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    Monthly Top Voter Thread

    By Zio,

    Onyx Monthly Top Voter Contest Thread!


    Hello Everyone,

    The Onyx Management team would like to dedicate this thread to offer our community rewards for their dedication to helping us escalate on the major RSPS Toplists. As you may have noticed, we now have a leaderboard at home which features the ability to check peoples vote couples for the month, along with a ton of other features. We would like to use this opportunity to award the top voters of each month with unique items as a means for us to say thank you for your combined efforts. You are part of the crowd that wants to see Onyx succeed, keep it rising, and your contributions have been noticed. Thank you all! So without further or due lets dive into this contest.

    Starting this month, September, we will be hosting a monthly contest to recognize those who put the most effort into voting for us across all Toplists. This will award the top 5 voters different amount of mystery boxes depending on vote ranking, as well as possibilities for donator ranks on the house! This Month is going to be calculated from September 1st - September 30th. Note you can vote for us every 12 hours across 5 toplists by simply doing ::vote ingame or clicking on the vote tab on our forums navigation bar. Lets get into the rewards:


    1st Place Voter: 6 Mystery Boxes, or Sapphire Donor Ticket + 3 Mystery Boxes (If you are not currently a donator.)

    2nd Place Voter: 4 Mystery Boxes, or Sapphire Donor Ticket + 1 Mystery Box (If you are not currently a donator.)

    3rd Place Voter: 3 Mystery Boxes, or a Sapphire Donator Ticket (If you are not currently a donator.)

    4th Place Voter: 2 Mystery Boxes.

    5th Place Voter: 1 Mystery Box.


    Good Luck to Everyone!

    Results will be posted at the end of September 30th.





    Onyx Update #64: Boss timers, Skill xp and level targets, Super combat potions, Fastest kills highscores & more!

    By Alpha,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    September 4th, 2018


    Hey everyone ;)


    With today's update we bring you a lot of new content including new highscores / potions / timers. We have also listened to your concerns with certain bugs and proceeded to fix them.



    1.       Cannon timer will now display in the same area as potions do.

    2.       Left click attack is now enabled in the wilderness regardless of combat level.

    3.       You can now set level/xp targets by right clicking any skill in the skilling interface.

    4.       Salve amulet (ei) is now in game. You can obtain it by using a regular salve amulet (e) on Lanthus at Castle Wars (costs 50 tickets).

    5.       Vote highscores are now displayed at the scoreboard at home (all time and monthly).

    6.       Super combat potions may now be crafted or bought from the Onyx guide at home.

    7.       A warning will now display upon attempting to drop any item that degrades when doing so.

    8.       Dungeoneering highscores can now be viewed at the scoreboard at home.

    9.       Added boss timers and fastest boss kills that are now displayed at the scoreboard at home.

    10.     Added a timer for each phase of the Theatre of Blood bosses.

    11.     Added a ::afk command 


    Bug fixes:

    1.       Fixed an issue with recover special potion - they're now fully usable and their timer displays as intended.

    2.       Fixed an issue with $1000 keys when more than 100 were used.

    3.       Fixed some typos.

    4.       Reduced the damage dealt by the the $1000 chest.

    5.       Fixed a bug with Nex blood phase.

    6.       Fixed a bug with Pack Yak in the wilderness. Your familiar will now die and drop all of its items should you die aswell.

    7.       The Pack Yak banking scroll can no longer be used after level 30 wilderness.

    8.       Fixed a bug with Akrisae armor degrading.

    9.       Fixed an issue with amulets/bracelets crafting levels being switched in skill tab.



    1.       Removed skill requirements for the helm of neitiznot.

    2.       As for being our top donator of all time, Nick has now been granted a coins pet!




    Hope you all enjoy this update, and feel free to leave some feedback here ;)


    - N G R


    Onyx Update #63: Potion Timers, Additional Highscores, Dz Fixes, and More!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    August 21st, 2018

    Hello Everyone!

    Today brings an update that includes a feature that has been long, Potion Timers. We have added the ability to keep track of the buffs obtained from potions right on your client window! We have also added several different hiscores to give our players the ability to show off some of their achievements. On top of that, we have fully fixed the sapphire donator zone, as well as fixed some bugs that were causing discomfort during gameplay.


    1.       We have added the ability to keep track of potion buffs with timers!

    -          On the bottom right hand corner of your client window, you will see all the potions you currently have activated and when they will run out.

    2.       Overloads are now allowed to be used in the wilderness, but grant you nerfed stats compared to using it outside the wilderness.


    Hiscore Additions:

    1.       Fixed the glitch causing highscores to not update on logout.

    2.       Added a scoreboard ingame to keep track of several player achievements:

    -          Player Killing Ranks

    -          Top Donators – One for Overall and One for the current Month.

    -          Boss Kills

    -          Dominion Tower Scores

    3.       Added ::kdr to check your kill to death ratio.

    4.       Added ::resetkdr to reset your kdr.

    5.       Added ::topdonators to view the top donators for overall and monthly.

    6.       Added ::topbosskills to view the most boss kills a player has achieved.

    7.       Added ::DTscores to view the top dominion tower scores.

    8.       Added ::PKscores to view the top statistics for pking.


    Donator Zone Fixes:

    1.       Removed the doors from the bank shack and the npc house.

    2.       Added the diamond and onyx gem stalls.

    Website Updates:

    1.       We have completely moved our website to a new host. One that is more stable and grants us 99% uptime as a result to resent downtime that we experienced. This will resolve all issues with connectivity so you can always vote or view our website at all times!

    Other Updates:

    1.       Fixed the bug where dominion tower bosses dropped items.

    2.       Added ::skull to give the player a skull.

    3.       Fixed osrs tree textures.


    Hope you all enjoyed this update!


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