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    [Win $1000] Contest info

    N G R
    By N G R,





    Hey everybody ;)


    We will be hosting a massive $1000 CASH PvM / Skilling contest starting today !


    From then on, every PvM kill / Skilling action will have a chance of looting a key fragment.


    Assembling 100 of these fragments will create a key that will have a chance of opening the $1000 chest located at home and win $1000 CASH!!


    PvM has a higher chance of granting key fragments than skilling.


    Regarding skilling, slayer has the highest chance out of them all to reward you with a key fragment.


    You will also get xp in a random skill upon creating a key.




    This contest will of course be going on until someone wins the $1000 !


    We wish you all the best of luck and get grinding asap ! ;)




    Onyx Update #61 (MASSIVE): Theatre of Blood FULL Release, New Highscores, Bug Fixes and More!

    By Zio,

    Onyx Updates png.png

    August 8th, 2018


    Hello Everyone!

    Today the management team of Onyx bring you perhaps one of the biggest updates this server has ever seen. It is with great pleasure that we release the long anticipated second raid from OSRS, The Theatre of Blood, for the Onyx community to grind and enjoy! This is one of the most challenging content that OSRS and now us offer, granting the team that defeat Verzik Vitur (The Final Boss of the Theatre) a chance of some of the best items in game. Loads of new items have been introduced with this content, and they surely pay off. Alongside with this major content addition, we have updated our high scores, fixed a major glitch with voting, and a few other bug fixes featured with this update! We hope you all enjoy, and good luck with our newest challenge!

    Theatre of Blood:

    - Those who have showed victory during the beta version of the raid are now faced with 4 new bosses on this full release. Think you had it locked down before? Time to squad up and try the whole thing!

    - The Theatre of Blood is a linear raid. No randomization of bosses will be held, unlike the Chambers of Xeric. This raid offers six bosses, some proven to be more challenging then the rest.

    1. Added The Maiden of Sugadinti, the first encounter in the Theatre of Blood. At 70%, 50%, and 30% hitpoints, the Maiden will spawn 8 Nylocas Matomenos, which will walk straight toward her and heal her if they reach her from the northern and the southern walls. We recommend you bring ice spells to prevent this ;).

    2. Added the Pestilent Bloat, the second encounter in the Theatre of Blood. he bloat will walk around its room in a square as soon as the party enters the room. If any player is within its line of sight, the Bloat's flies will attack them. After seven or fourteen cycles of mutilated flesh falling from the ceiling, it will stop moving, allowing players to attack it.

    3. Added Nylocas Vasilias, the third encounter in the Theatre of Blood, and spawns after killing off the hordes of Nylocas Hagios, Ischyros, and Toxobolos.

    4. Added Sotetseg The Blood Beast, is the fourth encounter in the Theatre of Blood. Its fight consists of bouncing black range orbs, magic red orbs, a big red ball which can be soaked and divided by all members of the fight, and a teleportation to the shadow phase / maze. One of the most difficult bosses to master in the raid. 

    5. Added Xarpus, fifth encounter in the Theatre of Blood, fully coded to have 3 phases which include: Recovery, Poison, and Counter special effects.

    6. Added Lady Verzik Vitur, the final boss of the Theatre of Blood. She has two phases before her true form is presented. Phase 1 involves the players in the raid to use the dawn bringers special attack to damage the lady's shields. After this phase is completed, Verzik will get up from her throne and begin flying around the middle of the room. This second phase features bombs that will be tossed towards the players that will need to be avoided to increase your chances of survival. After this phase, her final form is shown which uses all three combat styles. She will summon nylocas during the fight, and charges up several powerful attacks to inflict towards players. Warning: you can be trapped in webs, damaged by a tornado which will heal the boss, and overall lose health very quickly. We wish you good luck.

    7. Added the treasure room for members of the team who are victorious in the fight for their lives. Good luck on some juicy rewards!


    Raid Items:

    1. Added the Sanguinesti Staff, with a chance to heal the player once in every 10 or so hits.

    2. Added the Ghrazi Rapier, with a buff of 10% strength bonus on top of a chaotic if equipped with an Avernic defender.

    3. Added the Avernic Defender, the best strength bonus defender in the game now.

    4. Added the Scythe of Vitur to the drop table. This scythe has a special ability of hitting a big boss three times instead of one with these damage rates. 100% - 50% - 25% of damage inflicted, meaning that if you were to hit a 600, you will in total hit: 600 + 300 + 150.

    5. Added Justiciar Armor, the most tank gear in game.


    Highscores Refresh:

    1. Updated the highscores theme to look more official.

    2. Highscores now feature all categories including game mode, skills, and completion percentage.


    Vote and Other Bug Fixes:

    1. Fixed the annoying vote bug that caused players with a space in their names to have difficulty voting and claiming their rewards.

