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    Update #8

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    Update #8


    Fixed bugs:

    Fixed over 30 NPC animations

    Changed "Kalaboss" to "Daemonheim" in news messages ingame (not a bug but players were confused, they are synonyms)

    Added Commands:

    ::train now gives you option to teleport to either Cows or Rock Crabs

    ::rc or ::runecrafting teleports you to Runespan to train your Runecrafting skill

    ::construction teleports you to a start point to train your construction skill

    ::agil or ::agility teleports you to a basic agility course

    ::thieving teleports you to Edgeville house to pickpocket men

    ::slayer teleports you to the most basic slayer master

    ::hunter teleports you to a basic place to start training hunter

    ::mining teleports you to a basic mining area near Varrock

    ::fishing teleports you to basic fishing spot in Draynor

    ::woodcutting or ::wc teleports you to some basic trees in Draynor

    ::summoning teleports you to Pikkupstix to start summoning

    Added content:

    Added Stealing Creation rewards (rewards to boost your exp!!)

    Improved Squeel Of Fortune (SoF) coins rewards

    Plants will no longer die nor disease while farming

    Moss giants added to their respective location

    Update #7

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    Update #7


    Bugs fixed:

    Skeletal warrior trio attacking style in dungeoneering fixed

    Fixed text message "You just got stunned"

    Fixed jumping on stone agility glitch near Barbarian Assault


    Added Commands:

    ::Train command added to teleport you to Rock crabs

    Added Content:

    Increased combat exp in wilderness (except against Players and Familiars)

    Picking flax now gives 3 flax and respawns every 5 seconds

    Default friends-chat colour changed (was hard to read before)

    Increased bonfire exp

    Tokkul-Zo ring added to Donator shop

    Ring of Slaying (8) added to Black market Store

    Al-Kharid Cactus patch added

    Tai Bwo Wannai Calquat patch added


    Update #6

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    Update #6


    Bugs fixed:

    Fixed wrong Fishing explosive item id in slayer shop

    Fixed several npc animations

    Kalphite Lair entrance fixed

    Slayer monsters in dungeoneering assigned to a slayer task now give slayer exp

    Fishing shop by Ezekial Lovecraft in Witchaven fixed

    Fixed bug with animated mithril armour

    Bug with Dungeoneering runes Fixed

    Filling jug with water to put grapes now fixed! (great cooking exp!)

    Added bank functions to Arnold Lydspor

    Artimeus' Shop at Nardah fixed

    Added commands:

    ::empty command added (with warning)

    ::updates command added to see what's new

    Added content:

    Added missing Pouches to summoning shop

    Added Firemaking to Jadinko

    Falling stars now stay for 3 hours instead of 2

    You can now eat Dwelberries

    Bartenders all around the game now sell all kinds of beer

    Added more music to several places




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