself. Defeat him for some juicy rewards!

    1.      Added the Christmas Event Boss, the Evil Snowman.


    -        This boss functions like our world boss. Every 2-4 hours, the Evil Snowman will come around and challenge everyone in game in a fight. There are no limitations to this boss event, however we recommend groups of multiple players aside from just a solo instance.

    -        The Evil Snowman has his own attack sets, but his unique mechanic is that each time he drops below a certain amount of health, he will spawn minions that will not only attack you but heal him.

    -        Minions range from Krakens, Ice Strykworms, Mithril / Frost Dragons, Wyverns, Snowmen and more.

    -        Upon defeat, all players who contributed to the fight will receive a reward from Snowman's Loot table.

    -        When the event is live, teleport to ::Xmasevent to participate, note that as long as you do damage of 1k/200k, you will receive 3m GP.





    Christmas Mystery Box:

    1.      Added the new Christmas Mystery Box to our in-game and web stores.


    -        These boxes function differently from our typical boxes here on Onyx, similar to the ones seen in Halloween. When a player opens a box, he will not receive one reward, but rather three. A player will always receive an amount of cash, either a common or rare Christmas cosmetic (Or, if you’re lucky enough, the new Evil Santa pieces), and a valuable piece of weaponry / gear (Or, if you’re lucky enough, one of the new Evil Santa weapons.




    New LIMITED-TIME Christmas Items:

    1.      The Santa set has been re-introduced on Onyx and is obtainable through the new event boss / boxes.

    2.      The Evil Santa Set (Evil Santa's Hat, Evil Santa's Robe Top, Evil Santa's Robe Bottoms, Evil Santa's Gloves, and Evil Santa's Boots) has been added as a possible rare reward from the new Christmas boxes and Evil Snowman Boss. This set is BIS and features a combination of Ultimate Bandos + Ultimate Subjugation Stats, similar to our Demonic Reaper Set.

    3.      The Evil Santa's Socking (New Warhammer), Evil Santa's Reindeer (New Crossbow) and Evil Santa's Gift (New Wand) have been added to the new Christmas Mystery Boxes and Evil Santa Boss. The Warhammer is an enhanced edition of the famous Statius Warhammer, dealing higher crush damage with the same defense lowering special attack costing only 25%, with an increased attack speed. The new Reindeer Crossbow will feature upgraded stats of the Dragon Hunter Crossbow, shooting 2x bolts at once, with an increased attack speed. The new wand is offers high magic dps with bonuses on magic damage %, it is the best wand in Onyx, surpassing our Kodai Wand.

    Other Updates:

    1. Reboosted the Lightning Rapier, undid previous patch nerfs.

    2. Fixed a bug with the Avernic Defender on our store.

    3. Fixed Instances, allowing you to now join someone's instance.

    4. Increase global drop rates overall.

    5. Reduced Adamant and Rune Dragon's Defense.

    6. Added the Max Infernal Cape.

    7. Added Astors new Craw's Bow, The Night's End.

    8. Added the Max Fire and Infernal Capes.

    9. Turned on global snow and snowflakes, decorated home to match the Christmas Holiday Spirit.

    10. Added support for texture models.

    11. Fixed God Wars KC not being removed when you teleported out of an instance.

    12. VIP zone now grants a 10% XP boost instead of 5%.

    13. Reduced the price of Chaotics in our Dungeoneering store down to 1 Million tokens, originally it was 2 Million.

    14. Added the new Wrath of the Horde aura as a reward from completing the horde. The drop rate for this aura is 1/2, or 50%. This aura grants an overall 5% increase in Damage.


    We hope you all enjoy our Christmas Update, and wish you all wonderful holidays!


    New Christmas Mystery Box / Gift:
    Christmas Mbox.png


    New Evil Santa's Set with the new Evil Santa's Socking:


    New Evil Santa's Set with the new Evil Santa's Reindeer:


    New Evil Santa's Set with the new Evil Santa's Gift:

    New Evil Snowman Boss:

    New Wrath of the Horde Aura:


    Onyx II Update #9: Boss Instances, Onyx Boss Looting Rework, ToB Reward Buff (Rapier), Dungeoneering Revamp, Quality of Life, Bug Fixes, More!

