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    Update #10 (Sacred clay shields, Dung items and slayer helmets at gravestone)

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    Update #10


    Added content:

    Client performance improved

    Added Wine of Zamorak spawns at Chaos Temple

    You can now transform your Sacred Clay Shield to Range and Magic type

    Improved Autoretaliate

    You can now buy and replace cannon at Donator zone

    Spinning wheel added to Donator Zone

    Gem Rocks are added to Donator Zone

    Improved Gargoyle loot (including noted bars)

    Added Rogue's Den place (accessible via Thieving house in Taverly, open trapdoor)

    Added Martin Thwait's Lost and Found shop to Rogue's Den

    Donators no longer need to add tools to their Toolbelts


    Added commands:

    ::yellcolor to change the color of your Yell command

    ::cooking/::cook command added to teleport you to a basic place to train cooking


    Bugs/glitches fixed:

    Cyclops are now aggro (in Warrior's Guild)

    Destroyable items like Slayer Helmet or Dungeoneering reward items such as Chaotics now drop at gravestone instead of being converted to coins (not a glitch, it was intended to be like that) 

    Cannons now stay 5mins longer per donator rank, a message will also warn you when it is going to disappear (more visible now)

    Dragonkin lamp now works

    Dagannoth drops at Waterbirth are now fixed



    Repairing chaotics does work, you just need to use the item on the NPC

    Message in chatbox when receiving defender not added because we will be adding lootbeams soon


    Update #9 (Master capes, Bank slots, improved gem rocks rewards)

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    Update #9


    Added content:

    - ADDED MASTER CAPES (104m skillcapes), can be obtained at Max's store

    - Ignatius's Hot Deals shop added (You can now visit Vulcan Northeast of Sorcerer's Tower, great to buy tinderboxes for summoning!)

    - Eblis now sells Ancient staff

    - Added all Untrimmed skillcapes to Max' Store

    - Reduced NPC random walking

    - Increased Shop limit from 40 items up to 100 item slots

    - Donators now get 100 extra bank slots per rank (so sapphire gets 100 extra, up to 900 slots for max rank!)

    - Gem mining now requires lvl 40 Mining instead of 45 and Improved table

    - Mining Gem rocks now has a chance to give Dragonstone and Onyx.

    - Game filter has been improved

    - At Warriors Guild, No Armour pieces will be lost when killing animated armour (normally armour lower than black have a chance to be lost)

    - Thieving coins has been reduced by 50% (it was too OP)

    - Effigy Exp now multiplies

    - You can now enter Runecrafting Altars by clicking it even without a talisman

    - You can no longer take gear onto Entrana (Fairy ring quest now without armour!!)

    - Wizards at Runespan now teleport you back outside

    - All Runespan Music added to their respective place

    - Runecrafting guild now accessible with lvl 50 + All music added

    - Stealing Creation now ONLY requires 6 players instead of 10 per game

    - You now get 3x more Cannon balls per steel bar



    Bugs/glitches fixed:

    - Over 20 NPC animations fixed

    - Doric now is not stuck behind the tree anymore (for clue scrolls)

    - Fixed Giant Rock Crabs in chaos tunnels 

    - Kalphite Queen has been Reactivated

    - Entrana Altar fixed

    Update #8

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    Update #8


    Fixed bugs:

    Fixed over 30 NPC animations

    Changed "Kalaboss" to "Daemonheim" in news messages ingame (not a bug but players were confused, they are synonyms)

    Added Commands:

    ::train now gives you option to teleport to either Cows or Rock Crabs

    ::rc or ::runecrafting teleports you to Runespan to train your Runecrafting skill

    ::construction teleports you to a start point to train your construction skill

    ::agil or ::agility teleports you to a basic agility course

    ::thieving teleports you to Edgeville house to pickpocket men

    ::slayer teleports you to the most basic slayer master

    ::hunter teleports you to a basic place to start training hunter

    ::mining teleports you to a basic mining area near Varrock

    ::fishing teleports you to basic fishing spot in Draynor

    ::woodcutting or ::wc teleports you to some basic trees in Draynor

    ::summoning teleports you to Pikkupstix to start summoning

    Added content:

    Added Stealing Creation rewards (rewards to boost your exp!!)

    Improved Squeel Of Fortune (SoF) coins rewards

    Plants will no longer die nor disease while farming

    Moss giants added to their respective location

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