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    Monthly Top Voter Thread

    By Zio,

    Onyx Monthly Top Voter Contest Thread!


    Hello Everyone,

    The Onyx Management team would like to dedicate this thread to offer our community rewards for their dedication to helping us escalate on the major RSPS Toplists. As you may have noticed, we now have a leaderboard at home which features the ability to check peoples vote couples for the month, along with a ton of other features. We would like to use this opportunity to award the top voters of each month with unique items as a means for us to say thank you for your combined efforts. You are part of the crowd that wants to see Onyx succeed, keep it rising, and your contributions have been noticed. Thank you all! So without further or due lets dive into this contest.

    Starting this month, September, we will be hosting a monthly contest to recognize those who put the most effort into voting for us across all Toplists. This will award the top 5 voters different amount of mystery boxes depending on vote ranking, as well as possibilities for donator ranks on the house! This Month is going to be calculated from September 1st - September 30th. Note you can vote for us every 12 hours across 5 toplists by simply doing ::vote ingame or clicking on the vote tab on our forums navigation bar. Lets get into the rewards:


    1st Place Voter: 6 Mystery Boxes, or Sapphire Donor Ticket + 3 Mystery Boxes (If you are not currently a donator.)

    2nd Place Voter: 4 Mystery Boxes, or Sapphire Donor Ticket + 1 Mystery Box (If you are not currently a donator.)

    3rd Place Voter: 3 Mystery Boxes, or a Sapphire Donator Ticket (If you are not currently a donator.)

    4th Place Voter: 2 Mystery Boxes.

    5th Place Voter: 1 Mystery Box.


    Good Luck to Everyone!

    Results will be posted at the end of September 30th.





    SSL Urls For Our Website, Redownload New Client!

    Out Classed
    By Out Classed,

    Hey everyone, please redownload the client if you are having troubles after the last update. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. https://onyxftw.com/forum/index.php?/play/


    Edit from Zio: We have updated all pages of our forums including the homepage, vote, hiscores, and store to have a secure link to provide us with an extra measure of security. Unfortunately this required us to make our client also more secure, thus making it so you will have to reinstall it. I know this may be annoying for some, but this is a step for a better future for us all. Thank you for understanding, and if you have any questions feel free to pm me ;).


    - Zio and Classed

    Onyx Update #60: Theatre of Blood (BETA), Weapon Fixes, Quality of Life, and more!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    July 27th, 2018


    Hello Everyone!

    Today we bring you a little teaser update by allowing you to test out all the features and updates we have set up so far with the Theatre of Blood Raid. The full update will be coming in August if all goes planned. With this update we also bring weapon fixes, some npc changes, quality of life updates, and more! Stay tuned for the next one!

    Theatre of Blood:

    -          Those who are brave enough may gather their squad to tackle the few bosses we have completed to gear you up for the full release coming soon!

    1.       Added the Maiden Boss to the Raid.

    2.       Added the pestilent bloat boss to the Raid.

    3.       Added the Xarpus Boss to the Raid. (Only 3-4 bosses left!).

    4.       Added Justiciar Armour.

    5.       Avernic Defender + Ghrazi Rapier now have a passive boost of +15 strength bonus when worn together to become the best in slot melee weapon.

    Quality of Life Updates:

    1.       Made it available to claim votes while in the God Wars Dungeon.

    2.       Max hit for range and melee has been added to the quest tab so you can find out what you can hit!

    3.       Donators can now switch their prayers and magic spellbook in the new task tab.

    4.       Added the ability to reverse hasta back into a normal zammy spear.

    5.       Max hit dummies have been added to ::vip.

    Npc and Item Updates:

    1.       Added Hati & Skoll which drop skull boots used for bonus agility xp!

    2.       Fixed the glitch when cooking pike.

    3.       Made Mole Nose tradable for nests.

    4.       Added Iban Staff to the starter shop.

    5.       Added the ability to upgrade a dragon defender to avernic if a player has the hilt.

    6.       Made revenants attack at distance (some of them did not, making them too easy to farm).

    7.       Made the Blessed Sara Sword 2 handed.

    8.       Added the berserker necklace effect for obsidian weapons to the elder maul.

    9.       Ruby Bolts E now have a damage cap of 1,000.

    Other Updates:

    1.       Fixed the glitch with Hitpoints showing up as 0 if under 10/990 in x1 hits.

    2.       Made a Drunken Dwarf Pet for one of our biggest supporters and donators (Thank You). Looking fresh my brother, you know I’m going to be rocking it.

    3.       Made a custom title for another big supporter we have on here, Green, you will never be able to guess what his title is.

    4.       Added ::RedSkin for ruby+ donators.

    5.       Added ::Whiteskin for diamond+ donators.

    6.       Added ::Blackskin, ::Pinkskin & ::Goldskin for Onyx+ Donators.

    7.       Added another Goat to home.


    Hope you all enjoy this update, many more to come!

    Good luck mastering the first Bosses of the Theatre of Blood!

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