    2. Fixed the glitch with our rune pouch, making runes disappear from the pouch in bank if you die in the wilderness.

    3. Fixed degrading item glitch involving ganodermic, crystal shields and more, occurring from our latest update. You can now safely use your degrading items without worry!

    4. Another Goat has been added to home.


    We hope you all enjoy this update, as it is surely a nice one!

    Good Luck on the Grind!


    Update: After 5 hours of release the first group has completed the Theatre of Blood.

    Congratulations to: Stay Grindin, Black, Nick, Friendship, and Didgeridoo.

    Drop: Justiciar Faceguard

    Regarding Some Players Within Our Community

    By Zio,

    Hello everyone, hope all are doing well. I want to take a few moments of your time to open up about an overwhelming issue developing throughout a daily basis here on our server. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention, (Alex, Myself, and the rest of the Staff Team), that there has been an increase in negativity as well as toxicity amongst the players as days go by. A few players have been reporting feeling uncomfortable on our server because of targeting, harassment, hatred, discouragement, and overall lack of respect when playing on our server. It has gotten to a point where I need to stress that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. We are a free to play server, of course one can donate, but just because you did, doesn't mean our rules don't apply to us. A primary goal of ours is to expand, grow, and slowly become one of the biggest servers of this time. 718 revisions have died long ago, but we believe we can revive it in a way that has not been done before. This problem has led us to one of the biggest setbacks we can have. A lack of unity and communication means that new players don't feel comfortable. How are we suppose to develop a community and grow when new players are joining, and in situations, getting bashed for not knowing about the server, or just constantly see swearing, arguing, and targeting throughout the day.

    Think about it this way, if you joined a server, and the first thing you see is insults, rivalries, and overall just a lack of a welcoming environment, would you want to stay? I sure wouldn't. It was easier for us to stay together back when we had a very small 30-40 player base, but now it seems like it has become a free-for-all as our server has tripled in community size. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance. I have messed up plenty of times, some of which have caused me to lose a chunk of my life, but without those second chances, you best believe I would not be here right now. I respect and listen to each of you, but now I am requesting that you listen to me. Let me list you some of the situations that have happened in the last 2-3 weeks on our server.

    Some examples of the unwelcoming behavior that has happened in the last few weeks include: Clan rivalry leading to toxic means of communication in public yell chat as well as friends chat. Bullying, people making fun of people for a lack of drop rates, overall disagreements, and some actions that have occurred within the wilderness. Targeting, the act of people pushing someone specifics buttons in order to trigger the victim to a point where they do not want to play with their private on or in friends chat. Negative reputation, people are creating a bad reputation for others, defining them as toxic, elitists, and overall creating and defining players with negativity. Like I said, as humans we make mistakes, we are not perfect, but our community feels discouraged by all of this. These are just some examples of some behaviors I have personally experienced, got reports of, and feel happening throughout friends chat and yell chat.

    So here's what I hope to achieve, I think this is a goal we all want to see happen. I am requesting you all to form a community. Although you might say we have one, we don't. The definition of a community is simple, "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals." The activities I have described above do not compile a community. They make rivalry, bantering, and disputes. I want to see everyone create a new bridge with others, yes you might have had conflicts with someone in the past, but remember this, you can always keep it in the past and start over. What is the honest point behind hating someone on this server? You achieve nothing but being triggered from time to time. Help us keep new players around by welcoming them to a peaceful community. It goes a long way. I am sure everyone can settle and solve their differences, and help us grow as a server and finally create a community.

    Be that as it may, my hopes have a possibility of happening without staff interaction. We do not need to hand out mutes to people being toxic, swearing, disrespect, etc. I seriously will attempt to avoid that, but I will not hesitate to use my hammer any. Let me be open with you all, I have directed the staff team to mute any and all toxicity that occurs in public view. A warning will be handed out, but if you take it for granted, we will simply show you the door. We will get a community one way or another, its up to you to decide what direction we take. If you do not like it, or do not wish to maintain the peace, this is not the server for you, sorry to say. We feel like this is the best direction this server needs to take, as without a community, you can not have a successful server.

    Thank you for hearing me out, the reason behind this is that I care about every one of you individually. Friend or enemy, I am not biased. I just think that lately its gotten too far, and something needs to be done. Over the next few weeks, I will be planning events, and other activities that will improve the quality of life on this server as well as attempt to form a community for us to all enjoy.

    Have a great day, and feel free to contact me at any time for any conflicts, questions, concerns, or anything really. You may think I am busy, but I will always have time for any of you, and most importantly, I am always aware of what is happening on my server.

    Be sure to check out our rules here: 


    - Zio

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