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    Update #4

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    Update #4


    Lowered mobs attacking stats

    Snape grass spawn added

    Snape grass obtainable

    Seaweed spawns added

    Music added to: Entrana, Shilo, North Releka

    Sigmund shop fix

    Arboretum Music added

    Darkmeyer door fixed

    Keldagrim stalls added

    Crafting Guide door functioning now

    Crafting guide fully works now


    Update #3

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    Update #3


    Adamant-, Rune Kiteshield have been added to Falador shop

    Warrior guild has ben fixed (now no issues)

    Rune med and Full helm added to Peksa's Helmet shop

    Treznor (the farming gardener) added to Varrock Tree patch

    Tool Leprechaun have been added to their locations

    Barrows Chest reward enabled

    Shillo Village Gate accesible

    Creatures kc in Barrows fixed

    Pickpocketing Elves fixed

    Crystal Teleport seed added to Onyx Black market shop

    Fixed bug with some item animations

    Added pickpocketing to Fremmenik citizens

    Disabled Court summons item drop

    Fixed door at Grand tree

    Update #2

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    Update #2


    Shop added in Puro Puro (selling Jars)

    Fixed craft option for Chisel items

    You can now craft Cured Yak

    Man pickpocketing at home is fixed

    Bronze Pickaxe spawn added at Lumbridge

    Spinach roll is now edible

    Karamja mid shortcut added

    Fixed several npc animations (eg. Forst dragon and Giant rat in Dung)

    Fixed Chocolate bar options

    Clan tab glitch fixed


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