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    Onyx Autumn Store Sale!

    By Zio,


    Onyx Autumn Store Sale

    Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. It has been a while since we added a discounted sale to our webstore, so we decided it would be a good time for an autumn sale.

    Listed below are the discounts you will find, valid until September 30th, 2019.



    We hope you all enjoy our Autumn store sale.

    Stay tuned for our server update coming soon!

    Onyx II Update #6: Farming Guild, City of Prifddinas (Stage 1), Brimstone Chest, Quality of Life Updates, and More!

    By Zio,


    Onyx II Update #6: Farming Guild, City of Prifddinas (Stage 1), Brimstone Chest, Quality of Life Updates, and More!

    August 14th, 2019

    Hello Everyone, we hope you are all doing well! Today we bring you an update that focuses on expanding available Zeah content, as well as begin to introduce Prifddinas, the Elf City. We have implemented a few features available in the city, so you can visit it today and get a feel for it! Lastly we have made some quality of life improvements to give you a smoother and easier feel for Onyx.


    City of Prifddinas:

    1.     Added the whole OSRS Prifddinas map, along with a teleport to directly get there.

    2.     All Prifddinas Crystal Ladders and Teleport Platforms now work properly.

    3.     Added all the music tracks for Prifddinas.

    4.     Made all the gates around Prifddinas work properly.

    5.     Added the POH, you can now set your house portal to Prifddinas.

    6.     Made the thieving stalls around Prifddinas work, you can now pickpocket them for loot and GP.

    7.     Added the grand library (atm it has no use, but can be accessed).

    8.     Added the entrance for the Zalcano, Prifddinas Mine, Gaunglet portal, and Iorwearths Dungeon.

    9.     Added all npcs to Prifddinas, along with the Elves you can pickpocket.

    10.  Converted OSRS Prifddinas mining rocks to Pre-Eoc, so they all function properly.

    11.  Added Crystal implings along with barehand impling catching, and their respective drop tables.

    12.  Added the Crystal Armor set, along with the Crystal Bow Accuracy and Damage bonus effect.

    13.  Added the Crystal Axe, Pickaxe, and Harpoon.

    14.  Coded the new Prifddinas Guards with their drop tables.

    15.  Added the Prifddinas allotments and flower patches.


    Farming Guild and Zeah:

    1.     Added the Farming Guild, you can now access it in the teleport menu with the required levels. Along with the barriers and shops within the guild.

    2.     Added the Farming Guild allotment, flower, cactus, and bush patches.

    3.     Added the Farming Guild herb, tree, and fruit tree patches.

    4.     Added the Hosidius farming patches in Zeah, if we missed a few let us know!


    Brimstone Chest + Crystal Key Chest Improvements:

    1.     Added the Brimstone Key, available as a drop throughout Slayer Tasks.

    2.     Added the Brimstone Chest at home along with its entire drop table.

    3.     You can now open a Crystal Chest by left clicking it. We have also updated the message upon an attempt to open the chest to let players know they need a crystal key.


    Iorwerth’s Dungeon:

    1.     Added the whole Iorwerth’s Dungeon, available in our teleport interface. This is a new OSRS slayer dungeon recently added with Prifddinas.

    2.     Added the Dungeon’s shortcuts and added crystal shards to the drop tables of all mobs within the dungeon.


    Twisted Bow Mk. II:

    1.     You can now upgrade the Twisted Bow to the Twisted Bow Mk. II. You can use your existing Twisted Bow on the upgrade chest at home for a 50% chance of success. Be careful, because if you fail you will lose your Twisted Bow. Alternatively, you can use 4 Upgrade Gems on a Twisted Bow to upgrade it successfully.

    2.     The Twisted Bow Mk. II fires two arrows at once 100% of the time. The use of Swift Gloves still grant a chance of firing an additional arrow.