    By Theos,

    Onyx Banner.png

    November 25th, 2019


    Hello Everyone, today we bring you a wonderful quality of life update as well as a few additions to the shops, a rework of our Onyx Boss looting system, ToB raid reward buffs, the removal of the Halloween event, and migration back to our home in Edgeville. Without further ado, here's the updates!:



    Return of Edgeville:

    1. The previous home, Camelot Castle, was a bit difficult for players to navigate through so we decided to bring Edgeville back as well as all teleports: 

    ::Home, ::Shops, ::Fishing, ::Slayer, and ::Thieving have been relocated to Edgeville.

    Back to the place we all call home!


    Barrows Reward Buff:

    1. Drop rate has been increased by 25% overall.

    2. Increased amount of runes acquired from the chest by 200%.

    3. Increased barrow tokens per run from 250k to 300k.


    Boss Instances + Boss Improvements (Onyx):

    1. Boss Instances are a small fee of 25k - 200k gp or free for Onyx+ donors.

    2. KBD, Kalphite Queen, Dagannoth Kings, Corporeal Beast, Kraken, General Graardor (Bandos), Kree Arra (Armadyl), Kril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak), and Commander Zilyana (Saradomin) instances have been added.

    3. Improved Onyx Boss table. looter's & blood gems now drop much more frequently (12x).

    4. Onyx loot is now auto loot-shared and uncommon table drops more often.

    5. Kalphite Queen entrance rope is no longer required to enter her chambers.

    6. ::Kq shortcut teleport has been added.

    7. Teleport commands for all God Wars bosses have been added to ::Tp.

    8. The Ghrazi Rapier from Theater of Blood can now be upgraded to a Legendary Lightning Rapier (50% chance of successful upgrade on upgrade chest).

    9. ::Kbd teleport has been fixed and is fully functional.


    Chat Box Changes:

    1. Staff of Light message has been added to the game filter option.

    2. Chat box limit has been increased from 100 to 500 messages.


    Dungeoneering Rework:

    1. For the convenience of new players or those who are new to dungeoneering we've unlocked complexity 6 for all levels.

    2. Regardless of level you can challenge any floor #.

    3. Additional starting binds have been added for Ruby, Diamond, Onyx and Zenyte donors:

    Ruby: +1

    Diamond: +2

    Onyx: +3

    Zenyte: +4


    Quality of Life/Bug Fixes:

    1. Automatically smash empty vials upon drinking the last dose of a potion.

    2. The Ferocious Gloves rarity has been decreased in Magic Boxes (more common).

    3. The Reaper's Bane accuracy has been corrected.

    4. The rejuvenation pool now rejuvenates summoning points.

    5. Slayer masters Konar & Nieve no longer assign adamant/rune dragon tasks.

    6. HP can now be reset by the skill alchemist.

    7. Increased Hunter traps lure speed.

    8. Removed quest level requirements for Rune plate, Korasi, Crystal halberd as well as additional requirements for Barrows gloves (Culinaromancer's gloves 10) and Dragon Battleaxe.

    9. Dramen staff is no longer required to use the Fairy Rings.

    10. Experience rates have been slightly increased.

    11. Starter inventory + starter Magic Box have been improved/reworked.

    12. Korasi has been added to Gear Guide shop.

    13. Barrelchest Anchor has been added to Pure shop.

    14. Bank now shows GE based wealth (May not be accurate since not all item prices are included in the GE).

    15. Removed cosmetics from reactions. All reactions now yield small exp lamps 100% of the time.

    16. Skill guide and Skill teleports have been swapped (left click for guide, right click to access the teleport).


    Hope you all enjoy the update, stay tuned for future updates and thank you all! 😁







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