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    Update #2

    Buying GF
    By Buying GF,

    Update #2


    Shop added in Puro Puro (selling Jars)

    Fixed craft option for Chisel items

    You can now craft Cured Yak

    Man pickpocketing at home is fixed

    Bronze Pickaxe spawn added at Lumbridge

    Spinach roll is now edible

    Karamja mid shortcut added

    Fixed several npc animations (eg. Forst dragon and Giant rat in Dung)

    Fixed Chocolate bar options

    Clan tab glitch fixed


    Update #1

    Buying GF
    By Buying GF,

    Update List #1


    Fixed Black screen/freezing in Lumbridge

    Cooked Chicken Fixed

    Added Ava npc to Draynor Manor

    Added more bats in game

    Mackerel fixed

    Burying bones on altar in Dungeoneering fixed

    Added even more music in game

    Unicorn drops horn now

    Fixed stairs under dwarf mountain

    More spades in game

    Brine sabre easier to get + Anim fixed

    Curing now works on Yak hide

    Fishing guild accessible

    Increased Slayer task points



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