    Quality of Life and Other Updates:

    1.     Updated our cache to 181 v3, to be up to date with OSRS.

    2.     Added the mining rock shortcut in Katacombs of Kourend.

    3.     Fixed the Crystal Halberd.

    4.     Fixed the maple trees at DZ.

    5.     Fixed an issue with Glacor minions not being attackable inside of instances.

    6.     Increased the successful pickpocket chance for all npcs.

    7.     Increased Krystalia’s Slayer Point rewards upon completion of a task to match that of OSRS.

    8.     Increased the AFK dream tree payout by 50%.

    9.     Increased the money obtained from Millionaire boxes by 25%.

    10.  Fixed the XP for making darts.

    11.  Removed the flame fragments.

    12.  Made VIP Dummies and Green Dragons in VIP Zone multi combat.

    13.  Fixed a clipping issue with the Virtus Mask.

    14.  Trahaearn Mine has now been added, along with its carts to deposit ores.

    15.  Added a 3% XP boost to the Elven Signet.


    As always we hope you enjoy this update, many more to come!

    See you guys in-game!


    - The Onyx Management Team



    Update Media Spoilers:













    Onyx II Update #5: Horde Minigame Improvements, Weapon Adjustments, QoL, Bug Fixes and More!

    By Zio,

    Onyx II Update #5: Horde Minigame Improvements, Weapon Adjustments, QoL, Bug Fixes and More!


    August 1st, 2019


    Hello Everyone, hope you are all doing well. Today we bring you a small update that is sure to improve quality of life on various aspects of the server. We have made our horde minigame easier overall by adding more healing item spawns, along with potions and stat bonuses throughout the arena. We have adjusted a few end game items to balance them out, while making them worth their grinds or high costs. Lastly, we focused on improving small aspects of the game with quality of life updates and bug fixes. Lets get into the patch notes.


    Horde Minigame:

    1.      Made the Horde easier by spawning 2 rocktails per wave rather than 1, along with a prayer potion and longer wave times. HP and Prayer will be restored upon completion of each wave.

    2.      Players will now receive a 20% boost to accuracy and a 10% boost to damage while in the Horde.

    3.      The horde will now globally announce every 10th wave completed.


    Weapon Adjustments:

    1.      Made Crystal Weaponry no longer degrade, such as Crystal Bows, Shields, and Halberds.

    2.      Reboosted the Lightning Rapier’s Accuracy, this is now the best in slot melee DPS weapon in the game.

    3.      Made the Infernal Blowpipe tradable.

    4.      Blood Scythe now has a 1/5 chance to heal you for your first damage hit (the highest one). For example if I hit a 500-250-125, I would be healed 500 HP (50 on OSRS HP).


    Quality of Life Updates:

    1.      Fixed the spam issue with special attacks being restored when an interface is open.

    2.      Removed Attack, Strength and Defense from Skill of the Day.

    3.      Added a ::Prev command that allows you to teleport to your previous location using our teleport hub at home.

    4.      Ironman can now do Social (DUO) Slayer!

    5.      Game filters now ignore messages for swinging a pickaxe at gem rocks.

    6.      Slayer points now show up on the quest tab even if you have no task assigned.

    7.      Doubled the potion timers for Prayer Renewals for Diamond+ Donators, and Super Antifires for Ruby+ Donators.


    Bug Fixes and More:

    1.      Updated Cache to Revision 181 v2 (Current OSRS Map Data), this adds Priff to our server, we will be working on adding its features in the upcoming weeks hopefully!

    2.      Updated the Hosidious Cooking Location to match OSRS.

    3.      Removed Noted Ogre Coffin Keys from Vet’ion’s drop table as they have no use.

    4.      Removed Slayer Mode Comp Requirements as the mode has been removed from our server.

    5.      Adjusted our trivia answers to match updated top donator ranks.

    6.      Fixed the bank tab bug that caused you to switch to a different tab when withdrawing items.

    7.      Fixed the Rammernaut Boss bug where you smacks you into a wall and throws you out of the map. He is no longer on steroids, apologies about that.

    8.      Fixed Crazy Archeologist explosive attack.


    We hope you all enjoy this update, many more to come as usual!

    Have a great day and see you online!



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